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  1. Just a quick question folks. How difficult is it to bring wine from France into the UK for resale. I've found a wine that might appeal to people for gifts and would like to find out all the relevant cost inplications? It would be on a very small scale so Mr Bordeaux has no need to worry! Kieran
  2. Thanks for all the advice folks. I'm not over at our house again for a few weeks, but will try all your suggestions. The dish has definitely been moved and left on the ground. Hopefully I just need to align it propely, with the whistling gadget! ( is this a wind up ). Can't wait to watch another re-run of The Great Escape on Christmas Day!
  3. I know its an old topic, but can anyone help. At our house near Carrcassone we have an old Sky dish and Sky box which appears to have ceased working. The message on the TV says no satellite signal being received. I've tried all the simple proceedures to no avail. Possibly the dish has been moved from the correct signal receiving position, or maybe the dish is past its sell by date! We only want the freeview english channels, so what would be the cheapest solution? can anyone recommend a good installer, or could I do it quite easily myself. Kieran
  4. Hi Sue, Thanks for the advice. I will now attempt to inflict my poor french on an unsuspecting civil servant and hopefuly resolve this matter. Regards Kieran
  5. We bought our house near Quillan in October 2005, which we use as a second home. We receive Taxe Fonciere bills but have never received any Taxe d'Habitation bills. We get our rubbish collected and have also received a wheelie bin from the Mairie. Do I need to contact someone to sort this out ? Kieran
  6. Davieszak, I'd be keen to find out how you get on with the motorail. Our car is a Landrover Discovery and I was under the impression it was too high to fit on the train. Cheers Kieran
  7. Cassis, Thanks for your time and effort in detailing the routes, much appreciated. Regards Kieran
  8. Having just experienced a couple of stressful marathon road trips to our house near Carcassone, does anyone know an alternative route perhaps avoiding Paris. Our usual route consists of A16 to A26, A26 to A1, A1 to A3-A86-A6B-A10 (Paris), A10 to A71, A71 to A20, A20 to A62 and the rest is easy enough. We would still prefer to use the Autoroutes and would as per normal complete the journey in a day. At the moment it is taking us anywhere between 11 hours and in heavy traffic maybe 15 hours. Cheers Kieran 
  9. Thanks for the help guys Cheers Kieran
  10. Does anyone know a good vet (WHO CAN UNDERSTAND MY POOR FRENCH) in the Limoux / Quillan area. We are taking our dog with us and will need to get him checked out before our return. Cheers Kieran
  11. Does anyone know if it's okay to use your Liber-t badge in a van as well as your car? I'm driving over to France with a van load of furniture. Having always used the express lane in the car, do the other lanes have the automatic facility as well, or do you have to hand the gizmo to the attendant? Thanks in advance Kieran
  12. Thanks for the advice hopefully I can move forward on my project ![:D]
  13. Our house near Limoux has security shutters already fitted.A couple of these shutters are damaged or do not roll up.The offending shutters have no manufactures details or any installers details.Does anyone know of any security shutter manufacturers / distributers in our area?
  14. My house in Limoux has no guttering.As in most of the houses in the area there is no soffit or facia(the house is 12 years old).However there are what appears metal brackets protruding from the bed of mortar underneath the roof tiles.Is this the usual practice?Can all the necessary guttering be attached to these brackets?Can anyone provide me with the necessary terminology in french to guide me through our local bricolage. Kieran
  15. Apologies for my lack of computer skills but the other day there was an interesting discussion on french domestic electrics.How do I access that forum again?I am a qualified electrician in the UK about to embark on a wiring project in our recently purchased property near Limoux.Any book recommendations would be good or basic instructions etc. Kieran
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