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  1. Not just me then. I'm far more inclined to choose salty, sour and spicy foods now and would gravitate to those kinds of things on a buffet table, entirely avoiding the chocolates and cakes. Maybe an age thing?
  2. Just picked up the CdS today. Appointments at Agen can be made online (although their rendezvous page only works if there are appointments available, if not it shows nothing. Or you can email them asking for a rdv). Original passport and copy. Original application form plus four passport-type photos plus stamped addressed envelope. Lettre 'de motivation' ... a letter explaining why I was requesting this (it's asked for on the form) ... my reasoning being that I had moved to France and wished to spend my days here peacefully, that I considered myself well-integrated in my village, that I respected and upheld the laws and values of France and also that, due to Brexit, I wished to affirm my right to stay. Original birth certificate and translation (and copy for Prefecture). Original marriage cert with translation (and copy). If you are previously divorced, as per Mr. H. then original divorce and translation (plus copy). Attestation de droits which I downloaded from my Ameli.fr account showing my entitlement to healthcare under CPAM plus a copy of my mutuelle certificate showing current coverage. Naturally, a copy for the Prefecture as well. Original and copy of our annual Avis D'impots sur le revenue for the last five years. Then P.60s for the last five years for my works pension plus the cover page of my UK rental property contract showing monthly rental income, plus copies of UK bank statements for one year with rental income and pension income highlighted. (For my husband, a copy of his State Pension letter showing the weekly amounts payable). Copy of my Transferwise account for the last few years showing the occasional UK to France transfers of lump sums, and copy of my French bank account showing receipt of those sums. I included this as all our revenue is paid into UK so wanted to show we had this money in France. NOT NEEDED BUT PROVIDED (and thanked by the clerk as background information): an attestation by our mairie stating how long we'd lived here, a copy of our Acte de Vente - just the two pages that showed the date and address of the property and also our names. Phew ... this is a long post ..... well the clerk took pretty much everything, including our fingerprints, and said that, currently, appointments for Brits are being made for mid-July 2019 as they have to share appts with other nationals, so there seems just to be a selection of days for UK applications. The clerk was very helpful, the procedure for us both took just over half an hour. Remember, bring the originals along and if there's two of you, you need a copy for each of your dossiers. I really hope this helps.
  3. Hi MazandCol, yes I have mind ... had the interview at the Agen Prefecture about three weeks ago and on Friday got the letter saying it's ready to be collected so will go this week. I'm happy to email you a list of what they want. Just let me know, happy to talk you through the process.
  4. haha, he cc's it to the FBI and also the North Yorkshire Police Force, clearly a world-class organisation in the fight against criminal masterminds!
  5. I remember applying for a promotion in the 70s at the advertising agency in which I worked. One of the directors invited me out to dinner to discuss the position. He was a very fat American guy, very charming, and wanted to move the discussion to his hotel bedroom. I must have looked fairly horrified because I remember him leaning over and saying "my dear, don't worry about my size, I'm very light on my elbows". I spluttered something out about "well thank you but no thank you" or something like that to reject his offer and he said "well I hope you don't mind me asking, when you're my size you have to ask and if you ask enough someone might accept". Then he said that it wouldn't affect my job prospects. I didn't get the job, being considered too young apparently, although the personnel department did say that this director had personally recommended me after the interview as someone who was composed and poised in a stressful situation! Subsequently I worked in the oil industry when nude calendars were plastered all over the office walls. It was just a case of developing a thick skin and making it clear that you were a professional working woman and not an airhead, after which I found that the men's attitude was more respectful.
  6. On your mail page at Orange go to 'Mes Preferences' (top right, next to 'Aide'. Third option down is 'Mes Dossiers' ... and click 'Gerer Mes Dossiers'. Does it still show only 20 or does it show more?
  7. I've got a bat nursery in the verandah roof just outside the patio door so every morning is a pile of bat poo ..... it runs the whole length along the wall. I used to complain as it's messy and, even when swept, I turn round and there's more. But now I think that each bat poo is probably equivalent to four or five chomped mosquitoes or flies, and I don't care as much.
  8. Same with me, there's no reply button on the 'going back' thread, Nor the 'Mods! Problem' posting. Physically there just isn't one (Google Chrome user here). However, as you can see, one has appeared in this posting.
  9. We've had no internet problems for several years, always worked, then about a fortnight ago we were without internet service for three days. FT said we should uprate to a black Livebox (although it was an FT-network in the area). Since then, internet is good although once or twice a day it goes down for about a minute, then back on again. Not enough to complain about but the new Livebox flashes up the fault, then the network is back on. I assume that FT might be doing some works somewhere or uprating equipment?
  10. I believe that if you find something on your land then it belongs to the French State. However, if you find it within the walls of your building then it belongs to you personally. Of course I am not suggesting, no of course not in a million years, that if you find a haul of gold in the ground that you immediately fill in the hole and go to one of your old outbuildings and make a similar sized hole in the ancient walls from where you now declare you found this fortune .........
