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  1. Had an email today with revised crossing times,25th Oct out was 04.20 now 04.35, no probs there. Coming back on 2nd Nov was 13.50 now 20.37, slight problem there so rang them and the closest to my original time is 18.59. It would appear that things aren't quite getting back to normal just yet, but well on the way. There is no charge at the moment for the different frequent travellere time bands either, as one might expect.
  2. Over engineering or do it once, do it right. I'd agree with the 1/3 2/3 ratio, I install a lot of site gates(2.4m high, 3m wide 50mm box clad in weld mesh) and they go 0.9-1m in the ground on a 150x150 post. They never move, until a muck-a-way lorry somehow doesn't see them!
  3. Whats the total opening and therefore the size of each leaf, and what size gate posts were you thinking of using? This will greatly affect the depth. If the leaf's are quite wide, you will also get quite a bit of sag on the post alone. Let me know the dimensions and I'll try and help a bit more.
  4. Unfortunately not back out till end of October or would have come along. We have our local woodcutters fare the same weekend here in Blighty. Its always a great weekend with lots to see and do. Its at Bentley nr Lewes if anyones interested. (Not strictly the Centre).
  5. Just speaking to the in-laws, and they were saying that Friday, as they were travelling north, the motorway was stopped by a gendarme at Limoges. About twenty Police on motorbikes came down the southern carriageway, they were then allowed to move of and as they crossed a bridge there were about twenty police vans on the hard shoulder as if to screen the view from the bridge, no signs of an accident or anything. Anyone got any ideas or heard anything about what it was?
  6. The black "fil pilote" can be connected to a thermostat like these. http://www.leroymerlin.fr/mpng2-front/pre?zone=zonecatalogue&idLSPub=1182348980&renderall=on,    (click the thermostats pour radiateurs electrique).
  7. Am I right in thinking that Chestnut can be treated like Ash and be burnt green? If that is correct, be careful as green Ash burns extremely hot.
  8. For killing grass my neighbour swears by cheap bleach diluted.
  9. "And your point is?  I'm fed up with the sausageism on this site. " Trust you to play the sausage card! There's nothing wrong with a bit of pates de paques, but I,ve seen some good people lose control of there habit and before you know it they're out of control, whacked on pork and leek, not a nice thing to see.
  10. Sorry to hijack slightly, but does anyone know of a growth inhibiter for grass?
  11. More like Sex,Drugs and Sausage Rolls looking at the size of some of them these days.
  12. You'll probably have more luck on MW, I know I could only get the 2006 world cup games on there.
  13. I can only comment on the underfloor heating in my conservatory in the UK.In a word "fantastic".We don't have gas in France so no boiler but if I did then I would without hesitation put it in every room I could. Ours doesn't take days to heat up more like an hour or so and the cats absolutely love it.Rather an expensive cat basket though!
  14. We travel to Vierzon regularly from Calais and it takes just under five hours,Chateauroux is no more than an hour from Vierzon.Use the Rouen route which I,m sure is posted on here somewhere, it is virtually hassle and stress free.
  15. Warning,long post! Coming back from France via the tunnel one time ,we were asked if we would participate in a sniffer dog experiment.We had "explosives" wedged in our door and they then brought out the sniffer dog.After three passes and no sign of the dog getting it, his handler pointed at our door and the dog duly obliged to find the "bomb".Surely it would have been easier for the highly trained sniffer man to find the bomb !Bit scary none the less as I wasn't sure how the dog would react once it found the stuff so I kept my window wound up in case it tried to drag me out of the car.
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