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  1. Hi

    Its obvious you need to put something behind the plasterboard

    I suggest its by drilling small holes which can be plastered later I would try injecting Ammonia bought from most supermarkets if no electrical leads were near by or a rat poison if that didn't work Be cautious with the latter one dead Rat that died because it ate the mains stank for 3 months
  2. Hi

    I have used False Acacia as firewood and fence posts for years its certainly a hardwood, as for furniture I imagine its scarce use is due to the slim width of the trunk ie small planks

  3. Hi

    Forget French andouillette and stick to the old British cold platted chitterlings,vinegar and salt The smell on a Monday morning back in the 50's when the local butcher boiled them up, reached and spread miles ,pure bliss

    Nearly as good as poached Sprats in vinegar
  4. I also agree

    I have used them in Pamplona Spain ,Pau, Rivesalts and Perpignan always a great range, price and service
  5. or here www.connexionfrance.com/avoiding-boundary-disputes-property-france-news-article.html
  6. Arise children of the fatherland

    The day of glory has arrived

    Against us tyranny's

    Bloody standard is raised

    Listen to the sound in the fields

    The howling of these fearsome soldiers

    They are coming into our midst

    To cut the throats of your sons and consorts

    To arms citizens Form your battalions

    March, march

    Let impure blood

    Water our furrows

    What do they want this horde of slaves

    Of traitors and conspiratorial kings?

    For whom these vile chains

    These long-prepared irons?

    Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage

    What methods must be taken?

    It is us they dare plan

    To return to the old slavery!

    What! These foreign cohorts!

    They would make laws in our courts!

    What! These mercenary phalanxes

    Would cut down our warrior sons

    Good Lord! By chained hands

    Our brow would yield under the yoke

    The vile despots would have themselves be

    The masters of destiny

    Tremble, tyrants and traitors

    The shame of all good men

    Tremble! Your parricidal schemes

    Will receive their just reward

    Against you we are all soldiers

    If they fall, our young heros

    France will bear new ones

    Ready to join the fight against you

    Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors

    Bear or hold back your blows

    Spare these sad victims

    That they regret taking up arms against us

    But not these bloody despots

    These accomplices of Bouillé

    All these tigers who pitilessly

    Ripped out their mothers' wombs

    We too shall enlist

    When our elders' time has come

    To add to the list of deeds

    Inscribed upon their tombs

    We are much less jealous of surviving them

    Than of sharing their coffins

    We shall have the sublime pride

    Of avenging or joining them

    Drive on sacred patriotism

    Support our avenging arms

    Liberty, cherished liberty

    Join the struggle with your defenders

    Under our flags, let victory

    Hurry to your manly tone

    So that in death your enemies

    See your triumph and our glory!
  7. Hi

    Contact NFU years back the were very helpful 12months green cards

  8. Hi

    We are all different I and my wife left the UK in 1996 my last job was a Bus driver poor wages our rural house was 230'000ff on an exchange rate 10ff to the pound later 8,5ff when we had to pay

    8 years later having installed a Fosse connected to the mains water rewired new roof etc sold it for 120'000 euros I had only spent 10'000 euros its the calm and lifestyle you pay for

    Repeated it again 10 years later sold up with a profit and down sized in a village a nice house but tis horrible now, a big mistake, dogs barking, cats, mouthy neighbors, car parking, traffic, thieves,, as soon as I have done up this house we are heading for the country asap

  9. After a few weeks he will be considered a french resident and will have to register the car in France, Time to dig out the cert of conformity

    I suggest he works out a system to remain in France less than 6 months and returns again to remain as a uk resident
  10. Hi

    You say "'Houses across rural France are well overpriced."" No idiot is going to put a realistic price knowing every one is going to make a lower offer I have sold two and moved on in the last 11 years and received what I asked for. The market/purchaser decides the price. Individual opinions really do not count

    Its time bird brained Brits, realized the French and long termed xpats have twigged Brits always try to make a knock down value so we have built that figure in the starting price

