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  1. Sorry to hear your bill has trebled.  I only wish I could get a bill!!!!!  Been to the office and told "not on computer".  How do you go about "getting on computer" so that we can pay what is due?  Owned the property since November 2005. If I ever get a bill, I will let you know if ours has trebled. Fiona  
  2. Hi Joy, Well done getting that 1lb back off.  I have lost 2lb but that has been over 2 weeks but I would be quite happy to lose a 1lb a week for the next few months!!!!!!!!!!! The wedding I was going to this Friday has sadly been cancelled (mother of groom passed away last Friday) so outfit will definately look better when I have dropped another few pounds.  Had wanted to lose 7lbs before then and only managed the 2 so far. Hope we hear of lots of loss from the others.    Fiona  
  3. My two do this too.  Thankfully they never bring mice or birds - just leaves and the noise they make when they drop them at my feet shouting I can't help but praise them.  Maybe at 16 & 14 they are past chasing the birds!!
  4. Jackie So so sorry to hear of Luke's demise but I know he will be so pleased you stayed with him 'til the end.  It is never easy and you will never forget but you will have so many happy memories and the knowledge that he will no doubt be living in his field of dreams, with loads of mice and telling all his old/new friends about the very happy life he had with you. Thinking of you (with tears streaming!!) Take Care  
  5. Sorry don't know the name but I have 2 of them and they are beautiful.  I will be watching this space!!!!  
  6. Cat,  Can't believe your neighbours have gone off on holiday and left a kitten.  Has it to fend for itself now while they are sunning themselves wherever?????  If so, wouldn't mind encasing them in concrete!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the little thing is okay - Thanks to you looking out for it.    
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm back too!!  Sorry for not being in touch - VERY BAD - 4lbs gain!!!!!  Just went off the rails but starting yesterday, back on track.  Veg, veg, veg - my greengrocer smiled as he watched me struggle with 2 baskets on Saturday - Ratatouille etc. roasted peppers - I love them when washed down with the odd bottle of cold Chablis - but water just ain't the same!! However, hoping to shed at least 7lbs by 7th September (going to a wedding) and I think the suit will look better with less bumpy bits! Good luck to you all - hope to hear of "less" of you next week.  
  8. When this happened to one of my babes, we managed to stimulate her appetite with Ambrosia Creamed Rice - wouldn't eat it out of a bowl but loved it from the tin.  She also loved Devon Custard - again straight from the tin.  After a few days, she was happily back to normal. Sadly she is no longer with us but she did have 12 happy years and 4 beautiful babies. I hope your little one turns the corner soon. Fiona
  9. If only I was moving over permanently soon I would not hesitate to take this super chap.  He looks more able than my OH to move the logs!!!!  I hope he gets a new loving home soon.
  10. Hi Nicos, This was in France (Dept 83) - fortunately we have only had an attempted theft in Scotland!!!  Meant to add that the garden shed was also raided of ALL equipment ( many items which had never been used).  No doubt they made a pretty penny at the local car boot sale that weekend! Like some of the other replies, do you fit an alarm system showing you may have something worth stealing??  The guy who looks after our premises (and accompanied us to Mr Bricolage) was horrified when I suggested getting this massive padlock (which would have secured the crown jewels!!!) saying exactly that - "they will think you have something worthwhile".  Well, I do think we have soemthing worthwhile - apart from the amount of money spent - they also violate our privacy and sense of security.  It makes me so angry that you work your butt off for someone to come along and take it from you.  Also as to the alarm - we have a pool alarm (goes off in strong winds) - does anyone hear??  yes - probably.  Does anyone care to see if someone is drowning??? NO.  I rest my case on alarms!!! However, lets all hope we arrive at our homes on the next visit to find all is well. 
  11. I cannot agree with you more.  Last year we had a theft of all garden furniture and our neighbours had all their plant pots (which they had only just filled with flowers) stolen.  They even took our fence (which was 7 panels of 6' x 5'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We now lock EVERYTHING up and the fence has now been welded on to metal posts! Of course, they could come back and smash the padlocks etc off but we live in hope that it was a "one off chancer". Fiona  
  12. I would join you in your petition.  Good Luck Fiona  
  13. Hi All, I'm still here (now in France) and whereas I was hoping to do well because of all the fresh salad etc - the bread intake, wine intake etc etc have gone up and my scales have broken.  Seriously, my OH and my parents are all the same weight!!!!!!!!  IF ONLY. Do I therefore buy another set or enjoy the rest  of my holiday????  Jury is still out on this one. However, to all the rest of you, keep up the good work.  
