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  1. [quote user="Rose"]  of course I've no idea what the French rules are so can't help in that respect... [:$] [/quote]   Be very careful here. In France a babysitter should be of majority age ie. 18+ so that he/she is responsible for the children. Of course, that isn't always the case but if something goes wrong........................! Technically a 14 year old is still a child (particularly here in France) and shouldn't be in charge of other children. Sorry, to put a dampener on this but when things go wrong they go wrong and when you're in a foreign country it can be a disaster!    
  2. Received from CPAM in Perigueux today - Bless 'em!! They are trying!!! But maybe it would be a better idea to get a person rather than Babelfish to translate next time!!![:D] Périgueux, Feb 21th 2008   Object : Restoration of your rights to the CMU     Madam, Mister,   We notified yourself a right end to the basic CMU to March 31st 2008.   A ministerial decision went back over the previously stopped disposals and re-establishes you in your previous rights, except opposite opinion on your part.   Consequently we will proceed to update your rights until September 30th. Beyond this date, right renewal to the basic CMU will be reconsidered according to the procedure that was in force the preceding years.   A new notification of contribution will have adressed you soon.   Your right certificate will reach you by separate mail, but in the expectation I invite you to update your Vital card with our points of welcome or in an officine.   We ask yourself to accept, Madam, Mister, the assurance of our distinguished consideration.   The Director  
  3. I suspect that the person who told you this has recently passed their test? I had the same from my son a few years ago - he was adamant that the levels were zero!! It is drummed into the youngsters that their is a zero tolerance of alcohol whilst driving by the Gendarmes. Daughter is currently being told the same. It's a sensible thing to tell them but it then gives them the idea that the blood/alcohol level is zero and this lead to misinformation.  
  4. I think the latter!! I have one at Uni (and another about to go) and I find the Bourse is adequate (with a little help towards some bills). Student housing isn't that expensive and help is available to reduce the rent for students. With a little careful money management and a not extravagant lifestyle, students can manage. OK us parents have to help out but everything is means tested and bourses awarded accordingly. I cannot believe that this young lady had NO help from the state. With her parents on the minimum wages she would have been given some assistance!   .  
  5. My mother lives next door to us. She moved here at the relatively young age of 70 nine years ago. She has since had health problems, isn't great at the language etc. BUT she loves it. The health system (which she is fully covered for courtesy of her E121) has really looked after her. She needs support from us to cope with admin/language problems, she hates the winter (but would wherever she lived) but when the sun comes out and she can warm her bones, she's as happy as Larry!    
  6. We moved here 13 years ago when the kids were 10 and 5 - now at 23 and 18, I have one training to be a Vet (he's in his second year at Ecole Veterinaire) and one about to do her Bac and planning on studying Pharmacy. Neither have plans to go back to the UK - in fact they're more French than English. BUT they are both following career paths where employment should be relatively easy for them. They were both very concious that their education has to lead to a long term career where they will be in demand. We live in a very rural part where most kids go into the tourist industry in one way or another. It IS hard here to get employment but, I have to say, much of that is down to the employment laws.............which maybe changing (fingers crossed!!!)    
  7. State Bourses are totally dependent on  the parents or legal guarians income. If his father (presumably having remained his guardian)  has the income to fund his uni education then he will be expected to. Sorry, it's not great news. There may be ways around it though but I think you would really have to know the "system". Lucinda
  8. It rather depends on what you regards as walking distance!!! But I would say no, not really. It would probably take you a good 45 mins to an hour to walk from one to the other  
  9. Thanks Baz - I'll get OH to look at that!! Tim, yes, what you're saying makes sense. This is a well known make (Trans Continents) but at the lower end of the market. We too could get a picture using the RF output but it's so appalling that it's not worth watching! Ho Hum.................................[:(]  
  10. Just tried it on my Mum's set up - she has a French FTA decoder rather than a Sky box - and it doesn't work on that either. So I guess we may well be taking it back!! It's a Trans-Continents DVR60 - and before you go "Oh Well............................." we've got several other Trans-Continents devices and they all work really well (and last!!!) [:)] Lucinda
  11. Thanks for the suggestions but wiggling leads is not the answer!! We've tried about four or five different scart leads already and gone through all the set ups! This is destined to become a VERY expernsive DVD player [:(] Lucinda
  12. Hi Matt, Thanks for that - we've largely done all this but still have no picture. If we connect via scart lead from the sky box then sound is OK but there is no picture although you can see ghost images on the screen. If we replace the scart cable with a scart to 3 phonos (2  audio plus composite video) and plug these into the back of the DVD recorder, select composite video source, then we get both sound and picture but the picture is very bright with little contrast. We've also tried all the different set up options on the DVD recorder and the Sky box but this makes no difference [:(] Lucinda 
  13. Can anyone help? We bought a DVD recorder yesterday but can't get it to function with our Sky box. It works fine as a stand alone with the TV but as soon as we connect it up to the digibox we lose picture but still have sound. We have tried various ways of connecting - Scart, RF etc. but without any luck. Coming to the conclusion that the DVD recorder is incompatible with the digibox. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, is there a solution?  
