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  1. You are right Pickles, I thought I joined in 2003. Pads thats a great Renovation Project, looking at that, I know I have one more substantial renovation in me ( we have done 3 substantial ones and several part renovations). This time I would go not for the perfect but for the shabby chic, and leave lots of the original even if it is not the latest fashion (excluding electricity and plumbing that is, that I would want to be up to date!)  
  2. Sorry to hi-jack the thread but Sprogster you joined on the same day as me!!! Now back to bobster!
  3. It's a great dream to have and I think France is the place where you can still realise this dream because you still can buy ruins and if you can do everything yourself and don't want to make any money I think you could make your dream come true. I am sure there are lots of people on this forum who have done the same and this forum is a great place to get advice and help.  My advice would be: don't forget it is not cheap to get to France (ferry and petrol) so you need to factor that in.
  4. This is the problem for Estate agents, if the house sells too quickly they get blamed for under valuation, if it hangs on then he gets the blame as well. Our Estate agent has found a cash buyer for us in record time, and we are asking exactly that question, was our house too realistically priced? However you can't put a price on a smooth running sale, with all the expertise of a good Estate agent keeping sleepless nights at a minimum.  I would say ours has certainly earned the fees.  
  5. That's a good idea "Just John", I will make a "Rendez Vous" with our Insurance representative to survey our house and let us know what exactly they want!
  6. Yes I think that's where we will leave all our gardening tools etc. in the future, in the lounge, we have now already put the bikes and ladder in there.  Strangely enough, they were left! The gendarmes seemed to think that it was an English "gang", they look in telephone books for English sounding names and then survey the property and that they have a ready market. We are also going ex directory!
  7. Last Sunday my husband arrived at our holiday cottage to find that our Abri had been broken into (locked with a padlock) and all our gardening machinery stolen (mower, chainsaw, strimmer and hedge cutter). Our insurance refuses to pay and states the following: Le vol dans les dépendances est garanti si les mesures de sureté et moyens de protection sont mis en place(serrou ou verrou de sureté). Un cadenas n'est pas considéré comme un moyen de protection. Compte tenu de votre déclaration, nous ne pourrons pas garantir ce vol. Well this is an expensive lesson for us and I want to pass it on, although I feel quite embarrassed because we should have known better!
  8. I thought this figure was 150'000 Euros and over when it has to be checked by a Fiscal Representative and the Notaire usually withholds the money until it is sorted (but I think this is only if you leave France)
  9. The mousetrick did not work! Could not find anything on the right hand bottom! Pressed the CTRL - , did not budge but: the toolbar/view/textsize/medium worked! I now have the perfect size! I am soo grateful to all of you!
  10. I really miss being on this forum, but I have stopped using it, because the font of the forum on my screen is huge, I would think like 18 or 20. It's very difficult to read messages. Surely there must be a way to make the font smaller. On my profile I have set it to small, but to no avail! Thanks.
  11. C'est vraiment des bonne nouvelles Odiles, apres toutes votre tristesse. Bonne chance avec votre demenager en Suisse/presque France. Mois j'aime beaucoup demanager, pour mois c'est toujour "a new lease of life! Nous avons demenager 16 fois ici en Angleterre, mais depuis notre maison secondaire en France nous avons habiter dans la meme place pour neuf ans. C'est extraordinaire pour nous! Apres toutes la pluie nous avons eu une glissment, nous avons perdu 3 m de notre jardin. Mais la maison est plus pres de la mer. Je m'excuse pour l'ortograph, mais je ne peut pas trouver mon dictionaire!  
  12. "Le Bateau du Soir" by the Dutch author Vonne Van der Meer. I have read this book in German and it's great. It's not tanslated into English, which I can not understand, because she is such a good writer. If anybody has it and is willing to sell it I would be interested.
  13. Mmh Petitechick I would love to know what you think if you get hold of Mr. Thomas!! I agree J.R.  the woman is "cringe inducing", but I suppose the interaction between her and Mr. T  is important  for the memory retention trick, you will never ever succeed to forget her!
  14. I am sure Mr Thomas has helped many people but I find him conceited and self opiniated and hate listening to him (I know one should not speak ill of the dead) and what about the woman. I really feel for her being constantly corrected.  (This posting might contravene against the Forum etiquette!)  
  15. What you describe is exactly happening to me. I can get by in any situation and have thought my French to be pretty good but lately when I want to take part in a Conversation my French fails me. Cooperlolas idea of "thinking in French" time is very good. When I go for walks I translate jokes and stories, looking up the words I did not know when I get back. I also find the thread "chatting in French" on this Forum very useful, it really makes you think and the proficient "French speakers" on there are very welcoming and patient.
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