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  1. Hi All A bit desperate,  but I am trying to get the phone switched on from this weekend - leaving very early, at dawn tomorrow, and almost impossible to phone them on 1014 and the Engl speaking number only works Mon- Fri so happy to phone them in French in France - If it's possible!  (On a Saturday) Can anyone please help?    - and many thanks in advance.
  2. [quote user="Russethouse"] Oh Tony -  I suspect that lots of women don't really like the fact that aids have stated Ed he was too busy [blink][blink] to sign his childs birth certificate [/quote] Thanks RH Interesting to note that it's males that have downgraded marriage and serious and responsible fatherhood. Tegwini
  3. [quote user="Tony F Dordogne"][quote user="NormanH"]How informative   to see the sub-normal  intelligence and idiotic  intellectual level of these personal  'ad hominem' attacks against Ed Millibrand , worthy of the gutter press,  (they  would probably have been 'moderated' if they referred to a poster here)  ignoring  completely the content of what he said ... [/quote] Norman has got this just right, what a lot of very silly and wholly inappropriate comments to make about anybody.  The way he walks means this, he's too busy to marry his girlfriend but not to get her pregnant etc etc. Playground politics and stupid comments, is this what this Forum come to now after all these years?  And Mods getting involved in it too ..........  As Norman has said, if we were commenting on a Mod having a fat a**se or wearing glasses or having a speech impediment or a user here being knock kneed or their personal lives, there's every chance the thread would be pulled. [/quote] So there's now a Norm and a Tone with similar opinions- Oh dear! I think that we the UK taxpayers funding politicians and potential future leaders are allowed an opinion without such infantile comments. If something is to be 'pulled' from the forum,  then silly insults such as these should be pulled. Tegwini
  4. Well I object to his attitude to his girlfriend - too busy to marry her - but not too busy to make her pregnant twice! Bit of a bad example,  but isn't  Doncaster (part of his constituency) is one of those places with a hig percentage of single (never married) mothers. No doubt they will marry- but only if he has a chance of moving into Downing Street. Tegwini
  5. [quote user="chessie"] Dog - I think you've summed it up perfectly. My problem is that the customers are NOT being told that it is Halal meat - that there is NO choice being given.  In exactly the same way that the chemical companies attempted to foist GM products on the public - without the public being informed. Fine - if people wish to eat Halal - it should be made clear to the customer that that is what is being offered. It is the nasty, under-hand way this is being done in the UK;  where most people - on the grounds of humane treatment for animals - would prefer 'normally' slaughtered meat and think that what they are buying/eating has been slaughtered in accord with normal UK humane animal welfare practice (if the two can be said to go together).  This is what is causing the 'fuss'.... I was very concerned that the same situation would/could develop here.    It would seem that France is more honest with its customers, thank goodness.    But what are McD's like here in France?   In the UK they did attempt to go over to Halal in some areas but had to abandon it once people became aware of what was happening and boycotted those McDs. And no - never been in McD's - and never would - just curious. And Dog's comments about fish are quite valid as well;  I do feel a bit hypocrital when eating fish.... Thanks everyone for information - very interesting. Chessie[/quote] Thanks Chessie Like you I am annoyed the way the British people are being hoodwinked and betrayed.  I can't imagine that in a Muslim country you would find non-Halal meat being sold to Muslims- or Muslims accepting it!  No doubt violence from them would be the result. As an bit of an insomniac lately I watched a BBC news programme this morning, (NB : NOT the DM ) on Christians in Indonesia being persecuted.  They cannot meet to worship in a church building they own, so use a field which they also cannot use as they are in a minority and get threatened and attacked  and murdered in that country. And that's the problem - we Brits are so tolerant - clearly Islam has no tolerance at all for other faiths.  Tegwini
