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  1. Hi, We are looking for a DJ for our 16 year old daughters party. Any recomendations or info would be greatly recieved. We are near La Souterraine in the Creuse, Cheers Graham
  2. Looking for a way to have our latest idea delivered from Canterbury (not far from Dover) to us 6km from Junction 23 of the A20. It is on a pallet and is 1.2m high by 1.1 wide, it is for outdoor use so obviously weather proof. If anyone has space or any ideas that would be great, Thanks in advance Graham ps there might be a pizza in it for you!
  3. Hi,       We have a livebox with Tele2 which we also use for all phone calls, our kids use MSN messanger quite a lot and when they are finished they 'se deconnecter'. After a lot of searching and head scratching we have discovered seems to lose our internet connection which takes about 12hrs to reconnect. We thought it was just that Tele2 was crap but we have to do the small sharp needle in the back of the box so that it reconfigures, why does this happen, are there any settings i can change as you can only tell the 6 of them not to do it so often before all my hair falls out. Any help much appreciated if we are still connected  in the morning!   cheers Graham
  4. Hi,    Our 15yr old daugher needs to read more in french to help with her expresive writing. She is an avid reader with a very mature reading age and reads in english as a way to relax and finds the books in french for her age group very immature and boring. Can anyone suggest any decent french authors that would be interisting to a 15yr old. Cheers Graham and Paula
  5. We are not recieving any BBC channels on sky, all the other channels are working as normal, is it us or is it a bigger prob with the beeb cheers Graham 
  6. We are looking for a border terrier dog to breed with our bitch Tatty, if anyone is interested please call us on xx xx xx xx xx, we are 5km from La Souterraine in the Creuse(23). She is very well bred and obviously registered with the kennel club, we have spoken to the kennel club and registering the pups is no problem as long as both dogs are registered. cheers Paula and Maisy Contact details edited by the moderators. Please contact the poster by email or PM using the buttons at the bottom of this post. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for all info and replies we are now looking at whats best for us. Will reply to all those people who answered or touted in the next week, cheers Graham and Paula 
  8. We are at the early stages of creating a tipi/yurt campingsite and are searching for a website designer who can create a website for us, it needs to be multilingual and preferably have online booking facilities. We would like to be able to update the site from time to time and will be able to provide all written content in all languages required.We are looking to have the site ready for the end of the year.
  9. Sorry for the delay, he has moved house and is in the process of getting phone connected. I tracked him down through the equine dentist people in the UK who gave me his mobile in the UK. He is in the UK until next week when he will have a new house number. He is going to call us next week with his new number so that i can pass it on. Cheers Graham
  10. Sorry for that, i tried to call him as well last night and had the same result. I have found his UK mobile no and will call him today to see if he has moved or i hope, not gone back. Let you know tonight if i can, Graham
  11.    My Dad has brought over his Isuzu trooper from Scotland and wants to re-register it in Haut-vienne,  he needs new headlights, rear seatbelts( dog ate them) and a few other bits. Does anyone know of any web sites or shops  for cheap parts etc, any hints would be great , Cheers Graham
  12. D Brown, 05 53 52 00 32. Very good dentist and very good with the horses, he is registered and fully qualified(Its not me), my wife is horsey and a vet and says he is very good. Graham 
  13. Hi,       I am told that if you have a french tva number that certain companies in the UK dont charge the vat. We are looking at some spares for our Landrover which is a work vehicle and we were wondering if we had to pay tva here and then claim it back or is there some sort of agreement in place between France and the UK. Any clues to this would be much appreciated,  Cheers Graham 
  14. www.speedfarm.net are in belguim i think and seem reasonable as second hand lrs here are not! Also www.southviewservices.co.uk/ has a left hand drive section. Reregestering a lr in france is really easy, Graham
  15. Speak to your local chambre de agriculture for info regarding payments. For example, If you have cow quota(PMTVA) you will recieve 250euros for the first 25 and 225euros for all other eligable cows. Your farm should have a DPU(single farm payment) figure of so much per hectre which will depend on which department you are in and what the previous owner farmed or if they were fattening cattle etc. These vary greatly so you should check this very carefully and if you havnt bought the farm make sure that it is INCLUDED, there are a few people out there trading it but its better to check these things out before the shit hits the fan! Most things are decoupled now except cow subsidy and half the sheep sudsidy.   These are a few pointers but you should make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, it is not the land of milk and honey that some think it is. Use a reputable agent as this is essential even if your french is pretty good. We have been here(creuse) for 3 years and there is still a lot to learn, we have 80 cows and 150 sheep on 100 ha so you must have a very green farm for 300 on 120. If you are under 40 and have relevant agri qualifications you can install as a young farmer as long as you recieve the right to farm. This entitls you to around 35000 as a grant and up to 120000 at around 1-2% to borrow, other cheap loans of around 2% are avaliable for up to another 120000 for farm improvments. Again you need to speak to the chambre concerning these as they vary between departments and it has changed since we installed. Farmers and lots of other people are going back to the UK because it is very different here and they cant or wont adapt, people underestimate the language problems of trying to run a buisness here as i am sure many people will agree. But if you do like it and love it as our family does its a blast.  Take care, Graham and co
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