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  1. Correction, it appears that the fire affected one distributor only ( albeit a big one ). Still not good news.
  2. The Marché de Rungis in Paris ( the second largest food wholesaler in the world, employing 13,000 people, and larger than the principality of Monaco ) has been completely destroyed by a fire. Expect some gaps on the shelves folks.
  3. Interesting. Just looked up my address on HERE and it couldn't find it. The village went over to house numbers around 12 years ago with a couple of streets being renamed but HERE hasn't been updated. Maybe door to door isn't it's thing.
  4. I've always found the RAC route planner to be reliable.
  5. Before normal service is resumed, can I just have a shout out for the Princess Royal. IMHO all the royal family have behaved impeccably over the last week during what must have been a most surreal time in their lives but Princess Anne has stood head and shoulders above them all. Her stamina during the trip down from Scotland was frankly amazing.
  6. And then what? Are you happy for her just to be driven out of town to become somebody else's problem or would you rather ( as some have suggested on social media ) a more permanent solution? Events involving 'torches and pitchforks' rarely end well.
  7. The chip shop lady is quite touched. If you look at the message boards in the windows of her shop she obviously subscribes to some of the more wacky internet conspiracies. Her use of the term 'Lizard Liz' comes, I believe, from a theory espoused by David Icke that the Royal Family are in fact shape shifting blood sucking aliens who's real form resembled lizards. Normally I suspect her rantings are ignored. I'm afraid the poor lady needs help.
  8. Probably worth a try. I left a load of daff.bulbs in a damp shed for a year and,by the time I got around to plant them, they were moldy. Didn't expect much but they came up beautifully.
  9. No water, it'd bu66er up the electrics. I thought maybe instead of the desks I could use the space as a green house. Grow a few veg.
  10. something like this you mean? At last, somewhere to put those solar panels.
  11. Story here: https://www.midilibre.fr/2022/08/30/vehicule-surcharge-intercepte-sur-la9-une-photo-a-peine-croyable-diffusee-par-les-gendarmes-de-lherault-10513748.php
  12. Ooops didn't think the software would kick in on a proper name. Rhymes with Bike.
  13. Wasn't TV AM's eggcup house there? I seem to remember Greg **** saying something about swiping the keys to the barge.
  14. I think you chose very wisely and, given my time again, I would do the same. Water restrictions have meant my pool has been out of action since the 1st of August. Still I can take comfort from all the money I'm saving on the electricity.🙂
  15. Still, at least the forum isn't 'dead' anymore😉
  16. Nope it's my fault for talking about my experience of Camden. I should have known us young whippersnappers would have nothing to contribute to the conversation.
  17. Naturally I was referring to my time in London ( this century ). I was too young to understand anything much in the 60's.🍼
  18. I never understood the North South divide thing. Most of the people I worked with lived in North London whereas I started out in Putney then moved to Wimbledon. As an outsider, both sides of the river seemed equally as good/bad but there was a distinct snob value attributed to living in the North.
  19. It's not just the future costs of fuel. It's the availability. I forsee rolling power cuts when demand outstrips supply. Maybe rationing. Currently I keep a supply of fuel for a generator. I'd rather be able to run off solar/wind supplied batteries instead.
  20. '80's is a bit before my time. Didn't move to London until the start of the new millennium. Seem to remember Camden had quite an interesting arts centre.
  21. You'd get no scoffing from me ALBF. If I thought the roof would support it I'd go for solar myself. As for a wind turbine, there used to be a local company who would install a turbine and hydrogen batteries which would kick in when the power failed ( which happens a lot here ). Unfortunately they seem to have disappeared from site as only a French company can. Ground pump is a no go as the house is sitting on rock. The farm up the hill built an enormous barn and covered it with solar panels to feed into the grid. Maybe I'll do that ( without the giving of the electricity to EDF ). I've got the land and it's not much use for anything else.
  22. I used to quite like visiting Camden when I lived in London. Work used to have their Christmas parties at the Roundhouse.
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