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  1. [quote user="Gardian"][quote user="sweet 17"][quote user="Frenchie"]

    He did send me to sleep !!

    Yes, the Borgia allusion was ridiculous.........


    And constantly referring to A Merkel...  does he have a new crush ? [;-)] [:)]


    Wish I knew how to incorporate Frenchie's picture into a brand new thread called "Captions Please" but, failing that, can we just look at the very nice photo and think up some apt and funny but not overtly offensive captions that might upset sensibilities?

    So.... to get you started, here's my first caption:

    Your place or mine?



    Nic ............. "That Silvio is a *anker. n'est il pas? Bad history avec les filles"

    Ange ............."Jaaaaa, but e az a zerten vay viz im. You never know Nic, if e played hiz cards right, e could ave me tonight".    


    Mmmmm.....Garlic Sarky
  2. WE need equality in these matters so lets tax second homes in the UK. If taxing second homes in Fance keeps prices down ,albeit some Brits. will sell up, then I applaud the new tax
  3. [quote user="Quillan"]

    [quote user="bixy"]Whatever the arguments what it comes down to is this: we are once again meddling in the internal affairs of another country, and, just like Iraq, we have no idea how this will all end. If we are really concerned about human suffering, there have been plenty of occasions in the recent past when we could have taken action to save lives, but have done nothing.

    No, the intervention in Iraq is nothing but hypocrisy and dirty politics - as usual.


    I take it in the last line you meant Libya, if so I couldn't agree more. I also am a strong believer of pulling our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I forgot to add that I also believe that Blair should be tried as a war criminal as should Bush.


    Yes Q - despite the fine words and crocodile tears of the politicians for the "Libyan people," this conflict is about oil, (no country has rushed to the aid of Mugabe's victims - no oil at stake).
  4. Oliver Cromwell tried to sort out the "ruling classes" but flunked it. Perhaps he should have been born nearer the time of the French Revolution
  5. I felt sorry for Stan carrying his rather large burden (3rd photo link).[Www]
  6. [quote user="Théière"]

    [quote user="woolybanana"]No, reference to these is just a way of turning the discussion away from heroin, cocaine and pot;[/quote]

    Entirely based on your point of view, some people are addicted to shopping others alcohol, cigarettes and others drugs. These people are just weak willed so we should help them with their addiction.


    Make drugs free (supplied by governments). Maybe the dealers will disappear and society could then help wean addicts off drugs (even if "tough love" is used viz. locking up addicts as they "sweat it out.")

    Yeah-I know but you might as well get it off your chest(s)[6]

  7. I know the area well ( I grew up in Cornwall). Very pretty harbour, but, as you state, best visited out of season.
  8. Hurry though - since many Brits are flooding back to the UK casting their rose coloured specs before them[Www]
  9. [quote user="gardengirl "]

    What a beautiful pic!

    We're off to UK next weekend for a couple of weeks; my son tells me it's grey, damp and cold. I think I might look for my gloves and scarf. Today in the Gard we've enjoyed 28, sunshine and bright blue sky!

    We went to Chusclan, for the day; locals were in costume, with lots of singing, dacing and provencal music. The blacksmith was shoeing horses, young women scrubbed clothes on washing boards, and the wine flowed. A lovely day out!




    Sunny in Norfolk. Little rain all summer. Brilliant.Glad I moved here from damp and rainy Cornwall[:D]

  10. [quote user="Renaud"]Not so much the strong euro more their conservative attitude towards banking.[/quote]

    I think that hits the nail on the head
  11. will this upset the British ghettos in France? Unlikely.

    Tongue in cheek obviously
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