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  1. Hi Martin I like looking on the bright side, no point in jumping untill you get to the fence, at the moment I receive on ASTRA 1 TV5 monde europe TV5 monde Telif RTBF SAT Demain tv KTU LCP Liberty TV FR M6 Boutique Mezzo NT1 Have lost a few channels lately due to nagra 3 but I am sure that will be solved soon.[:D][:D][:D] So at the moment with all the French channels on Hotbird and Astra, I am a happy bunny, will it change ....yes I am sure it will and then it will be sorted again.   You take care      
  2. Hello Martin I am surprised you are buying a rip off box, I think you know my views on any of these boxes especially sly, if people buy these boxes the same will happen as with sly they will buy the rights to programs and events and you will have to buy their box to watch them and they will not be available unless you have their box then they will start to charge extra to watch certain programs and IMO at €129 it sure ain't cheap, my TM 1000 cost £50 and you know what channels I receive.[;-)]  I would rather go without than pay these money grabbers.        
  3. Hello Ernie Just noticed your post, not a frosty response, just a fact this forum must have solved thousands of problems without cost to members and if no one has a solution then by all means direct them to a commercial organisation, what amazes me is how willing members are to help others and long may it continue.     
  4. [quote user="Kieran"] I know its an old topic, but can anyone help. At our house near Carrcassone we have an old Sky dish and Sky box which appears to have ceased working. The message on the TV says no satellite signal being received. I've tried all the simple proceedures to no avail. Possibly the dish has been moved from the correct signal receiving position, or maybe the dish is past its sell by date! We only want the freeview english channels, so what would be the cheapest solution? can anyone recommend a good installer, or could I do it quite easily myself. Kieran [/quote] Your original post states "Possibly the dish has been moved"whereas your last post says the dish is on the ground !!!!!!!! I think you are right when you suggest that the dish will need realigning but sadly you will not receive Freeview english channels but thankfully you will receive the FTA channels[:D]    
  5. Do you need to contact others when there is such a wealth of information and assistance on this wonderful forum?    
  6. Hi First thing to check is the connections, the one at the dish is most important is it still watertight has any water got into the cable, then dish alignment and the dish does not wear out unless its full of rust, all easy to check as long as the dish is not too high, then the lnb could be faulty the only way to check is to fit a new one but check the alignment first, if still no picture can you loan a receiver and try that if thats OK, a new digital receiver from any brico will do make sure it is DIGITAL. Let us know how you get on     
  7. TNT and Freeview are the same thing, TNT in France and Freeview in UK Your Freeview box will work in France so will your PVR    
  8. Martin I always thought illegal was a sick bird..........I like TF1 works on my receiver .......he he he!!!!!    
  9. Hi Danny IMO French TV is pretty c**p in general and TMC in particular but there are better programs and better channels ........only on digital            
  10. Hi Martin, It has to be Digital......................... as I do not do analogue .............well thats my excuse    
  11. Hi Ron Re: TMC and I guess you are on digital the audio pid is 0404, you also asked : if there are any other TV channels lurking up there on the French TV satellite that are FTA? The answer is lots of others channel but on other satellites, AB3 has Arte, France 2, 3, 5, LTP,TMC and TV8 Mont Blanc and Megasport encripted in Biss (I have the code) Hotbird has lots of French channels Arte, BFM TV, Demain, Direct 8, Euro news (French), Euroe 2 TV, France 24 (French), Liberty TV. NRJ 12, TV5 MONDE EUROPE, TV5 MONDE FBS, TV8 MONTE BLANC.......All FTA   Hope this helps any problems just ask    
  12. Oppps I made a booboo you will not get France 4 but you will get Arte, TMC and TV8 Mont Blanc and Megasport if you have a Technomate and then let me know and I will tell you how to get it!!    
  13. Hi Paul You will receive France 2,3,4,5 and LCP on Atlantic Bird 3 @ 5 west of south, no need to buy the equipment in France, any standard Digital receiver will do the job, I'm a little biast as I have 2 Technomate's which have given me good service the TM 1000 D super is a great receiver for the price about £60 and I would go for a 80cm dish Hope that helps any other questions just ask Tim you beat me to it.................      
  14. Buy a compass then find south then move it to 28.2 East of south, this is where your dish should point, on the back of your dish should be a scale hopefully with a marking of 30 start off with the dish at 30 tighten bolts up just enough so you can still move the dish, make sure there is nothing between the dish and the sky (trees, branches, power cables, buildings etc.) set your receiver to Astra2 and one of the preset channels on Astra2 and with a bit of luck you should get a picture, if not try moving the dish left and right a cm at a time and allow a minute before moving again a cm, your receiver should have a signal strength and quality meter, the quality meter is the one that counts check this as you move the dish. Please note the quality meter is ONLY a guide but can help, the strength meter is a waste of space, just take notice of the quality meter. The dish does not need to be fitted to the chimney or the highest part of the house as long as there is a CLEAR view to the south (Mine is sited on the side of the house so I can reach it with a small set of steps) and I get a perfect picture using a cheapo receiver, in the UK I have a motorised dish with a Technomate receiver which will be coming to France when we finally make the move this year. I hope the above helps, if not come back and ask again there are a lot of helpful people and more technical than I on the forum who will be more than willing to assist.    
