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  1. [quote user="cooperlola"]A random hacker would certainly pick you as you are number 1 poster on here, so you are the obvious target if maximum disruption is what the aim is.[/quote] Not really.  Others have posted more than me and I had virtually disappeared off the horizon until this happened. Gay - I made a formal complaint to James earlier today, for what it is worth. Best leave it there until James has a chance to reply.
  2. What a load of cobras.  Talk about setting up a smokescreen. Spoofing an email address is simple, especially for website based addresses. But spoofing is not the same as duplicating.  The effort involved in finding a correct duplicate address to the one I use to log in on this forum, then divining the password, far outweighs the pathetic benefit of changing my signature on this forum.  Plus my login address is not used as an address used to send mail from (EDIT/other than a small number of people with whom I have exchanged emails via the forum and all of whom are trustworthy and sensible).  Come off it, this is not a credible explanation. 
  3. [quote user="opas"]Why would forumadmin or a mod have need to change a persons password anyway? [/quote] The only legitimate reason would be if they had lost their existing password and requested a new one.  Which I had not.
  4. Mon plaisir, Pickles.  Incidentally, are you related to Wilfred?  Or to the 1966 World Cup doggy hero sadly strangled by his own leash in 1967? Or does your name reveal a gastronomic predeliction?
  5. I think the original tongue in cheek post was in reaction to the thread "Forum Security - who changed my password? " being pulled without explanation. However, in the pulled thread Quillan said that if a Mod changed a person's password then the member would be informed.  That was precisely what happened in my case - I received an email informing me that my password had been changed.  This email arrived on 17th April at 15.54.  However, none of this seems to square with the claim that Mods have been unable to change passwords since 4th April.  Curiouser and curiouser.
  6. [quote user="English Eccentric"][quote user="Cassis"]The books are dear because no-one is allowed to discount the publisher's jacket price, which they are free to do in the UK.  This means the publishers can fix prices high and you never get unsold stock 'remaindered' or sold cheaply by the likes of Sussex Stationers; and the big booksellers can't negotiate big discounts on larger orders.  The high price of new books maintains the value of second-hand market.  This used to be the law in Britain until a few years ago. [/quote] We used to live/work in the Charente-Maritime up til 1998 - at that time there were discount bookshops in (as I recall) La Rochelle and Rochefort at least, but the majority of the discounted books (mostly non-fiction) used to appear regularly at some of the markets; particularly Royan on a Sunday, and the same trader was usually at St Pierre d'Oleron during the summer months too. A return to the area in 2003 found the stall still at Royan market. Now we've just got a place in Manche & have yet to find any, but I'm still looking! [/quote] Law 10th August 1981: the only people allowed to (legally) obtain a discount of more than 5% of the publisher's price are: - Les associations d’élèves, d’étudiants et de parents d’élèves « facilitant l’acquisition de livres scolaires pour leurs membres » ; - L’Etat ; - Les collectivités locales ; - Les établissement d’enseignement et de formation professionnelle ou de recherche ; - Les syndicats représentatifs ; - Les comités d’entreprises ; - Les bibliothèques qui accueillent du public pour la lecture ou pour le prêt. Even if there are traders flouting the law in certain places [;-)] it does not negate the effect of the law in general in maintaining high prices. [quote user="English Eccentric"]Runner beans (change of subject!) - we used to grow them up the back of our mobile home when we worked in 17.  We'd get crowds of French people stopping & staring at them all the time, as if they'd never seen anything like them before! [/quote] Well, they wouldn't want to grow that foreign rubbish themselves, would they - they are called haricots d'Espagne!  [:D]
  7. [quote user="allanb"]... under "computers and internet" there's an entry on the English word "chat", which they helpfully define as: Conversation entre plusieurs personnes connectées en même temps à un réseau, qui échangent des messages s’affichant en temps réel sur leur écran. Apparently in a 1999 decree they gave their blessing to the French word causette.  However, they have had second thoughts and (according to an announcement in 2006) now recommend dialogue en ligne.  [/quote] In real life, the French use the term "chat" but to avoid being catty they spell it "tchat".
  8. EE - that is a terrific set of photos.  thanks for the link. I notice that the poster gives permission to reproduce with attribution. I've saved a number of them for my 'work in progress' telling the story of the Liberation of our corner of Normandy by the 2DB.
  9. To search for 'flickr members' you need to use the little button next to the search box to refine what you are looking for - it is not obvious unles you have used Flickr before
  10. Cassis

    holes in garden

    Don't worry if a small disagreement breaks out - it's good to release tension. [:)]
  11. [quote user="Cat"] I can make my ball-thing light up at will (and it's not one of my special magic mod powers). How much is it worth for me to tell you how? [/quote] Let me guess - you update your details? I have a definite feeling of déjà vu concerning almost everything we have posted here - the giveaway is in the title of the thread. [:-))]
  12. I think you must use IE7 Twinkle - it does odd things like showing 'alt' descriptions when you hover over images.  This seems to be a similar phenomenon.
  13. Could you shape it into a sort of cockerel topiary while you are on, R/H?
  14. Cassis


    I hadn't heard that it made a difference to the compost - just that blokes find it easier to apply to the heap. [:)]
  15. NB Not all McDonalds have wi-fi - hence the need to check the link Ecossais provided.
  16. If being boring, ignorant and obsessive were a banning offence (and if we were talking about Mars rather than this forum) then from what I know about Mars, a number of the Martians might have to fall on their swords.  Part of the problem is that most of the time Mars is not governed by an elected body, nor even by one benevolent dictator with Martian interests at heart, but by a self-elected group which could almost be said to be a *cabal.  So I recall the story, anyway. * Cabal: a definition
  17. [quote user="Georgina"]I had this problem, bought a rotivator, but ended up having to rotivate it about ten times (although it could be that I am not that good at it) and then pulling up the weeds manually, then trampling it. Lots of work but it looks far better grassed. It's still a bit lumpy though. Georgina [/quote] I know I've said it before, but rotovating is really hard work unless you have a mega-monster machine with drive wheels as well as rotating blades, or very light soil.  Like taking on a mechanical Cumberland wrestler. EDIT/  Thank you for the information, Pierre.
  18. [quote user="Blanche Neige"] "Roll your mouse over your thingy next to your name."  [8-)]It seems it doesn't work that well, as the dates are way behind! [/quote] Nothing happens at all when I run my mouse over my thingy.
  19. My fault.  I didn't get the "my friend Everard" joke until I was about 40.  [:$]
  20. Not really.  I often wait until April now before sowing anything outdoors - I did an experiment one year and found that seeds germinated better and soon caught up with those sown in March. When I say planning, I was really just moving the veg beds around on my spreadsheet to rotate them from last year and seeing if there were any variety/quantity  changes etc. that I had noted to make this year. The pots are chitted (I know some people don't bother - I really just like to see them lying in the egg trays on the kitchen windowsills) and ready to go in now. If the French would like to move this to the gardening section, I promise not to upset the remorque des pommes by objecting in public. [:)]
  21. I did wonder what you were on about.  [blink] It had already gone when I posted here.  Odd spot to choose to play about with testing the forum.
  22. Some others may be covered by the links on this thread. http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/861840/ShowPost.aspx
  23. ... not in public, anyway!  [:D] [:D] [:D] Sorry, Coco, it's just something you said. Right, back to being grumpy. [:@]
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