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  1. Parsnips .. I can follow exactly what you say but am I right in thinking that also this income that is net of the "French tax" will then be added to any other income be it investments or / and UK state pension, an accumulation to ascertain what tax bracket you come under in France ?

  2. Perhaps I might have missed it in the other posts but no one has pointed out that the buyer will pay the Notaire fee who is collecting the taxes on behalf of the Government and then his bit for the paperwork.

    The Notaires fee is a fixed rate of 7.5% on the purchase price.

    It is NOT PART of the Agents fees which is usually lumped in the purchase price.

  3. My above post query......

    One of the reasons I am asking about all this is because we have not had our Avis Impot returned that applies to a number of UK people in my area. We went to the Impot office on the 16th Sept and was told we should have it by the 14 Oct. I read this (6th paragraph down in link)

    Quote .....'The official went on to say that the tax notice, which normally arrives in September, might be later this year because of the backlog of changing all French resident UK nationals incorrect French returns for this year!’


    Panicking... cos we dont have a Government pension so what can they be changing in our tax return, its giving me nightmares!
  4. What would your thoughts on for example if like myself I have No Government pension just basic State pension therefore will that state pension be added to my investment income to calculate my overall income?

    Last question .... has a basic state pension always been part of the overall calculation?

    Thank you.
  5. Bix, could I ask you is this perhaps because you have a Government pension (which they are looking at differently, I think) or because as usual the have got muddled up and classed your UK state pension as a Government pension.

    I am also getting prepared for the worse!! thanks
  6. Thanks for your help. As soon as I have got it sorted I will PM you to see if you still have an interest. For the last 2 years it has been in mothballs (which is what has caused the problem).Bought new 31/03/06

    Strewth, just had a look ....I have only done 4,232 klm!!!!!
  7. I am confused !! again. Does this mean if you dont receive the Avis untill October then the deadline to pay is Nov15th.

    15 septembre Solde de l'impôt sur le revenu : date limite de paiement

    Sur internet, vous pouvez payer en ligne le solde de votre impôt sur le revenu jusqu'au 20 septembre minuit. Son montant est égal à l'impôt sur le revenu calculé cette année diminué des deux acomptes versés (un en février et un en mai). Attention, dans certains cas, la date limite de paiement de cet impôt est fixée au 15 novembre. Vous recevrez alors votre avis courant octobre.

    This info came from here..

  8. Just done some research. Have I understood that September 15th deadline was only for those folk that have been paying theres off in installments and the deadline for normal Impot on revenue 2010 is November 15th 2011 (Not internet payment)
  9. Thanks for the replies again. I have been about to put the few parts back together again for the last 3 months , having read these threads it has given me fresh heart and I will try these ideas .

    I went and bought the carburator cleaner that you put in the fuel Bardhl . Once I sort it (fingers crossed) I think I will hang my leathers up and sell the Kawasaki.
  10. Here we go, here we go, here we go!!!!

    Me again!! I cant believe it we have No Avis Impot again!!! Just been into the Impot office today and they said "come back in 15 days".

  11. Yikes! we have not received our Avis yet (permanent resident) , any one else in dept47 not got one?

    I am hearing others have their Fonceire also , we have not got that either.
  12. For our cooker it has to be Butane. Why I remember easily is last week we went to buy the gas, was in a rush came away with Propane . We noticed when we arrived home and went back to the garage where we bought it and the proprietor nearly had kittens as she said we could have blown up the kitchen using the Propane instead of Butane!!!!!!
  13. Scotty, are you still having satellite probs, what did you do to fix it.

    We are with friends in your area and they have lost Bloomburg in the day but returns at night !!, other channels also gone totally ,lost numerous radio signals. No trees blocking signal , but old LNB.
  14. Sweet 17... you hit the nail on the head. We have a reply from our bank........

    The easiest way to make a transfer is by the Faster Payment system

    operated by all the main clearing banks, which can be done by internet

    banking, telephone banking or by personal visit to the branch. The payer

    needs the sorting code , account number, beneficiary name, and amount. The

    payment is normally instantaneous , costs nothing and is available for any

    amount up to the value of £10k
  15. Benjamin....Bank transfer = online bank transfer - Yes?

    Simply because there is no other form of bank transfer.
  16. Thanks KF, I am confused as well, I have double checked his 2 emails. The first says he will do a bank transfer. When I queried some points he says I have misunderstood he is not proposing a transfer through internet banking or bank draft, but he will ask the bank to transfer money directly but he needs my bank details!!!

    At the start of this thread I do refer only to bank transfer the replies have been on "online banking transfers" . But all very informative. I have now emailed our bank to ask what other way other than cheques, bankers draft, and internet banking can money be deposited into ones own account by another person! I will post the reply.
  17. Strewth, now he say its a bank transfer NOT internet banking, not bankers draft!.

    Has any one done this and are there any charges. Perhaps, there is a legal way of sending cash by special post £200.00?

    Thank you all for being so informative.
  18. The payment is a UK bank account to UK bank account but different UK bank names!

    Phew, I am feeling better by the minute, that it could be safe. Thank you
  19. Anton I have internet banking but I have neither transferred money or received as I found it scary!! Have I understood as long as no one has my password (number code) all the bank details are useless to a fraudster?
  20. Well, that is reassuring. But why do we hear the phrase as regards security.."Do not give your bank details out".
  21. I just cant get my head around this.! For security reasons I have it imprinted on the brain "do not give bank details out"! yet a a client for the gite wants to pay me £200.00 deposit for 2012 hols. No cheque book ( this is a first)so he says he will do a bank transfer and needs bank details. Moi not being a very trusting soul would appreciate someone explaining to me what the worse scenario is if my bank info was in the wrong hands, how would the info be used. Also please it would be a UK bank to UK bank transfer so would they still need IBAN and SWift number. Thank you
  22. Perhaps you might find this of interest.

    Recensement et classement des meublés de tourisme........


    A friend of mine who has a gite close by has a letter from the tourist board explaining (in French & English!) that by Dec 2011 the prefecture will STOP classifying gites and that the gite owner may choose any one of the authorised bods to inspect for classification! After this letter he did ask for clarification on some points, one was indeed will all gites have to be classified . They were absolutely adamant that seasonal gites (5 months I think) would always remain optional for classification. Gites open 12 months of the year was not discussed.
  23. Sorry but my French is not up to speed for this.... is this a new identity card for people from within the EU or not please? Gov link ....

  24. Thank you Grumpy for the link, we have found the EU directive re habitat . And thank you for taking this seriously (more than some others!)

    We ( and lots of French locals) are desperately (perhaps clutching at straws) trying to come up with reasons why its a bad idea to destroy 54 hectares of good agricultural land already used as bio production, this land supports so much wildlife at present and including a number of protected species. But as stated previous because the land itself is not designated "protected" it appears irrelevant that it is supporting protected species. So we are all clubbing together to get a barrister specializing in the subject. But we also are trying to find any EU legislation that might help.

    They (big company) are hoping to extract minerals (too complex to go into) over the land for the next 30 years!
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