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  1. Yes Betty, Silent Pool. The bottle tells the story of the maiden and the Silent Pool, local folklore.
  2. We've taken those fancy tins of tea bags that one can buy on the ferry. Tins of shortbread and biscuits as well. Sometimes we've taken wine from the vineyard which is close to our UK home. There are now several gin distilleries close to us but the gin which comes in beautiful bottles is very pricey.
  3. YCCMB some of of those wanted / buying / selling ads are hilarious!
  4. "Needs gone" is an expression I see again and again on Facebook selling pages. However it seems that for many posting items for sale, English is not their first language.
  5. I've enjoyed Prevert's poems for years. (Apologies I can't manage the accents on here) Thanks Norman for posting the one above .
  6. I've discovered the Rome2rio site. Very useful for travel information.
  7. Any one can use Google and find that information! lol A story like this you couldn't write but obviously someone did?
  8. I was going to suggest huile de lin. Something to nourish the tiles. Our tiles are glazed and not terracotta.
  9. Betty that rain was something else! We were at our property during June and experienced the torrential rain . Never had rain like that in 18 years!!? Weekend overnight rain forced its way beneath the locked shutter and sitting room door. Resulting in water all over the tiled floor, much mopping up required and hard wearing rug put out on gravelled courtyard to dry. Then two days later another torrential rain storm and we repeated the whole scenario. ?? Don't know whether scrubbing with white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda might help. Bon courage.
  10. Washing machine has been breathing its last but creaking on for months. Dishwasher gave up in sympathy and was replaced quickly. Also toaster and kettle. Now washing machine is very close to sudden death! Interesting that OH sought to quickly replace most items as they greatly affected his day to day life however the washing machine seems not to have same priority?
  11. France There are some good ones and some not so good. On our regular journey from Saint Malo to Fr. house we've noticed that several Aires have been closed for maintenance and upgrade work. Some of the cafe and restaurant facilities are very good. One we like at Aire de la Vendee has changed a lot. Their main restaurant still serves the typical full French lunch although the decor has an American diner theme. There's another one we visit near our home because it has a staff / visiting entrance accessed without being on the motorway. We like to walk to it through the vineyards and call in for coffee. They changed from the traditional Fr. main restaurant and it's now Burger King. There is still a Paul cafe for traditional light lunches and coffee etc.
  12. I agree with Guardian's comments although I've never claimed via CPAM. For any French GP appointments and prescriptions I have always paid on the day. They don't want to know about EHIC but hospitals do. I claim these expenses when I am back in UK . I ring Newcastle, they give me a code number then they send me forms to be completed. They need the original bills etc to be sent with the forms. Quite a few months later (can be 5 or 6) the money claimed is transferred to my bank account. I did the same thing after an overnight stay in a state hospital ( not a private clinic) The bill was sent from the French hospital to my UK address. Everything on the bill for the hospital stay was itemised in great detail . OP don't be surprised if you do receive a bill it may take a couple of months to arrive. As yccmb said , age doesn't come into this. What will happen post Brexit? Who knows? EHIC as Gardian says, is not full travel insurance. Currently it should cover you for emergency medical treatment but will not cover you for repatriation following injury or serious illness should this be necessary.
  13. In my case I presented my EHIC card to the receptionist in the emergency department, as I explained above I was later charged for the various tests, CT scan and over night stay.
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