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  1. Artex of the future! Oh dear! [:)] I think I can see what you're getting at though; it's a trend which many people are following. You can't get around B&Q (or Castorama) without falling over packs of laminate on offer. When the fad has passed there will be tens of thousands of these floors in need of replacement. Not too difficult with the 'click' systems? There seem to be more regrets about laminates. We don't want to fit something and then replace it a couple of years later because it's  driving us mad. What's the lifespan of tiles? (assuming a reasonable quality). Some of the ones in our house appear to be very old. They're much more messy to replace. We hope that we wouldn't have to replace tiles in our lifetime in the house, not to sound too gloomy, just realistic. Tiles win in bathrooms and kitchens; our doubt was for the lounge, but we're agreed on an 'all-over' look now. Thanks for the input, but don't let this stop you adding further comments!
  2. How about www.lapeyre.fr Click on e-catalogue and then enter page number 91 in the Salle de Bains catalogue. You can alternatively just click on "bain" but you then just get a list of baths rather than see the full catalogue page.  Delivery in France can be relatively expensive so maybe you'd want to collect it yourself? Albi or Castres (81) or Montauban (82)
  3. Thanks guys. We're back on track, tiles win on practicality... which is why they're popular with the locals in the first place!  
  4. For a non-environmentally-friendly solution... I asked locals what they do about moles, and the popular method is to clear away the earth from the a recent molehill, find the hole into the tunnel by poking with a stick, and then pour a drop of 'gazole' into the hole! Apparently the moles hate the smell. Sceptical? I was too, but it worked. I had 50 molehills, which may have been made by a single mole (I mean solitary, not unmarried [:)]) but after treatment the garden has been clear for a week now! So, it doesn't kill or maim them, just drives them off (into someone elses garden [:$]).
  5. We inherited a ride-on, or rather, it cost us 800€, when we bought the house. It's a Bricomarche brand "BestGreen". Under the skin it's made by Electrolux, and you'll find that a lot of the mowers sold in DIY stores are basically the same chassis/engine with different bodywork. From the manufacturers label I can see that ours is about 4 or 5 years old, and cuts our 6000 sq metres without trouble. The engine is Briggs and Stratton, again the majority of popular mowers will have this engine. Little maintenance; change the oil, clean the air filter, sharpen the blades, replace the belts when necessary. Common parts, like blades and belts are readily available, and you can get obscure parts direct from the States (I needed a particular spring at one point). For a large area go for a bigger mower rather than trying to cope with a smaller one, ours is 14hp from memory, otherwise you'll get fed up with the time it takes and the mower will be overworked. We didn't have the option of a grassbox, but I use mulching blades and just let all the cuttings get deposited back onto the ground. The busiest time seems to be the spring when the grass in rowing strongly and needs cutting at least once a week. As soon as the hot weather arrives the grass stops gowing vigorously, and in the drought I was only cutting every 4 weeks.
  6. Thanks for these replies. Certain laminates are marked as suitable for underfloor heating so I imagine they allow the heat through. This is low temperature heating, at about 28C. Cleaning: that's a major plus point. [Y] We're not worried about rainwater drips, the lounge is not directly accessed from outside. It's coming down to "how cold"? We may not wnat to run the heating continuously. Why not, if you've got it, you may well ask! Well, we don't yet know how the running costs will pan out. It's claimed to be more efficient, and certainly more comfortable. I suspect that a tiled floor, even when cold, would not feel like the older part of the house where there's no insulation. Anyone else want to throw their twopenneth in? (Aye, I'm a northern lad!). Cheers Sid
  7. Thanks Zeb, good point about the cool floor in the summer. I hope there's a few more comments on the way, we're having a last minute hesitation and need a push one way ot the other! [:)]
  8. We're in the process of extending the house and will have a new lounge, bedroom and bathroom. The concrete floor has been poured and shortly underfloor (hot water) heating will be installed and then a screed will follow on top. The current plan is for tiles throughout but we're just wondering what other people find...  in the lounge, especially during winter, are tiles too cold? Yes, we'll have heating on some of the time, so the floor shouldn't feel cold, but what about when the heat's not on? (We'll have and woodburning insert too). Do you find laminate flooring more comfortable? The norm seems to be tiles, or does it? With plenty of laminates in the big stores (Castorama, Lapeyre etc) it looks as though there's a move towards this type of flooring over the more traditional tiles. We don't want carpet. What'd your experience, pros and cons?  
  9. Hello Clair Yes, you are quite right, sorry if I sounded irritable. It is information which is worth sharing. Regards Sid
  10. Hello Clair Your report confirms what we have already discovered, and there has been at least one recent thread on here about it. In our experience complaining will get you nowhere. If you wish to email NTL users (or tesco.net customers) from a Wanadoo account you need to subscribe to a relaying service to get round the problem. A search on these forums will find a couple of recommended relayers. Regards Sid
  11. I'm sure this has been debated before, but the people who receive ICB are, or were, taxpayers too. Whether they live in UK or France they are still incapable of work. The origianl thread was about medicals; if you wish to argue the toss about who should receive what, or just have a sour grapes moan, why not start a new thread?
