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  1. Never buy a used Citroen they used to say. May have changed but I doubt it.
  2. He is right about the jeans though. Many expats look such prats.
  3. On the other hand she might just define a role for herself and make something of it. I hesitate to mention Hilary Clinton.
  4. Just like ruddy teenagers these snakes. Even a hosepipe wont cool them down for long!
  5. You should get a handful of cherries after two years. But this year the trees have been badly hit by caterpillers. Remember to shape the tree so you can get at the fruit.
  6. No booze, no wine, no red meat, no sugar consciously but some honey, loads of pulses and beans cooked to give flavour and taste, plus home made houmous and similar things from a veggie recipe book and Google. Muesli (rationed, sugarfree), fromage frais (zero fat ). Loads of fish and some white meat. Vegetables as much as possible. Eg, I eat chicorys raw and tomatoes. No more exercise  than usual. But when I am sure I wont be damaging any vital joints, a lot more walking. BUT, I live alone so don't have the pressures of family demanding cakes, treats, meals. The diet is really not a choice as my BMI was getting far too high and is still not low enough. And the doctor began muttering about blood sugar levels. I am aiming for another 16 kilos then will look at the BMI again. However, I do feel different. More able to cheek the gendarmettes, definitely eyeing those clothes that have shrunk over the last few years, and maybe, who knows, a new partner. The morning check on the scales is a real challenge now. Just a few grams gained and I am like a dog with two tails. I should never have turned myself into Mr. Porker in the first place. Those are the perils of living by yourself if you are not careful - finishing the first bottle, opening the second, eating portions designed for two (still have trouble with that sometimes). These are the boring confessions of a convert by the way. Can't stand the new trend to size zero. Gine me Marilyn Monroe any day. I still wish I was able to eat anything, drink like a chimney and smoke like a fish! And I've noticed how expensive vegetables and fruit can be too.
  7. 8 kilos down and still going!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I have already written to both Maclean who proposed the bill and Cameron in fairly nasty terms. Needless to say no reply has been forthcoming.
  9. Dunno if these people are any good. http://www.dan-wood.co.uk/
  10. Tag

    New Toy

    They are about a fiver on Amazon uk.  28 euros and more on Amazon France. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, humbug
  11. SEVEN WHO BACKED THE BILL AND THEIR EXPENSES FRANK DORAN, Labour, Aberdeen North. Was highest-spending MP to back the Bill. Claimed £23,101 in total – £5,730 for car travel, £1,635 for rail and £15,736 for air. PHIL WOOLAS, Labour, Oldham East and Saddleworth. Claimed £19,364 in total – £3,489 for his car, £8,736 for rail and £7,139 for air travel. JANET ANDERSON, Labour, Rossendale and Darwen. Claimed £17,874. Of that, £16,612 was for her car – the largest figure claimed by any MP – and £1,262 for rail. DAVID CLELLAND, Labour, Tyne Bridge. Claimed £18,128 in total – £5,315 for car travel, £3,699 for rail and £9,114 for air travel. SIR STUART BELL, Labour, Middlesbrough. Claimed £8,436 for car travel, £7,861 for rail travel and £688 in air costs – a total of £16,985. BRIAN DONOHOE, Labour, Ayrshire Central. Claimed £20,235 in total – £7,038 for car travel, £2,133 for rail and £11,064 for air travel. DAVID MACLEAN, Tory, Penrith & The Border. Claimed £15,725 in total – £6,969 for car travel, £8,561 for rail and £195 for air travel.
  12. By the way, their correspondence was already covered so they did not need this law.
  13. British MP's have non sunk to the level of Walloon members and believe me that is low.
  14. You've got to talk about hedgehogs or dieting then you will have everyone interested and eager to put in their five cents worth.
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