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  1. Just when you think you have got the hang of how to "make" adverbs and begin to relax a bit that you will be OK with the most common ones, up pops one like incessament! Last week when Mme Castex was said to be positive for covid, Monsieur had to once again self-isolate.  So far so good.....but then I read that Jean Castex was to be vaccinated with his second dose of AZ incessament. I frowned in puzzlement, trying to figure out all ways what that must have meant.  How is he going to be endlessly or continuously vaccinated, poor man? Hélas, had to resort to that good friend to all of us, M. Google[:)]  So then, I found out that the PM was on the point of being given his second dose in double quick time.  So is incessament a bit sooner than prochainement then?  A bit like domani making manana sound urgent? Over to you, fellow francophiles/francophones....
  2. Your comment brings to mind a biography (I have read a couple) of Beethoven when, as a young man, he was travelling to visit Mozart.  But, during his journey, he received news from his father that his mother had been taken ill. Beethoven turned around and went home to Bonn and never did get another chance to make Mozart's acquaintance.  That is yet one incident in the life of Beethoven that I find ineffably sad.  I wonder at what might have been. Poor old Beethoven, he really had a lot of unhappiness in his life, starting with his wretched childhood.
  3. A beautiful pianist making beautiful music.... [url]https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/095903-000-A/herbert-blomstedt-et-martha-argerich-concerto-pour-piano-n-1-de-beethoven/[/url] I did ask OH how many hands she had[:)]
  4. NO, Lehaut, you are neither "old school" nor intolerant.  I agree totally with you.....shouting, threats,  rudeness OK if you feel cross enough but there is no call for violence.  And that is what this is, violence against a person.
  5. Hey, steady on, Lori; you are making me feel like a slob[:$] You don't have to do it all at once, you know, especially in this heatwave!
  6. As an imago, that is to say, a fully formed adult insect, that loves feasting on overripe fruit especially bananas?
  7. mint

    A happy ending

    I like your story with the happy ending, Lehaut.  Such an unusual story amongst the more often than not complaints (justified) on here regarding non-existent customer service.
  8. As this service is only available for ALDs, I think its use is limited as the list for ALDs has shrunk and many long-standing conditions are not given the status of ALDs. For example, I have a condition for over 30 years and I am treated with the same medications year after year.  BUT it is not classified as an ALD.
  9. [quote user="NormanH"]I presume you were listening to the 6th. Symphony? [/quote] [:D]  You had me laughing [:D]
  10. Good tip, PD.  Yes, I have a record of all the inaccuracies I put down[:P]  I mean how on earth am I supposed to remember what date I opened an account that I have had for over 40 years?
  11. Judith, you MUST have known I was thinking of you when I saw that article[:D] Hope all your tests produce excellent results and that you and M Judith get to go somewhere relaxing and enjoyable. It's been a long and difficult year but certainly more difficult for some than others.
  12. Does this clarify things? [url]https://www.sudouest.fr/international/l-espagne-rouvre-ses-plages-aux-touristes-vaccines-3632228.php[/url]
  13. Beethoven all day today on Arte.  All of the symphonies, at different venues around Europe plus interviews, commentaries, etc.
  14. [quote user="chessfou2"]"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." H. L. Mencken[/quote] I LOVE that quotation, chessfou[:D]
  15. Judith, the article doesn't say PCR, so maybe it's the other less intrusive test?  Lateral flow or whatever it's called?
  16. Bonjour, nomoss.  Have come back to say thank you.  Having no smartphone, it's very good to know I now have this attestation. Thinking of going for a few days' walking in the Haute Pyrenées and the attestation might come in useful.
  17. Thank you, cajal, for bringing up Chessfou's comment because I myself was just about to ask him to explain that! On a personal level, I find huge differences in my weight when I consciously do extra physical activities (thank you for your link, cajal) such as during the confinements. OTOH, now I am stuck in front of the box during the Roland Garros tournament, I find I have already, after a single week, put on over a pound!
  18. [quote user="anotherbanana"]Also worth checking Amazon.de before ordering. They are sometimes significantly cheaper.[/quote] Yes, but by the time you add in the 4 euro postage, c'est pas la peine....as the French say[:)] Admittedly, some things are easier to get and more readily available from the German site.
  19. [quote user="anotherbanana"]But, Ken, if certain chemicals are slipped into, say, bread which cause cravings for more then how is an individual supposed to know this, particularly kids. Not everyone is or can be a paragon of eating virtue. Then there are those food adverts, constant, unending.....[/quote] Wools, the programme does make the point that we, in the West, live in our particular food environment where these types of foods are ubiquitous.  Even the presenter a doctor himself PLUS his consultant on the programme, agree that even the well-informed have to pick their way through the minefield that isthe whole array of food ever present and offered to us. The confinements at various times have given me loads of time to prepare food and making meals from scratch is without doubt a time-consuming affair.  Because there was a limit on what we could do and far fewer distractions, I found lots of joy in cooking.  As life gets back to being more normal and activities outside home beckon, it's easy to take the odd short-cut.  Fortunately here in the rural French countryside, there are no Deliveroo, Just Eat or whatever else is out there.  Easy to NOT be tempted under these circumstances[:P]
  20. [quote user="Théière"]Hi Mint, I am well but missing France. Hope you are well also.[/quote] Teapot, at least keep coming here?  Until such times when you are allowed to come back!  We have Australian neighbours who have been unable to come since the start of the pandemic (either France was in lockdown or Australia was in lockdown).  Dread to think what his house must smell like, all the traps in his showers, basins, loos must be all dried up. To keep on topic, it amazes me the rubbish they eat.  They are educated people and do cook very well the few times we have eaten in their house.  Yet, when they pack up in autumn every year, they empty their freezer and give us the contents so as not to waste the food and therein lies the shock! I could never eat those frozen chips and vegetables they give us....yuck! I do use frozen beans and peas when I haven't been able to go out to shop.  Can't for the life of me understand why people want to eat frozen carrots, courgettes, etc because they truly taste absolutely vile
  21. Nadal is my tennis hero.  Have followed his career since he won his first Roland Garros at 18 years old.  So I am now a dyed in the wool fan and ignore all the negative comments about him.
  22. Hi Théière, how's you's doin? Now Judith and anyone else interested can look at your link[:)]
  23. I think Nadal has OCD[:D] You'd think, with all his millions, he could have got some help for that?[:P]
  24. The programme was about ULTRA processed foods, as is the topic of this thread....duh! If you'd watched the programme, you would have known that the first category wasn't called "fresh" or "unprocessed" foods.  It was called "natural or minimally processed". I got the minimally processed, like milk but not pasta?  Why pasta is in the first category, I have been unable to work out. Also yoghurt was ultra processed but they did say yoghurts for children.  Still not sure how "yoghurts for adults" would be categorised. I do agree that labels can be confusing.
  25. Actually, even here in the rural, rural countryside, and even in the smallest and remotest restos, they seem to do, if not vegetarian, at least no-meat. Used to be a nightmare, eating out with OH and even worse, eating out with OH in someone's home. But now, things are a-changing. Our resto, only now tentatively re-opening do a veggie option and we have new French neighbours who are opening a resto in a nearby village who, on being questioned, said he would certainly be offering a veggie option. All this is of huge relief to me because then, when I am away next month and in hospital in July, I have a choice of restos from which to order meals for OH. Just great....no more need to cook piles of stuff in advance, stock up the freezer so that he will not survive purely on cheese sandwiches. Bring it on, I say, because I myself is at least 90% of the time non-meat. Never thought I'd adapt but I suppose you can never say never?
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