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  1. Just to agree with what JR says and it works well for me. What does he mean by naughty, don't think it is illegal!
  2. Ok thanks that is the conclusion I had come to and yes the OH has not changed much and we both wore glasses and smiled in the previous photos which is verboten now in the latest ones but other than that not really that different...............J
  3. Not really a French legal issue but having noted that previous questions on this topic have been posted here I wonder if anyone has had problems applying for a passport renewal without a counter signature. This would suggest that such is not often required for a renewal if appearance has not changed significantly.  http://ukinfrance.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/passports/faqs/general/countersign-app-form  Also I note that a S.A.E. seems not to be required. Any comments folks?...........................J
  4. Yes thanks I think that is right so we will take her for vaccination this evening. The issue about peeing will be raised first and blood test if neccessary. Sterilisation can wait if she really is not pregnant for a week or two I guess................Jackie
  5. Just thought I would update on the kittens. Now upstairs and temporarily shut in a room with frequent visits from us and lots of things to play with which they do usually at about 5 am! The vet, who gave them their first vaccinations yesterday, advised keeping them isolated from the cat that recently adopted us for a week following their vaccinations. They seem happy enough and spend their time rushing around like lunatics, playing with us and sleeping.   We have concerns about the adopted cat in that she needs vaccination as well as her history is unknown and we think she is peeing rather more than one would expect. Having had cats with failing kidneys in the past it could be we are a bit too sensitive on this issue though it would be a surprise if a 18 month old cat had kidney problems. We have to bear in mind that this is not our cat and although we would love her to stay with us someone may yet come and claim her having seen one of the posters we put about when she appeared knocking on our window a week ago.   So our dilemma is do we have her vaccinated now and blood tested for renal problems or wait a bit longer to see if she has to leave us. The cost of the vaccination, despite being to my mind expensive, is not the issue. What is important is that how much of a risk does she present to the kittens if we let them meet after the 7 days are up and by delaying would we be putting her health at risk plus how would an owner feel if we had this done and then they subsequently turn up?..................Jackie 
  6. Jackie


    Went to the pharmacy this a.m. and got a couple of yellow plastic tick removers, one for small and one for large ticks, and had a go. On examination we found four more ticks round the ears. Two larger white body types and two smaller dark coloured ones. The tool works ok but holding her steady and trying to twist the blighters off ain't easy. Got them all off but would not guarantee they were intact. Rather a loud click when they where coaxed out. I say coaxed but puss was really thrashing about despite having wrapped her in a towel. Painted Vetadine on but cannot be sure we got it onto the skin at each site. We will check those areas daily for signs of infection and hope there will be none. The pharmacist did confirm that as we have wormed her the Frontline should not be applied for a week which is not good as we have seen one or two small fleas! Will get a spray for the furniture that she has been sitting on. Hope she does not regret finding us! Thanks to all for the information.................Jackie
  7. Jackie


    Would someone advise on how to deal with a tick. Just found another one near the outside tip of her ear. See post: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/2012184/ShowPost.aspx I have some Frontline from the vet to apply to the back of her neck and although I have read about removing ticks with tweezers I don't think she is going to keep still while I do this. I was going to apply the Frontline tomorrow as she had a worming pill today and I did not want to have her system overloaded with too many chemicals at once. Can it wait until tomorrow or should I have a go now with the tweezers? Never had to deal with a tick before having had mostly indoor cats and a bit worried I might leave some mouth parts behind and cause an infection!.............Jackie
