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  1. Every month I put cash into CA to pay my mortgage. I have been doing this for the last three years without a problem. Today I get a letter stating that to comply with French Banking Regulations I have to advise in writing: The precise origin of the funds The destination of the funds Copies of supporting documentation, such as contracts of sale, invoices etc.   Has anyone else had this snoopy letter, I am sure this would not be allowed in the UK as it would breach privacy law.  [8o|][&]
  2. Phoned P&O yesterday to book some sailings. They confirmed that they will pull out of Portsmouth Le Havre @ end of September. I had to book Dover Calais for my October break, a route it seems I shall have to use more often, given the high prices Brittany Ferries quote. Robin Wolf  
  3. Portsmouth - Le Havre; Have a look at http://savetheferries.free.fr Your chance to support the French P&O workers in Le Havre. Robin Wolf  
  4. P&O is offering 24 hrs in France for £49 return & 72 hrs in France for £70 return. Book by 29 June travel by 30 June. ALSO offering for £150 return limitless time in France. Book by 11 April travel by 31 December 2005. Does this mean P&O are keeping Ports - LH open past September, it seems so! Robin Wolf
  5. Hi Alan, Sounds like you had the perfect break. Interested in your comments about the boat. I have had offers sent to me today from P&O based on book by April travel by end December for £75 each way(no time limit). I thought P&O were out of P/mouth - LH during September, perhaps not. They also offer £49 for a 24hr return & £70 for 72 hrs return. Enjoy your Easter visit Regards Robin
  6. We are going to 27 on Thursday. Amazing to think that 2 weeks ago we were under 3ins of snow! 20c + today in 27 so the grass will now be growing. Robin
  7. Hi to All, Enjoyed a great but cold visit to 27 last weekend. Actually found the Hippo Service shop in Cormeilles, it has to be the smallest shop around, so I was not surprised that I had never seen it before. I am hearing reports that the weather has got colder. My neighbour tells me -8C in Cormeilles yesterday morning. I also understand there is 10 ins snow near Lisieux. These temps always concern me because of the damage to the house that this extreme cold can do. There is a new resturant in Cormeilles. Les Gourmandises in the main street. Must admit to looking but being put off by the price, which is on the higher side. We took a meal at Les Mont Mirel in Rue Pont Audemer. The meals were on the good side of OK, but I would not travel too far for the experience. Best meal of the weekend was on the Pride of Portsmouth last Sunday afternoon. Boat was well full (end of half term) so rather than face the cafe, we ate in Langans. Do not do this very often (1st time for 3 years, which was then pre Langans) but turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. Looking forward to returning to 27 next weekend on our P&O Booze cruise. Hope it will be warmer by then Cheers Robin Wolf
  8. Good reply Dick, Must admit I have never noticed the place before, not being very interested in horses. I will take a look later this week when we visit. Pages Jaunes seems a useful source of information for this type of request. Cheers Robin Wolf 
  9. As I said we live in Cormeilles, need a clue ref "Hipo Service Place"?? where is it?? Then may be able to comment Robin Wolf
  10. Hi, We are in Cormeilles which is about 8 kms from Moyaux. Have a look at the Informative Forum (5 star) thread and you will see there are quite a few people in this area. Cheers Robin Wolf
  11. I am on Tempo & find it fine for our maison secondaire. I thought option heures creuses was the best option for full time residents in France. The advantage of Tempo is being away during the expensive period and taking advantage of the lower rates between April & October. My main complaint is EDF still send me a bill based on full time use, so every two months we have to get them to adjust it to reflect the short times we are at the house. Robin Wolf
  12. Hi Sue, Sorry, no idea on the glass blocks. Not sure that I have ever seen "big strong boys" on our TV. I can imagine what you are looking for, but I have not seen it. Lets hope someone else has an idea. Robin (27)
  13. Hi to all 27's & east 14's, To Bosgouet -- looks like none of us are full time in France with school aged kids! Sue, what do you mean by glass blocks & fittings?? for what?? If you can clarify, we may be able to help. 10 days to the next visit, looking forward to it. Anyone got any interesting news? Cheers Robin Wolf
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