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  1. Its a regular occurance here and not a month or two goes by without piles of produce dumped usually in front of the Tresor Public offices, the Impôts and the Banks. Also on the dual carriageway where it is burned. The gendarmes just watch,they know to interfere would inflame the situation and no one gets hurts. The last big dump was hundreds of tons of shallots which were eventually scraped up and placed in huge piles by the quarry on the road to town. People were arriving in hoardes to take them including our Parisien friend who though he had a bargain. Little do many of these people know, the produce is doused with diesel or petrol to stop people selling it on and it can be quickly set alight if they want to. I had a call from a neighbour warning me not to touch any of the shallots as his BIL had thrown diesel over a big pile during the demo but our friend from Paris would not have it and cooked and ate them, even offering me some which I refused point blank. So, if you are ever on the road to the Roscoff ferry and see piles of produce on the roadside, do not be tempted to stop and take it.
  2. Nothing happens to the Carte Grise until you re-register back in the UK. It is the title to the car as proof you are the legal owner like a UK logbook used to be so I would imagine when you come to complete all the formalities to re-register back, the DVLA will demand the Carte Grise be sent to them for cancellation and a new UK equivalent issued. You ought to contact the UK authorities and find out the procedure so you can prepare. One thing you would need to do is officially cancel your French insurance or it will automatically renew each time and they should be aware that the vehicle is out of the country and will be eventually insured in the UK so need to update their records and you may only have a very limited insurance cover period too just as people moving to France get.
  3. All over the region here in Bretagne. Lidl Quimper attacked too!
  4. I NEVER said anything about chopping snakes up at all. I have a phobia about snakes that slither just as others have phobias about dogs,cats, flying,claustrauphobia,spiders etc. I would NEVER kill an animal for the sake of it like some people would do. I just do not like snakes, end of! Here we have an abundance of fire salamanders due to the natural water in our well and I love those little fellas. You should not assume anything about anyone from what is printed on a computer screen, it does not convey the real person and you do not know me.
  5. Cannot abide snakes of any kind. Horrible nasty slithery things which bite or constrict you. I am not alone either, most people hate them and would not trust them not to attack. Look at the .DMail online at the moment where a snake has bitten a dog in a house in Plymouth and lives under the floorboards.
  6. Daily Mail online at moment showing a King snake living under floorboards in Plymouth and has bitten the dog in the house.
  7. Personally I would go to the Mairie and ask them for help as if it is a venomous creature, someone could get bitten or worse.Failing that, enquire at the local Gendarmerie as to the nearest expert in reptiles who might come out and take it away. If it were me, I would want the thing removed regardless of being poisonous or not or even a pet. Better safe than sorry!
  8. However and from personal experience, do not sign up with a Gestion d'Agreer Comptabilité as you have to pay a yearly subscription of around €500 on top of your accountancy fees which they insist is taken by direct debit from your account. We, after many years of being in a gestion cabinet turned to a freelance accountant who turned out to be half the cost and much more hands on than the bloke we only saw once per year yet paid dearly.Be careful of residency and working here because as Idun says, its where you parks your bum at the end of the day in the eyes of the fisc.
  9. We had a local accountant for 18years NOT international as it was a frenchbusiness and it cost approx. €4000/year plus extras.This included all the TVA reclaimations,dossier prepared and presented to the fisc and upto 2005 when our last employee left, monthly charges for wages paperwork. For you, you do not need such an accountant but you do need to visit the local Chambre de Métiers or Commerce who will advise you of the best way to deal with the tax as you have to register if you are earning and working and France and pay into the system accordingly.
  10. The relevant Chambre (Métiers,Commerce or Agriculture) should assist you with this when you register your business with the relevant one. I hope you have done plenty of research into running a business in France, it is very expensive, very employee protective and nothing at all like UK practices.
  11. Why not just draw up a contract IN FRENCH OF COURSE stating your conditions etc and then both parties sign and date with "lu et accepté" before the signature of the person collecting the grass up. I would however state that this is valid for 12months only renewable at the request of the proprietaire. France is a stickler for paper proof in French of any sort of contract and to be honest, I believe if someone uses land belonging to another person even with no money or goods involved, after 30years continuous use they have it automatically for eternity and it can be handed on to heirs too! I suggest you seek advice from your Notaire which is usually freely given for such information. People fall out over the slightest thing and it does often turn nasty where rights and property use are concerned.
  12. Why not visit some more insurance agents and get some quotes, they usually oblige happy to do this. The company you have mentioned do seem to be subject to all sorts of problems so perhaps time to move on. To be honest and living in a very touristy seaside place I have not seen a towed caravan for years, even going to Roscoff frequently nearby apart from brits coming off the ferries. Most French people opt for a camping car these days,hiring them too when needed.