  14. As I do not know a lot about gardening (albeit my Father is a very keen gardener back home), can you advise on a shrub or fruit tree that we could plant now before going back home in 2 weeks time which would be self sufficent by then after daily watering? Unfortunately, some of the Garden Centres visited so far do not speak English so we are at a loss as our French is not good.   Would be grateful for any advice.   Many thanks p.s. Sorry - meant to say we are in the Var (83) - VERY HOT!!!!!!!!
  15. As I do not know a lot about gardening (albeit my Father is a very keen gardener back home), can you advise on a shrub or fruit tree that we could plant now before going back home in 2 weeks time which would be self sufficent by then after daily watering? Unfortunately, some of the Garden Centres visited so far do not speak English so we are at a loss as our French is not good.   Would be grateful for any advice.   Many thanks  
  16. Hi Simon,   We too are in Var and bought our French Dream in November 2005.  The Notaire advised us that we would have to pay the vendor the part of the taxes already paid by her (i.e. up to end of December) but the vendor declined.   Since then (June 2006) I have been (accompanied with a French friend) to the "tax office" who asked our name - looked on the computer and said "Non".  No explanation - just "you are not on the computer".    On speaking to French friends they say "Do not worry - they will bill you eventually".  However, as this is now the second year of ownership - how long do they wait??   I'm like you Simon - happy to pay - if only I knew how.    
  17. Follow Danny's advice.  I did and hey presto - up and running - few probs but that was down to my equipment etc and lack of French!!!!!!!!!   Good Luck  
  18. Hi Danny,   Arrived to find the slips awaiting to uplift boxes from Post Office.  No problems there!  Got home, plugged everything in - and voila - didn't work!  Surprise suprise.  Of course, whole book in French.  So, call to my friend who has a son aged 14.  You know what these kids are like nowadays - computing - no problem.  Here for an hour - couldn't get through on the helpline number - couldn't get signal from freebox - left - with advice - I'll get Technician to call.   Lovely guy (Gerard) arrived at time stated - "No Problem".  Few minutes will install - NOT.   3 hours later - problem found - fax machine not compatible with line etc.  When the fax is plugged in - ADSL goes off - unplug fax and VOILA!!!!!!!!! up and running.   Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow with filters so the problem should be sorted at last.  Cost of 95 euros so far but I can now pay 157 salaries tomorrow - therefore 157 happy people and one VERY RELIEVED person.   Thanks again for all your advice and no doubt you could have helped me IF I had been able to get online to ask you.   Regards   Fiona  
  19. Hi All, 2lbs off this week - yippee!!!! 9 days until our return to France - and counting. Hope you all had a good week. Fiona  
  20. Well done to all of you.  Unfortunately I have stayed the same this week (although this is a miracle in itself with the amount of alcohol that has been consumed this last week!!)  However, back on track now so hopefully see a better result next week. This is the first year I am going to have a lot of fruit from my cherry tree.  Cherries in Brandy Linda?  What do you do?  Get a good quailty brandy or what?  and do you add anything else? Fiona  
  21. Looking at their website they don't appear to list a telephone number but there is a fax number (+35318121230) which they ask you to fax - written in English to either Baggage Claims, Customer Service or Refunds Depts.  You have to give the flight confirmation number, flight details, dates/routes and passenger names.  Hope you get a response - Let us know!  
  22. Can't see the sense of it in English - why would you want to translate it to French???  Am I missing the funny part???
  23. I went for the non degroupe as I don't want not to have a FT line.  I have just signed the direct debit to post off to Paris today so hopefully things will be there when I arrive. No doubt I will be in touch in 3 weeks when I can't get anything to work!!!!!  Regards Fiona  
  24. Hi Danny,   I DID IT!!!!!!!!  Signed up this morning (with your e-mail in front of me telling me what to do!!)  Thanks for all your help. Just had another thought though.  They will send the box (but I won't be there for another 3 weeks).  Do the post office leave a card for collection just like here in the UK??    Regards Fiona  
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