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  1. Cathy Shopped in Asda yesterday.  We rather thought lots had gone up and was more expensive than France.  Back from France last week. Regards Tegwini
  2. "The fun is to try and maintain separate personalities on different forums"  quote Woolybanana Yes Wooly it might be fun to have different, separate personalities or names on differents forums - or even on the same one, but you were not that much different on TF. Another FF member was quite different, no longer a gentleman in my opinion.  Tegwini
  3. The UK pound needs sensible and intelligent macro and micro economic management to improve its strength on the financial markets.   The financial markets have no confidence in the UK pound. Sadly, we've got incompetent government as well as too much spin and no substance.   And this is not new either, we're had it for a decade or so.  Typical ! Tegwini  
  4. Too cold to go anywhere - even the ponies in the New Forest nearby are finding it cold. Warm house, tele, nice coffee & some lovely French dark chocolate (with orange bits in) - yum. yum,  & a nice warm bed with my huge (6ft) hot water bottle. Regards Tegwini 
  5. I  have never posted on this forum & thus have not received that email. BUT, someone  recently suggested that I look at a topic which mirrored one on this forum and I was quite shocked at how grim it was, how the discussions have degenerated into insults in places, how rude the posters were, how illogical much of it is,  and how some were quite bossy and demanding- for example demanding apologies from a poster for something they disagreed with. Some of the posters there are on this forum, some are,  in fact quite well known on this forum.   One in particular comes over quite differently - and not IMO in a good light.   Goodness knows, some of them need to get a life and get out a bit more. I rather think that the mods. there are a bit justified in what they have done. Regards Tegwini  
  6. 'one that lov'd not wisely but too well....' Othello  (the full quote this time) It must take great love to give away a kidney - it's risky for the donor too.  And it seems she still wants out.  Obviously he's been taken advantage of,  made a fool of,  hoodwinked,    used ... I too would be livid with one kidney, no home  and an OH leaving me ! Tegwini 
  7. Those trying to get into UK illegally from (possibly) ex colonies are, I suggest, likely to be of an age such that they were born after independence of such colonies therefore have no claim to preferential treatment. The UK colonies became independent countries at their own request and insistence, backed by the rest of the World who objected to British colonialism. Their choice therefore their problem. As illegal immigrants into Europe they are required to be handled by the first 'safe' country they enter, by no stretch of anyone's imagination can the off shore island of UK be thought of as the first 'safe' country. The French minister is being rather silly. (thats putting it mildly to avoid upsetting our French members)  quote Powerdesal Thanks Steve for a sensible and balanced post. Most of the illegals would be unlikely to find jobs, if allowed to,  and in fact most have some knowledge of the UK Welfare State and plan to exploit it.  Some ethnic groups born, or in the UK for years,  have a hig percentage that are  predominantly unemployed and on benefits- and make little effort to integrate. Shame we're such a soft touch. Tegwini
  8. Poor man, sounds like he loved too well. Tegwini
  9. Many thanks Gastine The builders (relacing aged insulation & Tongue & Groove) have done that, but we have not completed it all & I fear he/she will be at it right now. Not planning to use poison as it gets into the animal food chain, so will try also try moth balls.  Trouble is French roof construction is almost designed to allow for 'squatters' - lots of gaps etc.   English house, similar vintage none - and covered with something on the inside of the tiles. Surprising that a French animal shows little fear of humans and came into the house when we were there.  We live in the New Forest & get Red Deer in the garden (they can jump a 6 ft gate/hedge and also push through a thick hedge).   They show no fear of me when I chase them out- they eat my vegs & flowers.   Never seen any in France, near a huge forest - I expect the Chasse makes the deer more nervous of people. Regards Tegwini
  10. I couldn't agree more Coops2.  Certain parts of the world have had enormous population increases - potentially exponential in the future. Governments seem to ignore this fact, but in the UK at least,  are using 'green' policies to tax us more. Tegwini  
  11. We arrived back in the UK last weekend, but I have to report that we actually did see a few birds this time: Blackbirds, Bluetit, Great Tit amd Robin.   We put some food out for them whilst there.  I suspect it's hard at present for them - not made easier as we have a Fouine in the loft rooms (not sure what to call them in French!).   I read that Fouines eat eggs, perhaps even baby birds.  Planning to scare him/them off with moth balls. Our builderman (we are putting in a new bathroom etc up there) has suggested an egg with the white blown out and replaced with poison.   Not keen on that, but not keen on poo & wee all over the place either.  I thought they stayed away when we were around, but husband was woken by them early one morning. I assume they are good climbers as the house is a pavillion and the top floor is 3 floors up on the front. What do other people do ?  And do they pose a threat to the garden birds ? Regards Tegwini
