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  1. Not for renovations but for a sculpture , does anyone know where I can buy a quantity of zinc sheets or what do I look under in pagesjaunes? Merci......helen
  2. >We have been in France now >for about a month and >my UK car tax runs >out end of sept as >does the insurance, should I >get french insurance, it also >has a private plate and >would prefer to keep this >(i know i cant really), >how long have you kept >your UK car with UK >plates, basically how long can >I get away with it Think you have twelve months to register it in France. I'm sure you can drive around for years, like others do, with French insurance and CT. Bit sad though if you have moved here permanently and want to drive around your village looking like a conspicuous Brit! You can always put your numberplate up on a wall, some friends have! regards....helen
  3. Neighbours (French) have just bought their new Renault Scenic from Spain saving 4500 euros. They test drove one at local dealers in France so that they could get the feel of it and then ordered one by phone, sent deposit cheque, then their son went and collected it. They are awaiting carte gris (docs taken to local prefecture)but driving it around on temporary Spanish plates. regards.....helen (16)
  4. Penny.....you could look at the Canvas Holiday advert (under caravans for sale) on the TF website. Friend bought a mobile home from them - it looks super inside and was delivered. They'll get their money back when time comes to sell. Good luck.........helen (caravan now sold as we have bathrooms and bedrooms!!)
  5. >We are hoping to sign the >Acte de Vente next week >on a property insufficiently habitable >to warrant Buildings and Contents, >but I know this 3rd >party liability is compulsory, and >that one can take over >the Vendors policy. We were in the same position but as the property was empty and had been for years I don't think there was any insurance cover. So we made enquiries, on this website, and got cover from Generali France through Tredinnicks at Cognac. Ivan Tredinnick is English and sent forms really quickly to us in the UK - we completed them and returned for immediate cover. Since then we have moved to France and Tredinnicks deal with all our insurance (we upgraded the house insurance once it had been renovated), and our one claim (broken windscreen). No problems at all but he's not very good at answering emails so my advice is to telephone (05 45 82 42 93). best wishes and good luck........helen
  6. LAST EDITED ON 29-Jun-04 AT 12:38 PM (BST) I was intrigued by your posting as partner helped friend during the winter install what sounded a similar product but obviously obtained in France at our local brico. They fitted the product - sheets of lightweight, thick, compressed polystyrene (he can't remember what it was called)between the joists of a grenier roof and then rough plastered it. My partner raved about it at the time as he had just finished fitting heavy plasterboard in our cottage and this stuff was so much lighter! Anyway - promo leaflets arrived today and Weldoms are selling sheets of Isolava polystyrene 250x120 ep.10+60mm for 5.95 euros per sq mtr. The website is http://isolava.be (it's manufactured in Belgium but sold throughout France). The website isn't brilliant - just gives spec. Is this the stuff you want or have I got it totally wrong? If it is similar stuff perhaps I have saved you loads of trouble! regards......helen
  7. LAST EDITED ON 29-Jun-04 AT 11:22 AM (BST) >hi >Can anyone enlighten us as to >how much, if your self >employed your minimum wage has >to be to live in >France? >as i keep hearing different tales? As Val2 says, you have to register and then you have to pay large cotisations, subscriptions and tax, so that takes a big chunk out of your earnings. You can go down the micro-entreprise route like we have - no TVA but a ceiling on earnings - I think 27K euros (may have gone up to 32K minus cotisations). Anyway we manage (2 of us) OK on much less than this (no mortgage, loans etc., 2 vehicles and renovating) but we had loads of practice of living on low incomes in our student days! > >Also what is the current situation >with c d sejour and >id cards to be in >France living?do you need one >or what We had to get a CdS in the Charente to start the business but that was 18 months ago and things may have changed. You could do what I did (from the UK): write a letter to the Chambre de Commerce of the department you are hoping to move to, tell them what sort of work you do and ask whether you need to register with them or the Chambre de Metiers. I wrote in very basic French and with the help of a translation package. CdC duly wrote back with list of requirements - CdS, birth, marriage, divorce certificates, EDF bill (I think) and bank RIB. As Val says though, do plenty of research - you will need to know which is the best business/tax regime for your chosen skill and potential income. Do a search of this site - there is a lot of information and useful website links. I looked at your profile and haven't a clue who you would register with but Chambre de Commerce would certainly know. Once you have moved to France it will all take time to register and get sorted out so come with enough capital to keep you going for several months - you can then research the area and put feelers out for future clients. Good luck regards......helen PS Learn as much French as possible whilst you are still in the UK, you can then advertise (once registered) in French and English which does go down well with the locals. Lots of French owned horses around here!
  8. Hi - we are now at the stage of planning and buying a kitchen - yippee! Has anyone out there bought the Varde kitchen from Ikea in Bordeaux or Nantes? Pros and cons please? Is buying from Ikea in France a better experience than buying in the UK? I don't mean I want to go to the UK to buy it but friends had huge problems in Wembley getting everything they needed for their kitchen (several important parts were out of stock and they had to keep going back there). I really don't want this problem as we are a couple of hours away from the nearest Ikea. regards.........helen
  9. Our lovely French neighbours have just bought a new Renault Scenic (from Spain - saving of 4500euros)and have invited us round on Thursday evening to "water the car"! We presume this is the French equivalent of wetting the baby's head. Do we take anything - flowers, car polish?? regards.....helen
  10. Hi - my neighbour tells me that there will be a good market on Wednesday evening (30th June)at Nanteuil en Vallee from 6pm. Food, pineau, wine etc and crafts. There is also a firework display and BBQ at Nanteuil on Bastille Day as well as the fantastic firework display over the river at Confolens. regards........helen
  11. >>We have loads of self seeded >fennel and some is in >the wrong place so as >the 'boys' are out today >I decided to make some >fresh fennel and spinach soup >for their return. Soup! Today! Is it cold in the Lot, Di? regards.....helen ps My celery soup was a bit stringy last time I made it (March maybe) so I put it through the sieve, then added cream and heated it up. T'was nice. pps Have just read "Eats, shoots and leaves" so am putting apostrophes in all the right places, I hope. But it hasn't helped my spelling!
