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  1. Hi We have a cottage the other side of Argentan - near Putanges, and are in France mainly during the school holidays. I have been  trying to improve my O level french by going to conversation classes at my local adult education centre.   Probably should practice more though, as I tend to find most of my vocabulary dries up when actually talking to a real french person!   Would be interested in joining a discussion group if there was one. Sue
  2. Hi I have been using a set of Le Creuset skillets and casseroles for nearly 25 years now (wedding present)!   I think the secret to stopping them sticking is not to wash them too thoroughly!   Just scrap off any gunge and wash in warm soapy water - don't scrub them and certainly don't put them in the dishwasher.   They won't stay looking very pretty - the enamel on the outside won't be lovely and shiny - but they won't stick either! SueV
  3. Hi Yes Easter Sunday is 27 March.  In the UK my children break up on 24 March and return on 11 April.   Hope that helps! Sue V
  4. I am looking to buy a cheap and cheerful cooker, but am having trouble trying to work out what to buy.  So far most of the cookers I have seen are gas - do these all work off bottled gas and if so, is this more economical than electric?   There is a good range on the Darty website - if I pick off that according to what I want to pay will I end up with a reasonable product?   Its for a holiday home, so it isn't going to used every day.   Thanks, Sue V
  5. Sorry if this question is very obvious or has been asked before - I am very new to this - have only had a house in Normandy for 6 weeks!   Is it possible to plumb in an automatic washing machine if you have a septic tank?   If so are there any modifications that need to made and do you have to use particular washing products? thanks, SueV
  6. The web link is www.poferries.com/dmail01 and I have used it successfully several times. SueV
  7. thanks that is really helpful - maybe I'll just use them in moderation when we're not there. Sue
  8. No its not for mice  - there was lots of mice bait there as well!   These have a strong mothball type smell and I have seen them in the supermarkets they come in packets like large bags of bon-bon type sweets - but they are white and opaque! Sue
  9. Hi Can anyone tell what the nasty smelly anti-mite things are that come in bags and look like sweets.   Are these mothball type things or are they something to do with termites?   The house we have just bought had open bags of them in every room and it has taken considerable effort to get rid of the smell.   My husband is concerned that I might of got rid of something necessary, but I really don't want them there if I can avoid it.   My house is empty most of the time as it is a holiday home.   Any advice? thanks, SueV
  10. We have just bought a house in Giel Courteilles, close to Putanges and Argentan - is there anyone else in that area who can give me any interesting local info? 
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