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  1. Obviously the benefit of being a regular customer eh SD[;-)] I shouldn't laugh, my little runabout has just cost me more than it's worth for an MOT, (and it still wasn't as much as your ball joint!)[:D]  
  2. [quote user="andyh4"]I wonder what would have been the reaction here if they had sent a single car and there had been something amiss.[/quote] I'd like to think that ain intelligent single police car would have guided and stopped the coach off the motorway, then requested the passengers to report anyone seeing any smoke on board, perhaps having the discovered the cigarette, allowed everyone on their way with the minimum of inconvenience; or are we to assume guilty til proven innocent and every twat's report of smoke is a bomb scare[:P]  
  3. and people privy and people pas de privy, prithee tell?
  4. [quote user="Quillan"]  Must admit now I have a touch of arthritis in my shoulder I have given up flying as well. [;-)] [/quote] Porkies Q, I've seen you flying a few kites [:D]
  5. ferdinandmagazine.com/porsche-this-is-the-end great choice of track [8-|] Doors 1967  
  6. I'm impressed with laminate in the kitchen since it is relatively inexpensive and things bounce rather than breaking on tiles, modern laminates are pretty good at taking punishment and all kinds of spills mop up without problem; however they look fake and are colder than real wood, so for looks in the lounge and feet first in the morning on a bedroom floor it has to be real wood, modern finishes also pretty good at repelling stains; more expensive perhaps but real wood is just so lovely. [:)]  
  7. Finally the announcement that 'Pilot error after technical failure' was to blame,  Air-France-crash-due-to-pilot-and-technical-failings. though that doesn't explain why Captain Dubois took so long to return to duty? and reading this  Air-France-Flight-447-Damn-it-were-going-to-crash , incredible that the technical failure could all be in the Airbus design of the sidestick.
  8. [quote user="Quillan"] His job is to ensure the bank makes money for its share holders, that's the people that actually own the bank,  Diamond gets results, he has made Barclays a world player.  [/quote] I'm guess we'd all be curious as to who did what to whom with which, but for the reasons above I'm sure they'll close ranks to protect the brand and blame a few loose cannons; why not indeed? I for one wouldn't like to go through the whole bank collapse again.  It's not the first time Labour have moved to manipulate the market either, . .  why-gordon-brown-sold-britains-gold-at-a-knock-down-price/  
  9. As an adjunct I have a bosch 550w plane, and a De walt 650w hammer drill, both cost me deep in the purse, for what they are, the De Walt was nearly £100 after discount. A Carpenter who has been working with me was using obviously more powerful and sturdy versions, in fact both plane and hammer drill were 1000w 'Parkside' and I asked him where he got his tools, 'Parkside' are Lidl he said '£29.95 each, brilliant, always last longer than the guarantee'; you don't always get what you pay for. . .
  10. [quote user="woolybanana"] Now that he is unemployed, I wonder if Mr Diamond would care to become Chancellor of the Exchequer. he is just the sort of aggressive, go-getting person needed to lift UK out of the mire and not to take any flabby nonsense from professional politicians on the way. What a talent he could be! [/quote] Seems a good idea, has more acumen than some . . .  /Bob-Diamond-Labour-knew but I knew nothing [:D]
  11. [quote user="woolybanana"]   road kill for a decent Sunday roast. The doggies used to bring in hairs(sic) but we had to stop that when they brought the child to which they were attached. But I did prove that Jonathon Swift's recipe for spit roasted child is very good, though it lacked a bit of garlic which was quickly put right![/quote] If only I had a doggie, but we ate that so now we get by on slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, (with plenty of grass of course)[8-|]   [quote user="Russethouse"]  savings  [/quote] Do people still have these . . .[blink]
  12. Thanks Paul, Got a Fridge coming, promised 9 days delivery, suddenly notified it is now 18 days delivery . . . [blink]
  13. [quote user="AnOther"]  Going solely by your signature if you are French resident what are you doing insuring in UK ? [/quote] My signature relates solely to my maison secondaire, which is an ongoing reno, hence the Trafic for bits too big for an estate, currently loaded up with tools that would fill an estate on their own (I've had two burglaries in France that cleaned out everything, even the paintbrush in a jar of cleaner), and kitchen bits. I'm UK resident but spend upto 6 months in France.
