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  1. Many thanks for your replies. I will take the Notaire's advice when next in France.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts Angela. As far as the wills are concerned, if we no longer have any assets in France and are no longer resident there, then surely the french wills become irrelevant and unenforceable - they have pretty much the same content as our UK wills btw.
  3. ......... what are the legal and financial implications, from a french angle, of passing ownership of our holiday home to my son. We are both now UK residents and so is my son. I also have a daughter, living in Australia, who is not able to take advantage of the use of this place and will inherit from us in other ways. We both completed a testament holographique while resident in France but lodged it with another notaire handling the purchase of our first french property, not this one. Many thanks for your thoughts, and before you say it, I will be speaking with our notaire when we are next over, but wanted some idea before I see him.
  4. AccueilInfoInfo MayenneLe corps d'un homme de 31 ans retrouvé en Mayenne Vendredi 10 septembre 2010 00:00 Le corps d'un homme de 31 ans retrouvé en Mayenne ...   Le corps inanimé d'Andrew Watt, 31 ans, a été retrouvé, mercredi, en milieu de matinée, à Vimarcé, petit village à l'est de la Mayenne. Ce sont deux pèlerins qui ont fait la macabre découverte sur le chemin du Mont-Saint-Michel. Le corps gisait en travers du chemin de randonnée reliant Vimarcé à Saint-Martin-de-Connée. D'après les premières constatations, la piste criminelle a été écartée. Andrew Watt, anglais, avait élu domicile avec sa compagne depuis près de trois ans dans le village. Amateur de VTT et de marche, il empruntait régulièrement les chemins de randonnée. Même si l'on penche pour une mort naturelle, une enquête a été ouverte pour déterminer les causes précises de son décès. Ouest-France  Seems to be a complete absence of anything reported later that I can find
  5. We have a little dog who came to us with a right sided cataract 6 years ago. She manages perfectly well with moving around but we do keep her on the lead when out as she is now getting quite deaf and with the eyesight problems, can follow anyone rather than us! When giving her her food or a titbit, I always make sure I present it on her good side. She also has a heart murmur and a collapsing trachea but you'd never know it. Well done for taking him on!
  6. Think this link might help - apologies if you have to cut and paste.... http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/2767616/ShowPost.aspx
  7. My saved bookmark for my local Meteo-France weather is fine, so not very helpful, I'm afraid.
  8. You either have to be present on the day or give POA to the notaire's office or another person to sign in your absence. There is no cost involved in having a member of the notaire's staff represent you. You cannot sign in advance as you can with the compromis.
  9. [quote user="Benjamin"][quote user="Judie"]I didn't inform CPAM when I went back to the UK more than 2 years ago. Obviously I told my mutuelle in order not to have to continue to pay, but I have had no adverse contact from CPAM. [/quote] I've also noted AnOther's posting and the only situation that I can think of is any contact between Newcastle(?) and CPAM where it would appear that you are in both systems. The obvious area is CPAM trying to claim the annual amount due against, say, an S1. It takes such little effort to write a letter, and as Ernie points out, it shows politeness. [/quote] Oh I agree Benjamin, but as I was a fully employed worker in the french system, an S1 wasn't required and I obviously didn't have the benefit of your extensive knowledge at the time. Oh yes, and I'm a fulltime carer for my elderly parent now (the reason for the return to the UK) with no difficulties with Newcastle as far as my small carers allowance and NI credit is concerned!
  10. I didn't inform CPAM when I went back to the UK more than 2 years ago. Obviously I told my mutuelle in order not to have to continue to pay, but I have had no adverse contact from CPAM.
  11. [quote user="Boiling a frog"] If you cannot get a mortgage within the time frame laid down in the compromis ,,usually 30 or 60 days, then one needs to prove that you could not get a mortgage, it is not sufficient to state "I did not like the terms so did not take up the offer"[/quote] I agree.
  12. I'm sory, but I don't agree. The whole point of the mortgage cooling off period is for the buyer to decide if they want to take up the offer. That's why there is usually a 60 day period mentioned in the compromis for those purchasing with a mortgage - enough time to get a favourable offer. The last sentence mentioned by BAF, IMO, refers to the piece handwritten on a compromis to the effect that the purchaser is buying WITHOUT a loan, and should they have to fall back on a loan and that loan is not forthcoming, then they cannot use that as an excuse not to go ahead with the purchase. What would be the point of a mortgage cooling off period otherwise?
  13. Can't comment on recent van hire in France, but we are coming over to our house in Normandy at the beginning of November and we're paying less than £400 for a long wheelbase van for 8 days unlimited mileage.The return ferry for the two of us and two dogs is £312.
  14. Thank you both, I just hadn't seen it in print like that before.
  15. I was reading an account of a Chatentais man who was caught driving with 3 grams of alcohol in his blood and no driving licence for 42 years, this morning when I was surprised by a comment about the news item; as follows; Pourquoi confisquer le véhicule de ce monsieur,on ne confisque jamais les véhicules de hautes gammes de ces richards anglais qui roulent pour s'amuser sur nos routes a plus de 250 Km/h What are richards anglais? I can guess what they mean but I was wondering if it's just a stereotyping on the part of the commenter.
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