  8. Well the vet scanned her and found no chip. He thought she was about 18 months old and seemed in good condition though he did find a small tick on her neck. We have arranged to have her vaccinated next week if nobody claims her and have put a few more posters about the area. He said that he did not think her to be pregnant and could not find any scar suggesting sterilisation had been done. We have some front line to apply and a worming tablet. If not claimed she will go back for vaccination and we will arrange to have her sterilised as well. I did raise the point about the risk of giving the kittens some infection if she came into the house proper as despite having heating we don't want to leave her out in the Veranda any longer than necessary. He indicated that she was at as much risk from the kittens giving her something as the other way round. He also said that vaccination would be effective after about 8 days and whilst he did not shoot down my suggestion of temporary isolation I don't think he was strongly of the opinion that I was right in this. So not sure if we should continue to isolate her for a couple of weeks or not. He condemned the collar as it was too heavy and had no release mechanism if it got caught in something so he removed it much to her satisfaction.We do go out to play with her several times a day but I am sure she is feeling a bit lonely. We will also have the kittens vaccinated as soon as possible though he did suggest that this should have already been done along with tattooing but I don't think it has been done but I will check..................................................Jackie
  9. Yes we hope to get to the vet this evening. I have a hospital appointment today and hope they don't keep me too long otherwise it will have to be tomorrow. A few more posters to deliver to mailboxes to cover some houses a bit further away than the ones already covered. The cat seems very happy curled up on a blanket in the veranda with a full tummy, only food I hope! We put a little heater on for her last night and she seems very content with us. Difficult to believe someone could abandon such a friendly animal who has obviously been well cared for, time will tell..................Jackie
  10. Following the demise of our cat Ben we have virtually signed up to adopt two male kittens from an animal shelter and hope to pick them up this coming weekend. However, and somewhat spookily, a cat came knocking on our window yesterday. It badly wanted to come into the warm. Because of the risk of it leaving some infection in the house and the potential risk to the kittens we gave it some food in the barn where it spent the night. It would seem to be in good condition, quite young and relates well to us so not feral and it is wearing what looks like an anti-parasite collar but no name tag. Now we have been to see the neighbours and left a photo with contact information in all of the local houses letter boxes and one for the Mairie to display as well as in local shops. Nobody so far has said that they recognise it. I don't think a cat like this would wander far from home so I suppose someone dumping it from a car is a possibility. We would be happy to adopt it but wonder how soon we could assume that it belonged to us. The point is that it would have to be examined by a vet before being allowed into the house proper and mixing with the kittens. We think it might be female and if so it would need to be spayed very soon. If it is female it could be already pregnant I suppose so if not too far advanced spaying might be of some urgency. Vaccinations may never have been done and that would be somewhat urgent too. We have her/him now in a verandah adjoining the house and it should be ok in there for a few days. Food, water, litter tray, which it seems to know how to use, and some heat we can provide. So the question is how soon can we assume that we can go ahead with treatment/spaying etc. We are 2kms from the village and there are only a few farm houses around here and so far nobody has claimed/recognised the cat thought it is early days of course. We need to do something about getting it examined before the adopted kittens arrive. There is no sign of a tattoo in the ears but the vet could tell us if it has a chip. I don't think the police, located two villages away would be interested. Any advice would be welcome.......................................Jackie PS Does anyone know what French law says about this?
  11. Yes I did Val, thanks. I sent a reply...............................J  
  12. Ok so where did the rest of this thread go? Several replies disappeared sometime this morning!................Jackie PS valB did you get my email/pm re security problem? If not I will send it again, no connection with these missing replies I suppose? Some of the pms have gone too!
  13. Thanks valB but no email received. I wonder could you pm it to me? Thanks Panda and I will look those two up.............Jackie PS Have signed up to AngloInfo and found some info about a couple of local kittens and am waiting for a return email from the the people that posted about them but keeping our options open we are still looking in other places.  PPS Info now received valB, thank you.
  14. As John may have told you good people on another thread our beloved Ben is no more and we are now looking to adopt two male kittens. A second choice would be a young female and her kitten. We have emailed several refuges in our area and lodged our interest at two local vet surgeries. If anyone knows of either of these options do please let us know. We are located near St Maixent L'Ecole..........................Jackie 
  15. Yes it was not until last Spring that I found out that bread was no good for them and I can only hope that in the past no bird has suffered as a result of my putting out bread. More snow here to the east of Niort, big flakes and laying on top of this mornings snow. Hope we can get to town on Friday as I have an X-ray to get done!
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