  14. The Bank of England told us to do it, claims Barclays , Is there no end to Labours profligate perfidy? ''HMD - Hold my Dick/ Daughter Nell Diamond tweets! - What a lovely girl[:$] The Deputy Governor of the Bank of England encouraged Barclays to try to lower interest rates after coming under pressure from senior members of the last Labour government, documents have disclosed.  The-Bank-of-England-told-us-to-do-it-claims-Barclays
  15. Maybe it's just a phantom bump and she is really worried about what they would find during raid on her home[Www] Carla-Bruni-home-raided-by-police
  16. AND AGAIN!, I've lost count but it has just occurred again; logging in with a password I know to be correct, access denied, and all through the whole procedure again, so state password forgotten, wait for e-mail, log-in with new temporary password and then log out and reset password back to original and finally logged, I'm so consumed by this ongoing problem I'd forgotten why I bothered to log-in, is there any point posting this ongoing glitch? I wonder how many others . . .
  17. [quote user="sid"]I've never liked the idea of spraying the inside of the roof; it's just covering a multitude of problems. The roofs work well if constructed in the local style; I'd go for a "proper" repair.[/quote] I'd have to agree, the roof is asking for proper stitch in time, anyone looking at a foamed up roof knows two things, one, it's covering a problem, two, with less likelihood of saving slates and timber, it is going to be more expensive to strip and repair.
  18. Insurance for Classic Cars or bikes over 8yrs old http://www.retroassur.com/pdf/doc_adhesion_retro.pdf (that reminds me my renewal is just about due)
  19. I've only just seen this, but it deserves posting for those interested in resistance history; Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld, who has died aged 88, escaped from Occupied France to join the Special Operations Executive (SOE); parachuted back on sabotage missions, he twice faced execution, only to escape on both occasions, once dressed as a Nazi guard. Obituaries - Count-Robert-de-La-Rochefoucauld
  20.  [quote user="Chancer"]I am ashamed by both your comments.[/quote] You can assume neither I nor normy have the inside track on Carla, however for reasons of jocular cliche on this figure of fun, fun to develop the theme, either way, we may discover paters stature in about 9 months time[:P]
  21. [quote user="NormanH"]He did a better job than the present lot, and his government was elected, not cobbled together .... [/quote] Perhaps you have ASD Normy, the present lot inherited the kind of poison chalice Teflon would never have had the chutzpah to pick up, created in no short measure by his party's Beneficence and the maleficence of those parachuted in when things got sticky, witness  Blair-defends-PFI-as-NHS-trusts-face-bankruptcy not to mention  After-Barclays-the-golden-age-of-finance-is-dead. Cobblers to Blairites[:P]    
  22. [quote user="sweet 17"] Well, she's left him or thrown him out or whatever ......[/quote] Hell hath no etc, Revenge is a dish best served cold . . .
  23. [quote user="NormanH"]I wonder who the father is? [6] [/quote] Does she know who the father is[:$]  
  24. [quote user="gardengirl "]I've just looked at Carol Nash, but only 90 days European cover are on offer - JJ needs c. 180 days, as do we. As Saga still show unlimited European cover, I'm still hoping we'll continue with them - maybe it was just a slip-up, JJ? Maybe you could phone them and see what comes of it? Good luck! [/quote] I have spoken to Saga, I changed from an estate to a Renault Trafic four years ago, and it seems the vehicle concerned is probably the reason, this required some persuasion last year to continue the all year round european cover despite the cover being social domestic and pleasure, not commercial, my car still enjoys these benefits whereas the Trafic has now been deemed commercial and therefore limited cover, a definite change in policy . . . NFU didn't even take details of vehicle before declining to give european cover.   However it has caused me to review my insurance company and have found better terms and quotes elsewhere, I won't be renewing with Saga despite having two vehicles with them for over 8 years, still getting quotes and will update on my renewal.
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