  12. Carol I've only just seen your question, so I apologise for replying late. The thread seems to have digressed onto blue parking permit complications [:)] My wife was required to attend in Niort for one of these incapacity examinations, it had taken several months to arrange the appointment and we wondered if they had forgotten! The doctor was very polite, but spoke very little English, or at least attempted very little. I suspect that she understood what my wife and I said to each other.  Language wasn't a great problem as the doctor had an enormous English/French medical dictionary!! My wife is deaf, but was required to undress (!), and the examination was quite thorough. The doctor had to fill out a form covering several pages but we did not see what topics it covered. The examination was at the end of November and we've just heard yesterday from DWP that the incapacity payment is to continue and will be reviewed in another 2 year's time. I wouldn't think that it would be necessary to take a translator, I only went along because my wife doesn't hear and it complicates the translation process. Regards Sid  
  13. I purchased a .fr domain through "1 and 1" (www.1and1.fr) The restrictions are due to be relaxed, by the end of 2006 according to 1and1, and until then they retain the ownership, but supply you with a registration certificate showing your claim to the name. The conditions listed on their site are as follows: Informations importantes au sujet des noms de domaine en .fr Depuis le 18 mai 2004, les conditions d'enregistrement ont été simplifiées permettant ainsi aux structures légalement enregistrées en France (entreprises, sociétés, détenteurs de marque, ...) de réserver des noms de domaine en .fr. Afin de permettre aux particuliers de bénéficier d'un nom de domaine en .fr avant la libéralisation du .fr (prévue pour le troisième trimestre 2006), 1&1 Internet a instauré un système de délégation de propriété. Le système est très simple : vous commandez un domaine en .fr à travers le site Web 1&1 le domaine est enregistré au nom de 1&1 Internet vous pouvez déjà utiliser le domaine pour vos emails et votre site Web au moment de la libéralisation, vous faites une demande de transfert pour votre domaine .fr 1&1 permet le transfert de domaines en .fr à condition que le propriétaire reste inchangé. Une société X peut donc transférer son nom de domaine enregistré chez Y vers 1&1 à condition de l'enregistrer en tant que X.
  14. I found this links page on the Harmonie Municipale de Bonneville website; there's a good list of harmonie orchestres and you may find something near you.   http://www.harmonie-bonneville.com/liens-orchestres.html   Regards Sid
  15. Steve That's it! Perhaps "dangle" would be better! The actual "aerial" is too thick for it to plug directly into my USB sockets so I had to use the supplied extension lead, and thus the clutter. I'm now back on my internal wireless card. Sid
  16. The Netgear DG834 (and there are other similar pieces of kit by Lynksys and others) is an ADSL modem/router with a built-in firewall. So it makes the internet connection and you can connect to it either by a LAN cable (up to 4 connections) or wirelessly. In my case my laptop was already wi-fi enabled woth n onboard card, but for the Livebox and Wanadoo software you need to load the provided USB dongle. I hope this makes it a bit clearer. In my opinion it's far superior to the Livebox.
  17. I wouldn't bother with the "helpline". My last (and only) call lasted 50 minutes and cost around 12€ from memory, and at the end of the call I was no wiser then when I started. You could call into a FT shop if you happen to visit your nearest big town? Or post it AR to Wanadoo support? Incidentally did you notice how hot the dongle gets? You don't really need another piece of wire hanging off your laptop, it makes the pc rather cumbersome, n'est-ce pas?
  18. Also at the DRIRE the inspection may turn up something which requires attention. Even if it's something very minor like a lighting failure, it will mean a re-visit. Far easier to get the vehicle document now while you've got the time and avoid unnecessary complications.
  19. Re. the BBC site; I don't believe it's changed. It recognises the IP address of the viewer and shows the appropriate pages. I like to listen to R5Live football commentaries but for Premiership matches I get a message to say that the service is only available to UK listeners. I haven't logged -in or registered so it's obviously aware of where I connect. 
  20. Miki There are probably more NTL users than you think; Tesco.net is hosted by NTL, that's where we first ran into this "bounced" email problem. Good luck Sid
  21. Livebox is Wanadoo's gimmicky (in my view anyway) wireless router. It offers some other facilities too like cable TV. I found it wasn't very reliable. They provide a USB 'dongle' as the wireless connector for your laptop and I found it got in the way. Also the Wanadoo software takes over your machine! In the end I removed the Livebox and uninstalled all the software and connected instead using my Netgear DG834 brought form UK. It works fine... better in fact. For the dropout problem at the start of this thread I agree with the earlier suggestion of trying different channel numbers in the router configuration. Ours works up to about 50 metres into the garden.
  22. I agree with Ron, there's nothing to fill out on the certificate. Sounds like an application for the CC. I'd get on with it now.
  23. I think you'll have a problem registering it if you haven't got proof of payment of VAT. If the seller said that he'd already paid the VAT you need a copy of the receipt. VAT has to be paid somewhere along the line for a new car originating in the EU. One of the documents you will need to present at the prefecture (when you go to register it) is a certificate issued by your local tax office, and they'll only give you this when they've had sight of the purchase receipt showing the VAT paid. Otherwise you'll have to pay the VAT when you import the car. Now is a good time to make sure that you have the vehicle's certificate of conformity too. For a new car you should get this with the vehicle documents, or you can get one from the manufacturer (but there may be a charge for this).  
  24. A "Fanfare" is a type of bugle band with drums. More like the Boys Brigade or Scout bands in UK. The French refer to Brass Bands exactly as that... "Brass Band" and there is increasing interest but I think the French like their woodwind and saxophones too much for there the be any risk of a takeover. In Amboise, in the Loire Valley, the French Open Brass Band Contest is held every year in June. This year it's on June 9th, and it attracts a lot of interest and several UK brass bands make the trip and have a great time. Trumpet players would find a welcome in any of the harmonie orchestres, and as already stated, sometimes the standard is not very high but they are enthusiastic and generally have a good time. Brass Bands do not have trumpets; the equivalent instrument is the cornet which has a mellower sound. You've probably guessed that I'm an old brass band addict!
  25. sid

    Vets in france

    We have used the one near 3M in Ruffec; excellent!
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