  12. >I am looking to buy a >french woodburner for my house >in France, does anyone know >of any web-sites that might >help me? Have you been in local bricos, Weldoms, etc as now is the time to find woodburners on promo. You could have a look on http://www.godin.fr and http://www.supra.fr best of luck..........helen
  13. LAST EDITED ON 18-Jun-04 AT 09:19 PM (BST) >Hi > >We are moving into our property >at the end of this >month and have a wood >burning boiler for the >central heating. What is the >best way of obtaining logs >and what is the average >cost. Hi - ask your neighbours or local bar/shop/farm as log suppliers don't usually travel very far. You will need dry, seasoned wood preferably chene and/or charme. Don't know what size you want - we get metre lengths delivered but means cutting them into 3 with chainsaw. Your supplier will cut them to your requirements but at an extra charge. Costs vary according to region so ask your neighbours what they pay. Last August we had 6 cubic metres delivered (2 steer) at 28.33 euros per cubic metre (but I think we paid more than the locals!!) regards......helen
  14. LAST EDITED ON 18-Jun-04 AT 07:15 AM (BST) LOL - came across a British owned gite yesterday advertised on a website as having 1 bedroom with double bed, clikclak and cot plus sofa bed and clikclak in livingroom - could sleep 8 plus baby - 600 plus per week!! What a way to spend a holiday!! helen
  15. >Does anybody know the opening hours >of the bookshop in Verteuil,I >think you can buy and >sell books in there? hello dickie - just by chance I have come across the original flyer given to us in Feb before "the book stop" opened. Someone has written on the back that after 1st March their opening hours will be Tuesdays 5pm-8pm, Thursdays and Saturdays 10am-1pm. This may have changed! Their telephone number is 0545 89 03 65. There is also a bookexchange on Wednesdays (after 2pm) in Chasseiq but I haven't been along. It was advertised in the newsagents in Champagne Mouton. regards....helen
  16. Hi - try to get hold of a local paper for the area you are interested in. If you are planning to rent for a while it's much better to go for French owned than an expensive British owned Gite. We are in Charente and there are always several available around here. Don't forget though that you have to give three months notice when you want to leave. best of luck........helen
  17. >I understand that inspections are already >taking place, and that owners >will have to pay to >upgrade? > If you do have to upgrade after inspection check with your mairie - friends (in 16) got a grant. regards.....helen
  18. Hi, we bought one of the Gre steel wall above ground pools on promo at Geant the other week and, after levelling the ground (very lumpy and rocky here), we got all the components out, read the instructions and then chickened out and put everything back in the box! Has anyone else bought one of these and erected it with no problems? Any hints and tips? We note that, according to the box it should take 2 to 3 persons 3 to 4 hours to erect. Ha ha! It didn't say anything about the two to three persons 8 to 12 hours to level the ground first! Anyway - might buck up courage and try again next weekend. A bit windy today anyway. regards....helen
  19. Is >it: > >19230 Arnac Pompadour >or Yep, this is the format used. regards and good luck......helen
  20. LAST EDITED ON 11-Jun-04 AT 05:09 PM (BST) >We are moving to the Charente >later this year and just >wondered how you go about >competing affiliated in france. >We have heard you have >to take exams?? is this >true? Hi Clare - click on the search icon and key in showjumping (and tick archives). It will come up with some really useful information posted by richardbk. Hope your move goes OK - can't help with horsey things other than say we horse-sit for friends occasionally (have given up riding - can't seem to get the hang of staying on the horse anymore!). We live near Confolens and love it here! regards......helen
  21. >Does anyone have accommodation available for >the week of 21st August >for a group of of >4 adults and 5 children >(1 week only). The family >are looking for anywhere from >Biarritz to Bordeaux. > Have they tried gites-de-france? They do have some in that area (Les Landes) but as it's August may be booked - worth a try on the website though. regards.......helen
  22. zeb


    I know trellis is available in all styles and sizes in the UK but I'm trying to source some here in north Charente. Has anyone seen any? Does it come in standard sizes - I really need 1 x 2 mtr in fairly sturdy wood (an arched top would be good but straight will do). Have looked in Castorama and bricos etc. I've only found white plastic trellis or larchlap type fencing panels with trellis on top. Thanks.........h
  23. Excellent!! Well done!! Up the Reds!! regards.......helen
  24. >What a strange year - hardly >any plums to speak off >and last year the trees >were laden, all the figs >dropped off the fig trees >because of the excess of >rain and even the trees >that kept their figs last >year have dropped I think that perhaps le canicule had a lot to do with it! My favrourite fig tree is virtually bare and looks very unhappy. regards......helen
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