  6. [quote user="NormanH"][quote user="AnOther"]Best news I've heard this side of the Millenium [:D][:D][:D] I truly look forward to history recording him as the worst PM in living memory, if not of all time. [/quote] There is no question of who was the 'worst PM in living memory, if not of all time.', and the present mess the country is in is the her responsibility. [/quote] Typical NormanH cynicism ! If only we had a PM with some guts/balls to make the changes we  desparately need.  MT certainly had plenty! And the country was in far better condition then than it is now. Tegwini
  7. [quote user="AnOther"]I don't get the nationalist thing anyway, the [img]http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:tUoPKpALy-TgjM:http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/10/Flag_of_Scotland.svg/800px-Flag_of_Scotland.svg.png[/img] and [img]http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:Brvuy_GQypvSeM:http://www.balagan.org.uk/war/dbx/images/flag_wales.jpg[/img] have got devoloution and their own assemblies so what business do they have in Westminster and the English parliament ? Am I being thick or controversial, I don't know. [/quote] No Ernie you're not! Lots of us object to the waste of our tax here - apart from the illogicality of it  all. Regards Tegwini
  8. Yes but, who paid for Bliar's furniture? Don't forget his expenses claims were mysteriously shredded. It's a real sad day for the UK to have a 'hung' parliament and that Broon is hanging on still by the tips of his nibbled finder nails. What a thick skin Brown must have - he must have convinced himself that the cock-up he has made of the UK economy is not really his fault. Tegwini
  9. [quote user="Quillan"]Thanks for that, I thought it might be because people were worried about their 'ethics' or something. Personally I go for the cheapest and fill up completely every time as you don't know what the next price will be. Supermarket fuel works for me, the engine still starts and the wheels turn and thats all I need these days, I'm a bit to old now for 'performance' fuels.[/quote] I second that. But, for those living in France be grateful you don't have to pay now £1.21 per litrefor diesel !   On our last trip ( Easter) comparing the price then with what we paid in France then it was about 22p cheaper for diesel in France -  mostly tax for Broon's 'tax-up' and waste. Now wonder we get on the ferry with a near empty tank in Portsmouth and a full one leaving France. Tegwini
  10. [quote user="Théière"]1%, don't worry after the general election that will all change and the banks will make a big profit and pay back the government who will reduce the debt a tiny bit and the rest of us will just keep paying [6][/quote] And our grandchildren too. Sounds a bit like WW2 debts to me. Tegwini ps do we have a 'tongue in cheek symbol' , and why can't I do these?
  11. BOS also a bunch of incompetents.  Caused real problems for Halifax and Lloyds - not forgetting the UK taxpayer! Tegwini
  12. Often I've considered the demise of the Labour Party in Westminster if the Scots went for complete independence.  NO more Scots making legislation for the English which do not affect Scotland. But now with the Royal Bank of Scotland  scandal, half a TRILLION's worth of debt for all UK taxpayers.  And from a Scottish registered bank too, and now all taxpayers must cough up.  What if Scotland had become independent ?   The debt would be theirs!  And we would be rid of the Scottish mafia too. I should mention nothing against most Scots, some Scottish blood and my surname too, just an aversion to being colonised by incompetents. Tegwini
  13. This is another anomaly created by the 'first past the post' system. The minor and fringe parties would with proportional representation all gain a seat or more - even the most obscure and weird.  Provided of course,  that they manage to find the deposits for many seats. PR is not perfect of course, and one should remember that the German 'Weimar'  government that preceded the N*** era was such,  and was so weak that it could not govern as it consisted of numerous political parties, with Hitler's party, not a majority, able to control the assembly within a few years of having its first MP.  One should always remember that Hitler's party was voted into power by the German people. Tegwini
  14. [quote user="woolybanana"]Nothing like na good rant to clear the bowels, Sweets![/quote] Recently I've discovered  yogurt with prunes. Brocolli is also good. Far better choices than ranting! Tegwini
  15. [quote user="woolybanana"]Perhaps it is a young man who dared to say what he thinks, and what most of the country does too.[/quote] Most ??? I don't think so !!!  perhaps in parts of (Orange) Belfast, but NOT most of the country. Tegwini
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