  12. Well. I'm off -  had enough of this -   pearls & walls spring to mind!   Since this is only a cyber debate (I do hope it's still a debate and no one is planning to come & visit me with the odd bomb!)  I accept that there is no solution to this debate - as with the conflict. Regards to like-minded thinkers Tegwini  
  13. Wooly I don't care who uses these terms, we all know what went on in the concentration camps in N*azi Germany - can't compare the two. Any more than the 'original' concentration camps established by the British during the Anglo-Boer war - only incompetence led to death there.   N*azi camps intended to kill. Tegwini
  14. No problem - proud to be  A Witsie. A university that always opposed the National Party government & apartheid, insisted on academic freedom & had students from all races.  No prejudices there - unlike certain parts of the world. Tegweni
  15. Yup Wooly Don't  spend that much time on the web-  many better sources of information for the news but your comment does explain lots. Tegwini
  16. Powerdesal I knew lots of Jews at University in Johannesburg (Witwatersrand) one third Jewish is the 70s.  No longer like that now -  a diaspora took place from there to all parts & I heard a SAfrican today on the radio as an Israeli spokesman.  Many living in Israel now with a SA 'can-do' attitude. None were suffering from paranoia - the opposite in fact. When the Yom Kippur war took place and was going badly many hundreds, maybe thousands  flew out to Israel to do what they could.   And there was support with sales of everything in the city hall and other fund raising.  The Israeli army was taken by surprise and was massively outnumbered in many aspects - men, weapons, tanks, and the huge number of countries supporting the invasion into Israel. A scary scenario, and the young students seemed    rather gung-ho I thought, and campus went very quiet with some lectures cancelled.    Many had had some training in the SA army, not all, and the war initially went badly - perhaps defeat might follow ?   But they went,  all   missing  that  year's  exams & wasting a year of university.   They were rather like the Israeli army they had the 'never again' outlook and certainly not paranoia.   They reflected the ceremony at Masada to stand fast & fight whatever the cost.  No other choice. Not unlike the rescue from Entebbe - only the Israeli army would succeed in something like this. I have never visited Israel, but I certainly knew lots of Jewish people,  some first generation holocaust survivors, and refugees from Germany, and  I certainly understand their fears for the future of Israel. Tegwini  
  17. OK Bugsy- I should have said the PLO/Arafat/Hamas ... the people they elect. Tegwini
  18. "Yes Tegwini, I was being deliberately provocative to make a point", Woolybanana Yup Wooly, you sound like someone at a Neo-N*zi rally  - perhaps crabby today too? BUT,  see my quote in previous post - the Palestinians will ONLY  make peace if Israel is destroyed - they say so all the time.   So it depends on whether you think Israel should exist or not.  I do,  although I accept that there are wrongs on both sides.   I do not accept that refugee camps should be around for decades when the Palestians have powerful & rich supporters, who could re-build homes and all the necessary infrastructure.   After all,  the numbers are not that large.   'Occupied Palestine' where's that ? Do you mean the West Bank ?  Other land taken after attacks from Arab neigbours over the years handed back.   Jordan has also taken some of the West Bank, but that seems to be forgotten. Is this constant warfare part of a plan to destabilise the region and keep the conflict going for decades allowing them to justify their terrorist activities and blame Israel for all their problems, and hope to destroy Israel ? Tegwini    
  19. Hi BP We have Italian 'Terrazo' on our  40 sq m salon floor.  This is essentially polished  stained concrete with marble slices in it.  The floor was laid about 40 years ago and still looks good - in tiles, BUT I am really struggling to get someone to come & sand/buff/shine it.   This is needed as where the previous owners had rugs down it is perfect, glossy,  but the 'traffic'd' areas are dull.   The grout is grubby too . It's stronger than tiles, quite thick, not any colder than normal tiles which are also made of something similar, probably longer lasting,   but maintenance, it seems to me, is not easy - perhaps I am a bit fussy ? Still looking for someone, a specialist to come & clean/polish it - one in Vivonne/Vienne but numerous phone calls and have not yet got a devis from them! Regards Tegwini  