  15. Alan the switch over to digital in the UK will not affect you in France, you will be receiving a digital signal from Astra2 28.2 East, that is if you fit a digital kit to receive UK channels    
  16. Hi Alan Not as simple as that (if only it where) as the French channels come from one satellite and the English channels from a different satellite you would need either 2 dishes pointing at different satellites or a motorised system which will point at whatever satellite the channel you select is on, sounds complected but it's not, the motor will set you back about £100 though, there are cheapo ones that do not last long, not worth the risk so you would need a "STAB MOTOR" the 100 would suit with a 80 cm dish the complicated part is setting up the dish  the dish bracket  must be 100% vertical otherwise it will drift of the arc where the sat's are, not really complected but does need to be right. Hope this helps any questions just ask        
  17. Richard you can buy a simaluar system in France for €60/70 quite a bit cheaper or buy a Technomate TM 1000 Super (Better quality) from Spectrum www.spectrum-skytv.co.uk/  £50 plus a 80cm Dish and bracket a lnb some quality Coax cable for Satellite Receiver (this depend on where you site your dish and receiver) you can always buy the dish etc. in France once you know how much cable you require.......remember the dish does not have to be on the roof but you do need a CLEAR (no buildings or branches or trees) sight to the SOUTH.   All the Best    
  18. Hi Richard Will They receive UK tv? ........Yes they do same as any standard Digital satellite receiver, you will find most of them made in the far east some as your TV at home Sony, Toshiba, sadly whatever all made in the far east, probably China. You will get you the All BBC Channels, ITV, plus all the other FTA (NOT FTV ie. Channel 4 & 5 or any sly channels) mind you the feeling is they will go FTA next year well maybe All the above on Astra 28.2 East Any problems or questions just ask
  19. Hi All I noticed that the England v Russia match is not on terrestrial TV so if you do not have sly sports you will not be able to see the match live!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the bad news....... The good news is it is available FTA on the following: Channel.........Direct 8 Astra 1..... 19.2E ........11538 v 22000 Hot bird.....13E............12539 h 27500 Eutelsat.......7E.............12728 h 30000 Channel.......Eurosport Germany Astra 1........19.2E.........12226 h 27500   Enjoy      
  20. Me too Martin, gives me a nice feeling if I can help someone out, being nice as the say "costs nowt"   Hey Martin if he wants the Rugby FTA he could try Astra 1  19.2E     11597 v 22000    or     Hotbird 6  13E    11137 h 27500   It's all there you just need to know where to look.   All the best   Stephen    
  21. Hi If you are happy not having channel 4 & 5 (4 should be fta next year) a DIGITAL receiver will do the job (see below) with a 80cm dish, you could add a dish motor which would get you the French channels as well as lots of other channels of different satellites with a sly box you cannot use a motor a motor to receive French TV.   SATELITTE TV SET UP     Go to most Brico's and what you want (in English) is a digital satellite system and (in French) System satellite Numeric, NOT Analogue. That is the simple bit.... DO NOT go for the system that gets Astra and Hotbird it is designed for Astra 1 and Hotbird, NOT Astra 2 which is what you are after. Prior to buying anything decide where you are going to site "The Dish" you need a clear sight of the sky in roughly a southerly direction the actual direction is 28.2 degrees EAST of south (so a compass would be helpful) once you have decided the site of your dish, and you do not have to fit it on the roof, you can fit it as low as you like as long as there is no obstacles between the dish and the satellite (Branches of trees, buildings etc) you need to measure the distance from the dish to where the satellite stb (set top box) is going to be positioned add a couple of metres to be sure and get satellite coax cable, NOT TV coax, very important to get the right cable. Now to setting the system up, first fit the dish bracket making sure it is perfectly up right (use a level if you can) remember the dish will be easier to adjust the dish the lower it is now bolt the dish to the bracket as the instructions now carefully fit the "F" connectors to the ends of the cable, a good idea is to cable tie the coax to the back of the dish or the dish bracket, stops it pulling out of the lnb (Tete) run the cable neatly NO sharp bends to the stb (DO NOT TURN the stb on until ALL connections are made. Now you have everything set up go you need to set the elevation of the dish (the tilt) around the 30/31 mark on the scale on the bracket at the back of the dish and the azimuth (left to right) 28.2 degrees east of south. NOW turn the stb on and set up the TV and now you need to set up the stb as per instructions that came with the stb and you should have a picture if not a slight adjustment of the dish should sort it. The above settings are for Poitiers Any problems let me know    
  22. Hi You can freeze tomatoes, defrost then and use then in sauces and whatever, so I guess (I have not tried it myself) you can freeze tomato juice, whether its good for bloody marys well I would be quite happy to come around and test it for you [:D] 
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