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  1. I use msn free bridge but this month a series of ads or news items has appeared along bottom of the game page ,so I am unable to use page properly to bid game. I cannot remove these ,and not being an internet expert only a beginner ask for help with simple instructions to remove these. thanks
  2. I have a zodiac model 10 years old.After cleaning and removed from pool lots of dirt drops back into the pool !!And bag is not full....any ideas.Pool shop says this is  normal and I should lift cleaner out of pool very quickly!Still the same !
  3. I have been paying for some services by direct debit .The bank has changed some of their codes /iban. They had changed incoming debits as they come in but now say I need to action these in future. what is the correct proceedure   do I give bank new signed prelevements or give my services the change of my detail
  4. If paying for garden work can you claim back some tax on the internet declaration,and if so,which part please.
  5. Thanks all ,eventuaaly found scart not into back of tv screen....due to design you had to push scart in perpendicular to the tv ,so not wanting to press on screen side it was a little loose.[:$]
  6. [8-)]hi,I need help, My Thompson set had 3 scart connections while a new Samsung UE32F5000LEDHD WITH FREEVIEWHD ,HAS ONLY 1 SCART.I am not clever with setting up but have a sky digi box and connected this to tv and tried set up.Auto searh for stations done but message came up saying weak or no signal!. On this tv it has a common interface slot.....do I have to put sky card into this........    frustrated,perplexed to say the least...
  7. I still get loss of picture with the second digi box and found no signal strentgh nor quality figures on pressing signal test???
  8. I can play a video ok.   p.s. I hve been given another digi  Sky box. If I try that do I use the card that came with it or insert my card? The box I have been given was used in village 19 km from me .thanks again.  
  9. I can play a video ok.   p.s. I hve been given another digi  Sky box. If I try that do I use the card that came with it or insert my card? The box I have been given was used in village 19 km from me .thanks again.  
  10. hi, my Tv has started to loose picture but is restored when I use my hand control ,select the channel again. I have a sky box to watch the free progams,eg BBC1/2 ITV AND CH4/5.tv ABOUT 6 YEARS OLD
  11. From this month your prescriptions will be changed to a generic type. If you want the original  specified by your DOCTER then you will have to pay and I believe you can claim back the cost from CPAM Is this correct?I assume you will be repaid the price of the cheaper drug.  
  12. [:'(]YOU SPOKE TOO SOON .........................................................the temperatures are going down now!!
  13. tks but I have paid in only 1 lot .but because you declare your income on the internet you have the choice of paying in September and can declare later tan those who do by paper  forms.
  14. tks, But I do not pay in 3 instalments I pay one full amount in September,unless they  or I have clicked a box to say payment in 3 parts.??
  15. Hi, on my tax bill this month which I did on line as previous years the estimated sum was same as my bill ,except for a request for additional tax of 18euro +18euro for majoration de 10% sur 1er and 2d acompte. My return is the same each year and we are a married retired couple .......is this a new tax levy???puzzled. Nothing has changed and mine is a simple uncomplicated return,although their on line form had changed a lot and my French is from school 60 years ago!
  16. cost in limousin per hour labour is about 45euro end of last year. Why not ring and get cost estimate for std.service in both countries.
  17. it reminds me of the goon show years ago........................................ Someone said I have a black disc with a hole in it...............................................Is this a record??[:P]
  18. iT LOOKS LIKE A CALL TO THUNDERBIDS ......[:P].....................................MY SON LOVED THIS PROGRAMME .
  19. nip up to the Lubersac post office............it still works![:)]Frustrating things these modern bits of equipment !!Hope some expert will help u when finished watching the Olympics
  20. [:)]tks, but not being knowledgeable of internetetc.what do I do ? laptop 2 years old me 74! not yet up to speed with all this gobbygook,but can write and do mathematics in my head and even find my way driving around europe without sat.nav. gear!
  21. hi, I have had a new white neufbox to replace an old neuf modem. I have Windows 7 and try to play bridge on the internet using wifi. It has becme a difficult and frustrating game now because my connection is lost repeatedly!(apart from difficult game!!) Any ideas .....apart from finding a real live club to play the old fashioned,trouble free method with live people and cards!!! No changes in house and previously fairly good.
  22. thanks, I have rechecked all instument lights and when switch on ignition but do not turn key I have a flashing battery symbol and the audible bleeping.Would an insuffiient charge in my new battery cause the engine to start but have insufficient strengh to operate blades for cutting?Battery about 12.2 volts and starts engine first time. thanks for yr input   have a good time at the Olympics!!
  23. Can the switch be by passed or connected direct to a wire with 2 push on connecters to check if this is the problem?
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