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  1. Thankyou for your opinion. He is very professional. This is all new to us and I was just looking for abit of advice re the contract that we need to put in place. I am sure we will get it sorted and be very happy spending time in our new build!  
  2. Thanks for your response. Was your building schedule put together by Lawyers etc? If we can put a building contract together without using these types of people it will make it easier. I understand the need to protect the bank and ourselves from a financial point of view.
  3. I wonder if anyone can help me with a query I have – We have had an offer accepted on a piece of land in the Limousin Region where we are going to build our own property. Our builder is a friend of ours who lives in France. He will bring in various tradesman over the course of the build to do things like the electrics etc. We are in the process of getting all the documentation together for the mortgage application and the mortgage company are requesting the following information:-   Construction contract including the general and special conditions, specification sheet ('conditions générales, conditions particulières, notice descriptive')   Our builders are not a large company, they are in effect a one man band and according to a friend of ours it is a nightmare to put together a construction contract involving Lawyers, Notaires etc not to mention costly.   Is this really a requirement or can anyone suggest a way around this?   Many thanks,  
  4. Thanks for that. Yes I was aware of the third of the income.
  5. Hi there, we are considering building our own property in France and wondered if anyone could recommend the best mortgage available on a fixed rate?? Any help would be appreciated. Regards Wendy.
  6. It is purely for a holiday home. We would possibly look to retire there in a number of years time but love it and we are big into fishing so ideal.
  7. Thanks for the advice Andy. Gosh it seems a minefield but if everyone else can succeed then there is no reason that we cant. I am just hoping that the language barrier doesnt become an issue. If you can help with anything else I need to know then would appreciate it if you let me know. Thanks again. Regards Wendy.
  8. Hi there, I wonder if anyone could help me -We are looking at buying a property near Limoges to use as a holiday home (not letting out). Could anyone give us any advice with this process i.e. setting up a french bank account. We are currently looking at the internet for properties but if we find one could do with some advice on the process. Thanks everyone. Regards Wendyb1066.
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