  11. Hi

    I would go for a termite test, we had one and later it was out of date, for the sale The inspector came around with his rubber hammer and in five minutes left the cost was so small I have forgotten it from last October

    Best check with your Expert what the costs of updating will be

    If you have Termites early action will be best
  12. Hi

    I again agree with some of what you say but its so simple to bypass restrictions I have watched my daughters tv in the UK live via Skype through her pc's camera OK thats basic but just goes to show how simple it can be

    I again say stick with the internet
  13. [quote user="Un autre Gallois"]HI - I am on Orange internet also and receive French and BEin sports via a separate sat. dish. I do not wish to spend any more than I have already spent on trying to receive UK sat. programmes, so, what system are you using to receive "any world or UK channel"?[/quote]




    $5 via paypal per month it has a free no card details trial
  14. Hi Quillan

    You may be right but as far as I am concerned Uk TV is cheaper via internet, no dish, decoder, cold water, experts, bad weather etc Its much cheaper for the BBC to alter a transmission footprint than tackle the internet and they will never crack it

    see how bad they are http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-22651126


  15. Hi

    Living close to Campagne sur Aude I doubt any one can get Uk sat TV cheaply I am on Orange internet 1816 Kb/s and without buffering watch any world or UK channel plus BBC Iplayer

    In the village they have a pay Wifi system with even better speeds

    In my opinion you will be wasting money on sat tv it will become even more difficult in the near future

    PS I just enjoyed The Jackal thriller and last nights Heart Beat
  16. Hi

    I fitted an induction hob it was new to me, a separate circuit/ 20 amp disjoncteur thick 6mm wire nothing special but it is brilliant what's the problem
  17. Hi

    I gave up on a 100cm dish 18 months back, check out Unotelly $5 a month on the internet it gives 8 days free without asking your card details if you like it pay by Paypal
  18. H

    What type of walls have you or wish to have I am on my 3 house with crap electrics this one after 20 years living in France with out an earth its not expensive or difficult to get up to legal requirements, its hiding the wires that costs

    Simply you need a disjoncteur/fuse for live, neutral and an earth wire for every line 5/8 points dependent on the wire thickness but no ring circuits ever

    I know others will say you need separate circuits for the freezer and oven but after selling my house with black/red and green cables no one raised an eyelid neutral was not blue
  19. Hi

    If you are really interested in the night sky buy the most expensive Telescope you can afford the bigger the aperture the better aim for dustbin lid size reflector

    If its a good scope it can be programmed to search or give a tour, the small telescopes can give an insight but to see galaxies and nebulae on a powerful telescope its wonderful
  20. [quote user="knee gel"]Hi,

    Thanks for that. I looked it up and as they don't appear to harm the trees they can carry on crimping!

    Mrs KG[/quote]

    Great, best response, lovely creatures
  21. Hi

    Great physics and theory, but it does not work 3 parafoudre three orange boxes one computer and a telephone blasted to bits dispute the idea they can protect you

    Lightening jumps over kilometres if your close you have no chance nevertheless every little helps
  22. Hi

    To the north of Brive are deep valleys ,keep out of them it stays very frosty in winter

    Objat is a lovely town as is St Robert

    Spring in this region is fine wetting rain Winter is wet and cold

    I liked it there but moved to the Pays Basque after 8 years but after another 10 years ended up in the Aude best of luck live the life

    PS I have an old friend with me now who has lived near Objat since 1990 and still loves it
  23. Hi

    Its one of the Mason Bees probably Megachile centuncularis
  24. Hi

    I do not think you will have any problems creating an English Garden I had one in the Correze for 8 years and later in the Pays Basque for 10 years, trying the same now in the Aude

    Soil has nothing to do with your idea, French Soil is the same as British, variable

    RE Aquilegias they are a Blue native plant as are Snap Dragons in France if you can't grow them you must be a terrible gardener My Hostas without watering were quite happy
  25. Hi

    I am less than 15 metres from the river Aude and to date whilst it is occasionally brown nowt rain has hit my garden I pray for rain
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