  20. "In many ways, gas chambers were quicker and kinder!!![/quote Woolybanana] A really awful  & outrageous comment Wooly. There are villages & towns in Israel near the Gaza border which which have been shelled for over 6 years, one Sderot with 24,000 people is the most targeted in the world.   2000 Qassams have fallen on it killing & injuring many.  Only because of  careful planning and precautions -  eg a school air raid shelter is actually the playground has there not been a  huge massacre.    The Israelis gave up Gaza, where they had spent lots of the infrastructure for peace - who can blame them if after many years they are sick of the fanatics whose only ambition in life is to kill and to destroy their country ? Tegwini
  21. I notice on the Teletext financial page that they put the bad news at the top in large letters.  If there is any good news, it's at the bottom of the first page in the morning, and soon shipped off to the next page. I also feel that some reporters seem to relish giving us bad news, whatever the topic.  When they almost gloat over lost jobs, I always think "it doesn't need all that many of you to present the news ...".  Angelite   I couldn't agree more Angelite! I note under local news on their web site they have a top heading 'Teachers facing redundancy' - clicking on it,  it's a Wilts. school of 98 staff considering getting rid of 3 teachers because of a pupil number drop.  BBC reporters - yes far too many :  Four to present the news - 2 news, 1 sports news, 1 weather news and all on BIG salaries & relatively secure jobs too. But then I am not happy to pay so much to the BBC for so much stuff I wouldn't watch (soaps),  so many repeats, repeats , repeats...    and low grade stuff with foul-mouthed 'celebrities',   also over- paid.  Time some of the big names there were made redundant - like Wossie. At least we can choose to subscribe to Sky etc. I do like the 'Grumpy' programmes however,     I can relate to them - perhaps I am one ?? Regards Tegwini    
  22. Wooly Gaza has a long coast line, & a frontier with Egypt- nothing to stop the Gazans from developing their state, & getting help from their Arab friends. I understand why the Israelis built walls around Israel, and also sought to control who comes into their country.  The terrorists used children, women with bombs strapped under their clothes, as if pregnant, and others- fanatics willing to die for a cause - or is it the numerous heavenly virgins ?  Another mis-use of females.  What about female terrorists? No male virgins for them no doubt!  And terrorist leaders sending their own children out as suicide bonbers- awful! So many peoples moving around - if everybody had to go back to their land of origin- then big changes needed, but the Jews were always in the Holy Lands, and the diaspora only took place around AD 80, but many Jews stayed put. Jerusalem was firstly a sacred site for the Jews, then the Christians, and hundreds of years after the Christians,  for Islam.  But it's the only site for Judaism, Islam has its own sites in Saudi Arabia - eg  Mecca, where non-Muslims are not allowed. More bias on the BBC right now- almost nothing on who started this conflict in Gaza. Tegwini
  23. Thanks Gary/Bugsy I'll be in touch when we're ready for the address etc. (or could you pm the details please?) Snow this morning,  Wilts/Hants borders, very little & gone by lunch time. Regards Tegwini
  24. Wooly Ironic  mis-quote this - it's about compromise & giving in to evil, which people did in pre-war Germany.  Leading to the Holocaust, which murdered millions of Jews, and many other unpopular minorities.  That's what Niemoller was saying.  Not appropriate here.  Lots of people to speak up for the Palestinians - protect march of thousands last weekend in London, doubtless with various threatening, nasty signs and posters.  We allow this, but  would  it be allowed in a similar context in a middle eastern country?  Doubtful.  And millions in the middle east supporting them - and opposing  the smallest state. And even killing Jews in Bombay.  Palestinians  are certainly NOT the persecuted as in Pastor Niemoller's writing- quite the opposite - and I do  worry about the future the way the way these countries'  populations are increasing - almost exponentially . And some information not often considered : Jordan was in control of the West Bank and Egypt was in control of Gaza. Had they so desired, they could have established a Palestinian state in these areas.  (in 1948 +) It is sobering to reflect that the Arab oil revenue generated in one day even in 1949, would have sufficed to solve the entire Arab refugee problem. But this was not to be.   Israel signaled to the Arab states its willingness to relinquish virtually all of the territories captured during the battle, in 1967, in exchange for a genuine peace.    During an interview in 1980, Yasser Arafat, the Chairman of the PLO, explained his organization's point of view. As he put it, “Peace for us means the destruction of Israel.”    In case you're wondering I am not Jewish - just an experienced, educated and interested teacher, and able to empathise with the peoples of Israel. Tegwini      
  25.  Hi  Bugsy LOVE your boxer !!  (bother the snow).  Owned & showed them - hard work, but superb dogs, loving, intelligent, but wreckers at times. Similar colouring & marking. We'vr had boxers since about 1969. Where did you get him? Bred in France ?  Ours are no longer, but when we finally make it to France we want to get one, a girl,  probably in France. Regards Tegwini      
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