  14. Hi Caz, Welcome! You will find information regarding this at your local Mairie. Just go and ask. In our Canton - Saturday is no problem but Sunday we are only allowed to used garden machinery between the hours of 10am and midday. Bonfires - often there are restrictions at certain times of year - again your local Mairie will have this information or the website of your Prefecture. Lucinda
  15. Oh well that's easy then!!!! First dance........................................................... You're Having My Baby by Paul Anka! [6]
  16. Do you think I should ask him if he'd like a wedding disco? [;-)] We could start off with Secret Love by Doris Day!!!! What do you think? [:D]
  17. We bought and installed our Ikea kitchen 8 years ago - it's still fab and, once you know HOW to install and Ikea kitchen, really easy to do. Never had any problem with them and we can still modify/add to it is and when we want!! Lucinda
  18. You start getting assistance from the CAF when you have your second child. For the first - nothing I'm afraid! Lucinda
  19. Unfortunately, this happens every couple of years. My son got caught up in the teacher and student strikes of 2003 when in his Terminale year. My daughter was caught up in the 2005 strikes when in Seconde. Both told me that it is the militant few who stir up the trouble. Other students just follow along lemming fashion, others see it as a good way of taking the day off and the ones that want to be educated stay in school and continue with their lessons!! One point, in the 2005 strikes when both teachers and pupils were striking and barricading the schools, at Lycee Maine de Biran in Bergerac (where son was in Terminale at the time and daughter is now in Terminale) the teachers made sure that the Terminale students were given their lessons even though it meant they had to break their strike. At least they did care enough not to affect the chances of these students passing their Bacs. Unfortunately though, not all the Terminale students bothered to turn up for their lessons!!! Lucinda 
  20. Trouble is if you prepare food on your tops the linseed oil can taint easily. I treat my wooden kitchen surfaces with olive oil - it takes a while to soak in but I can prepare food on them without problem. Lucinda
  21. Don't know where you are based Lynda but in our region we have English speakers at the local Chambre de Commerce and that's really the place to go to get some advice about how to set up your business. We are in the Dordogne so the need for English speakers is huge!!! Lucinda
  22. All Vets can speak some English - it's the one subject they have to study at Veterinary College outside of their standard subjects. They may not WISH to talk in English but beleive me they can! Most Vets have experience of the Pet Passport scheme. Lucinda
  23. Yes, if you buy the house in your wife's name only then eventually it will be inherited by your daughter. We are in the same position and, unfortunately, bought our house in joint names 18 years ago. Once in this position, it's a minefield to get out of!! We know several people who have done what your proposing and, so far, everything seems OK. I just wonder what would happen if your wife predeceases you and your daughter is 18 and doesn't want dad living in her house......................I know it's morbid and seems like a scenario that couldn't happen but you should take all these things into consideration. Maybe someone else has some more to say on this? Lucinda  
  24. [quote user="Panda "][quote user="Just Katie"] I must add Lucinder, you are very pretty. [:)] [/quote] That  makes you the Mama and OH not the Mama, you have to have watched the show from which the pic comes to know I've not gone mad! [/quote] Dinosaurs!!! Well that's what kids think us parents are!!!! [;-)]
  25. [quote user="Just Katie"] I must add Lucinder, you are very pretty. [:)] [/quote]   Aren't I just!!!!! [;-)]
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