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  1. Hello Forum.

    I have a last-minute question about declaring UK bank accounts on a tax declaration.

    Situation: I have a current account into which the few pennies of interest from a savings account, fixed-term savings accounts and a handful of shares are paid.

    Question: Do I need to declare all the accounts or just the current one as it is the only that has (tiny sums of) money paid into it?

    With many thanks.

  2. Hello again, john213.

    As per OPs on the other thread, we no longer have ITV, Channel 4 or E4. Is this the same for you today?

    I am still contemplating investing in a larger dish, but am reluctant to do so if there is no hope of receiving a signal in this lovely part of the country.

    With thanks in anticipation.

  3. Thanks for your reply, John213, it is much appreciated.
  4. Hello

    We are also in the Hautes Pyréneés, but have an 80cm dish. No BBC channels, ITV1, 2, 3 & 4 are OK, C4 is struggling, but C4+1 is fine (odd?).

    How is your reception today? We would appreciate your feedback before we go out and buy a new (larger) dish.


  5. I searched (Bing) for Groupama d'Oc in Aurillac ang got the following phone number: 04 71 45 50 60. I don't know if it's the right agency.

    Good luck, hope you manage to get hold of them soon.

    If not, http://www.groupama.fr/groupama-dans-ma-region/presentation-mappy.html?codepostal=15000&trigcr=GOC brings up the 4 agencies in Aurillac, all with 04 telephone numbers.

  6. I'll double check the policies as that could be very useful and save a few centimes!

    I'll have a look at globelink, thanks Sid. Did I also read somewhere about worldwideinsure.com being an interesting option too?

    Anyone have experience of quotes with additional premiums for "existing medical conditions"?

  7. Hello

    Does anyone have any suggestions/advice for travel insurance for a 2-3 week trip to UK by French residents travelling on two motorcycles. Carte Européene d'Assurance Maladie is up-to-date, but just wondered if extra medical cover is advisable. Bikes are, obviously, adequately insured.

    Merci en avance.

  8. Hello Suey

    Sorry you're having trouble with this, I hope I can help.

    So, I can't post hyperlinks on my Mac, but here is the page that gives the information on how much you can claim per kilometre (based on CV of your car):


    So, you fill in the number of kilometres (think you did this), the CV of your car (refer to carte grise), péage cost if applicable (and if you have a receipt, of course). Multiply the number of km by the rate shown on the above AMELI link, add that to any péage cost and then you have the dépense totale figure they want from you.

    Don't forget to attach a RIB so they can refund you directly into your bank account.

    I chose to attach a photocopy of my carte grise too, though there is no requirement to do so.

    Good luck, let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.
  9. Jo

    Sad news, indeed. My sincere condolences to you.
  10. Hello Suey

    I've had a quick look on www.ameli.fr, but can't see any reference to a time limit. I'd like to think that there isn't one, because my local CPAM took 2 - 3 months to reimburse the one personal claim I made last year (due to a VSL no-show), so why should they have a problem with a late submission? I think I'd just send in the claim and see what they say (or phone them if you're feeling up to it ....!).

    Best wishes for a good recovery from this latest operation and ongoing treatment.


  11. Wishing you peace in 2013 and reminding you how much Deb did for me (without her knowing), for which I continue to be very grateful.

  12. Jo

    Sending positive thoughts and best wishes for a swift answer to your concerns.

  13. From this website it looks pretty similar to the system here in France (Google translate will help):


    Just out of interest, Dave, did you ask UK sellers for the full V5 when you bought cars to bring to France or did you just wait for the V5 to come back from DVLA (with a "sorry, we can't register this vehicle to you at an address outside the UK" letter). Also, did you get them to complete and sign the "déclaration de cession d'un véhicule" forms? I ask only because we are likely to be buying a used car in UK soon and last time we did I had a bit of challenge getting it through at the Préfecture, partly due to a scribbled 'receipt' from the seller.

    Good luck with the Spanish import.

  14. Hello Mogs

    I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so badly following your radiotherapy,

    I have been applying the Dexeryl cream (ingredients: glycerol, vaseline and liquid paraffin) prescribed by my onoologist and the itching/burning has pretty much gone now (2 weeks post 25 treatments). I don't know if this would be of help to you, but it's got to be worth asking about. What about talking to your local pharmacy too?

    Best wishes for a swift recovery from this stage of your treatment.

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