  13. Also google for Notaires in the region and then look at their property for sale sites, cheaper than immobiliers and their commission too plus they do the legal work as well!
  14. No. If OH didn't want the work he used to inflate the devis a bit just to put the client off but he never inflated prices artificially for actual clients.Now, when I have to get a professional in, I use locals I know from all our years in the trades here and they know I know if they are taking the proverbal urine.
  15. I buy bottles of white vinegar for around 30centimes a litre and put it everywhere, kills everything too and is not dangerous to animals. Keep topping up the treatment and you will see a difference and it also clears paving of moss and algae too.Only do it if no rain forecast so it can soak in neat and do not skimp on the application. Otherwise salt is also a good weedkiller especially the coarser stuff and cheap too!
  16. Val_2

    Carte Vitale

    You would also need to find out about a mutuelle top up as the S1 only covers part of your costs!
  17. According to the droit pages you are allowed a max of 9 dogs on one property as long as they do not make a noise or create any problems including sanitary and damage to neighbours (i.e. getting into areas of livestock). You would need to seek permission to set up a breeding kennels so best to speak to the Maire where you find a property. My own dog came from a breeder who specialised in three breeds and they were situated miles from the nearest neighbour and town/village so as not to disturb anyone.
  18. Could it be yet another internet rip-off of a product and not the genuine article?
  19. Not sure about car hire but as a point of interest my daughter who holds a French permis is moving to Texas to live in the near future and has been told her permis is accepted there but her husband to be who holds a UK licence will have to take a Texas state driving test as his is not accepted!
  20. Second class citizens in many countries, its the men who matter most it seems. Wrong, all wrong and not acceptable!
  21. neighbours are not informed of anything in France until an official notice is affixed to the boundary of the property in question and this is usually regarding a Permis de Construire and the neighbour(s) have two months from the date of the notice in which to make any objections if they wish. In this case, your neighbour had no obligation to inform you of anything although to be a good neighbour and keep relations sweet I would have thought they could have mentioned it. You also say you were not living there, therefore how could they inform you? You do not have first refusal rights to anything inyour commune, the Mairie has that right called droit de pre-emption!
  22. Back to the Calais problem, BIL came through early on sat morning on return to UK. He said it was a case of foot down as the clandestins were everywhere in large groups and if they got run over, so be it as he and all his truckie mates from all over Europe not just the UK are same minded in that their lives and vehicles come first and these people,regardless of their circumstances have no business causing innocent drivers to be frightened for their lives nor even be there!
  23. Try day to day living here for a start, he might change his mind and also the fact that most people have to manage on very little money compared to their UK counterparts who mostly live on credit and keeping up with the neighbours. Whilst it read favourably about France, it is a typical holiday maker's impression and nothing like real life at all and he probably doesn't have to worry where the next meal is coming from or if there is enough to pay the next bill!
  24. Here the doctor in charge of the patient has to ask the relatives about donation and we had already signed upto ADOT for some years previously anyway but usually life support is not turned off until permission is given because the body needs to continue to keep the precious organs for donation in good order although they are deteriorating little by little.We were shocked when we were told OH was only the third person on the list of donors for the area since a dedicated retrieval team had been installed at the hospital for four years already, people really should think about it seriously but unfortunately here, religious brainwashing has deterred people from allowing it, yet I bet most of them wouldn't turn down the opportunity of a life saving transplant for them or their families if it was offered! Another way of looking at it is if you have a horror of being cremated or buried alive as there is a condition which can render a human to appear so with the faintest of hearbeats not easily detectable,,at least you won't be with most of your bits missing. Sorry, black humour
  25. That was the point, my son and I were shown the scans by the head consultant in the ITU and they were just black so it was clear he was never going to be alive again.Even after the stroke he was conscious for a couple of days but completely paralyzed and we had always discussed the fact that neither of us would want to just exist in a hospital bed until we expired. If you kept someone going for years like this poor man in the discussion, how do you justify it? You would literally have to be living by his bed day after day which is not normal and destroys the rest of the family at the same time.My own mother is in a home since 2007 when she suffered a paralyzing stroke but she is compus mentus and can go out in a wheelchair but...I have seen my father and two sisters' lives reduced to visiting her every single day and how their lives have been ruined by the feelings of guilt if they have a day off.If she could speak I am sure mum would tell them off for going but its all to do with guilt and I suppose the family of this man in the coma feel the same but they really should let go now and let him go with dignity.
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