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  1. If I had been in your circumstances, I too would have assumed the contract was automatically rescinded once the car was sold/scrapped. Thank you Menthe for heads up. Something else to check if the need arises.
  2. Patrick hasn't posted here in 13 years so I doubt he's still looking at the forum. I suggest you pm him. If his email address is still valid he'll get an alert.
  3. Done it!! click and hold to edit title - ( not sure if this just works for mods. )
  4. Not at all, it was a Wise account. I want to try out their debit card. Just realised that my title should have read 'At last a Brexit bonus'. Can't figure out a way to correct it so sorry folks for the typo.
  5. My god ALBF, you only discovered the internet 13 years ago!! Where had you been living, in a cave??
  6. Spent part of yesterday opening a new bank account online. No problem until it came to photographing the id. New passport has something wrong with it. It doesn't work in e-gates and, on this occasion, was rejected as the software insisted it was a photocopy not the original. Thought I was going to have to admit defeat until I noticed that included in the list of acceptable ID's was a French residency card. Fished that out and now everything's good to go. So thank you Brexit, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have had to apply for a card that is more use to me than my British passport.🤣
  7. On the subject of cheese, Camembert could soon be a thing of the past. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2024/feb/05/think-emmanuel-macron-has-problems-wait-until-the-french-find-out-about-the-existential-threat-to-camembert
  8. I think you'll also find it at Intermarche & Carrefour. Essential for a decent Ploughmans I think.
  9. Well I have to admit I'd never heard of Wallace or his fountains before this thread. I'm off to London for Easter and, following Loiseau's and Judith's reviews, I think I'll make a visit to the museum. According to the website there's supposed to be one in Uzes so I may try and hunt that one down as well.
  10. Notes of the Wallace fountain at Hertford house. Apparently it's for display purposes only. https://wallacefountains.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/London.pdf This gives a list of the fountains worldwide. https://wallacefountains.org/about-sir-wallace-and-his-fountains/wallace-fountains-worldwide/
  11. Apparently not even the first class seats are big enough https://www.airguide.info/overweight-british-airways-passenger-gets-stuck-in-first-class-seat-on-lagos-to-london-flight/ 'The situation took an unexpected turn as an engineering decision was made to remove the suite door and employ a hoist to safely extricate the passenger from seat 1A.'
  12. Really - since when? I always thought it meant ' you are an idiot - get off the road!!'
  13. Apparently Harry is now planning to visit his dad. This does not bode well.
  14. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-68208157
  15. You're probably right, I was just trying to expand it to the rest of us.
  16. Also the disabled, pregnant women, and orders over 150 euros.
  17. Rows of empty shelves in the supermarket at lunchtime and no parcel delivery. Seems the blockades in Nîmes and Montpelier are having an effect.
  18. After the Forum outage on Sunday I thought I would pass these on. The first is https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ . You type in the website address of your favourite forum 😉 and they'll check for you and tell you whether or not the site is working. It's a quick way of finding out if the problem is just you. They also provide an updated list of offline servers as well as regularly checking the health of a number of top websites i.e. facebook, gmail, etc. The second is https://haveibeenpwned.com/ . With this one you enter your email address and it will tell you if it has been part of a declared data breach ( in which case it's a good idea to change your password ). Of course, when you check it again later the same data breach will come up so you'll have to remember that you've already dealt with it. Hope they'll be of some use to you folks.
  19. sorry to resurrect an old thread but I happen to be in London and looking for somewhere to eat tomorrow night. ALBF you wouldn't pm me the name of your pub would you?
  20. As you say Norman, you are not comparing like with like. There are plenty of excellent specialist shops in the UK as well as local markets and farm shops. I can't comment on which has the greater variety in it's supermarkets but I can say that, in the UK, I hate the rise of the self service checkout. There always seems to be something that goes wrong necessitating a visit from an overworked supervisor whilst the rest of the queue just glare.
  21. This has got to be the best word salad I've seen from a bot yet. I'm tempted to leave it up just for the comedic value.
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