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  1. It is a thriving business AT THE MOMENT!!! Don't forget most weddings have been booked 1-2 years in advance so the wedding market is not seeing the downturn just yet! 2010 will be the telling year! Sorry can't help with Chateaux in Entre deux Mers but can in the Dordogne!
  2. Use the French sausage meat but add one third breadcrumbs and it will be just fine - been doing this for Scotch Eggs for years now. Also a bit of seasoning doesn't go amiss. Lucinda
  3. I would agree - you need to give people plenty of time to make their travel arrangements - I have weddings booked right up until October and they have all sent out their invitations already. Lucinda
  4. http://www.cnsmdp.fr/english/interface/frame/frame_all.htm You will find the Conservatoire in most big cities in France. Hope this helps.  
  5. We bought ours from Darty - all stores carry stock.  
  6. Stick with the roast dinner on a Sunday for a treat. There is always a fair bit left over so grind ALL the leftovers down in a food processor. Boil and mash a couple of potatoes and mix these in with your leftovers and seasoon to taste. Shape into small patties - flour, egg and breadcrumb (using breadcrumbs made from any stale bread you have) and you have delicious rissoles which can be either fried or oven baked. You can also freeze these very sucessfully for future meals. Breadcrumbs will also freeze so you never need to throw any bread out. Use any vegetables that you may have overbought or have in excess to make Minestrone Soup - delicious and very nutritious. Fishcakes - the same principal as the rissoles only you use a can of tuna or salmon and an onion to add taste instead of your leftovers. Again cheap and nutritious. Lucinda
  7. We do exactly the same!!!! Only we use sheets of fibreglass that have the aluminum on one side!! On the south side my OH did a DIY double glazing job by buying the glass cut to size - some battening and a little putty. Both jobs save an enormous amount of heat loss from the house. Lucinda
  8. I too have a positive experience of the education system here - after 14 years I have one who is two years off qualifying as a vet and an 18 year old who is her first year of Pharmacy (I will let you know if she gets a place for 2nd year after the concours in May!!). We did the small village school, slightly bigger canton college, large town Lycee, City further education route - have been very involved at every stage (knowledge not interference) and have two very happy young adults!!!!      
  9. Similar here - although I think it is Horse Chestnut and not Sweet Chestnut trees that are affected. We have a 300 year old Horse Chestnut tree in front of our house that has been affected by this canker.  I am waiting until next spring to make the decision to fell it. I don't want to but it is beginning to look inevitable - other trees in our village are in the same condition.
  10. [quote user="OldyamYams"] Vauxhall refused to do anything about it said it was out of warranty ..........................................I wouldn't touch Vauxhall with a barge pole. Dave [/quote] And I have had the exact same attitude from Opel even though the car has had problems from day one. I even contacted GM France who effectively gave me the gallic shrug over the phone and refused to put any reasons for refusing to help in writing.    
  11. Don't buy Vauxhall/Opel!!!!!!!!! Sorry but I have had a terrible experience with a General Motors car!!! I have a 4 year old Astra with 30,000kms on the clock and have had NOTHING but problems with it. Do Opel want to know? NO!! Do GM want to know? NO!! Great cars just so long as you don't have a problem - if you do then you are on your own!! My Astra needs more money than I have spent on it just to make it right - and I can't even get the parts from an independent person because GM have the market completely tied up and the parts are ONLY available through Opel!!!    
  12. I use Cider Vinegar which is actually much nearer to Malt Vinegar when pickling. My onions keep crisp for years - agreed it is the brining that is essentail. You can buy pickling onions here in the Dordogne but I think it may be a bit late in the season now - I usually buy then in August/September time.
  13. Definitely try to get Jack here so that he can do the last year of Primary school (CM2) - it will give him time to adjust to the new system and to pick up the language without being under too much pressure. The first year of College can be a bit stressful as it's the year that the children are assessed to find out their levels of competence in all subjects. In the meantime try to get Jack French language lessons so that he has a reasonable level of French when he starts at school here. Simon only had two terms in CM2 before going to college but we had a very good teacher who saw his potential and made sure that he was brought up to speed. I'm not saying it will be easy for Jack but you can certainly help him by making sure he is fully prepared for his new life in France. Lucinda
  14. No probs - we've got full length glass doors and our three lounge lizards - sorry, Labradors - have never been able to scratch the glass . Now the wooden back door..................gouged like crazy!!  
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