  11. Asking for a friend who has a 30m well on his property close to his house. It's always been covered for security but over the weekend it collapsed in on itself - he says it looks like a sinkhole. He thinks heavy rain and old bricks in the well have collapsed and are the cause. Insurance says this isn't covered (I asked him to get his mairie to check the policy as a second opinion!). He originally thought about filling in the well but realised it may be part of a watercourse and could cause problems backing up, plus there may be legal repercussions somewhere in this. So, at the moment, he is planning to go to the mayor and inform them and ask for advice - is he legally obliged to repair this. And if so, who does this kind of work? Do the waterways board (SAUR or other) need to be informed? If filled in do he inform the cadastral since this shows the well on his land. There's a lot of questions and perhaps a lot he hasn't thought about. His main concern is a giant sinkhole just yards from the front door and worry that it might affect his foundations, so he's fenced it off. But if anybody has any experience of this or advice, please voice your opinion and I will let him know. And thanks in advance for all information and advice.
  12. Some useful abbreviations: Some terms to know: En 3D = movie is shown in 3D (three-dimensional) lunettes 3D = 3D glasses projection numérique = a digital projection (usually meant to denote it is not in 3D) version restaurée = restored version (good sign it is an older movie) v.o. -or- version originale -or- VOSTF -or- version originale sous-titrée en français = original version that has NOT been dubbed in French (in original film language may it be English, German, or Hindi) but will have French subtitles v.f. -or- version française = version has been dubbed in French PL -or- plein tarif = normal ticket price TR -or- tarif réduit = reduced ticket price (such as for students, children, seniors)
  13. Mr. Nectarine rather unkindly said that our fruit has dimply orange skin and a soggy interior. I prefer to think as myself as ripe and luscious (and no, NOT ready for peeling). Actually I'm never sure of the difference between mandarins, clementines and nectarines either ...
  14. Gorgeous here today in Lot-et-Garonne. A real spring day, grus flying overhead so spring is on its way. Plus it's my birthday and everyone knows that the sun shines on the righteous so if you've enjoyed today's gorgeous weather, there's no need to thank me !
  15. We had our wills done by the notaire who did our house purchase en tontine, and he included the EU Directive bit in our wills. It was very easy. As we have property in the UK he was very insistent that our wills in the UK must state the same wishes as our French ones as he had no experience of who would probate this (UK and French property) but if the two were in any way dissimilar it would be impossible to manage. I recently had to organise a funeral for a much loved friend. We were told the six day (excluding weekends and jours ferie) rule but it turned out the crematorium would be closed for a period so the funeral was delayed further which benefitted us. The funeral director got a special licence from the Prefecture to allow that delay. As it turned out, the UK contingent alll had plenty of time to organise their flights and sort out coming over ...... but to be thwarted by air traffic controller's strike on the day which meant none of them came! But yes a delay is possible in exceptional circumstances.
  16. Gluestick and Chessie - excellent posts! I'm with you on this!
  17. gosh this is such a useful posting, thanks to all contributors. I've got these phrases in my head now ready for when / if I need then ..
  18. hmmmm OK, just the one for the Dordogne looked jolly young although according to the France Bleu she is in her 40s. But thanks for all replies.
  19. Yesterday we went to a ceremony in the Dordogne which marked the 75th aniversary of agents & equipment being parachuted into France ... so much bravery recounted and old men remembering those who died in the war. The Préfèt of the Dordogne was there, a smart young woman dressed in an almost military uniform. It got me wondering ... what is the role of the Préfèt? I've googling for information but just getting history but no actual role. Are they more like the 'mayor' of a department or a ceremonial role like a Lord Mayor? Just curious. Thanks in advance for all answers.
  20. It's going to be used to provide a housing for a fuel tank in a kit car, sort of boxing it in. I've been asked to get some in preparation for a mechanic's visit where the tank is going to be moved from under the vehicle into the rear storage area but some boxing needs to be made. It will be fairly waterproof there (as waterproof as kit cars and soft covers can every be!). I don't have a Leroy Merlin near me, just M. Bricolage and a few independent quincailleries. So if not ply then what might you suggest? And big thanks to everyone for your very helpful answers.
  21. I need to get some. Looked up the word and it says "contreplaqué" ... so if I ask for that, will I get ply? Just checking, I don't often venture into the mancave that is a DIY store and want to be sure I'm understood. I assume that Brico places will do it. Thanks for all advice.
  22. A will quoting the relevant European legislation (I think it's Article 650/2012), inserted in a will, stating that you want UK law to be applied to your will as the UK is the state of your nationality, will override French inheritance rules. So if you say everything to the survivor, they will get it all absolutely. Of course if your surviving partner was to meet a young filly and decide to marry her and leave her everything then your kids would get nothing but that's an onwards problem. But if you are a close family and want your children to inherit eventually but trust that the survivor will take all steps to protect their inheritance then I'd say go for an English will.
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