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  1. OK will have a look and will post my results next week - I should say that I don't travel overly quickly as I have a further 250 miles to travel in the UK. So as I said in my first post after 15;ish hrs driving I am well ready for a few pints of Black Sheep. But I have just looked at where you live and cannot see how you , living NE of Paris , can really comment on a route around the city. But as I am finally seeing that you have an opinion on anything at all - still you seem to be keeping this forum from dying! edit - for the less well informed le Black Sheep is a superb Yorkshire beer.
  2. OK ALBF could you be a little less cryptic and describe your preferred route - I currently usually hit Ramboullet with 300 miles down (5hrs) and then usually arrive at the tunnel 2.5/3 hrs later (Tranny van)
  3. The sign that Chancer mentions is a yellow diamond which means that you do NOT have to give way. This is later shown with a diagonal bar through it when you enter an area where you must give way. Near to us the side road from the Mairie enters the obvious main road but a couple of years ago paint was applied to give the maires road priority the artics coming down end up juddering to a halt (most times) but I put my nose out very carefully!
  4. Hi - travelling back to UK sunday - we take the west route around paris (macs route) Does anyone know how far out the restriction applies? And how do you know if it is an odd or even day? Also looking forward to some proper beer!
  5. Sorry probably should have said - are there any/what are the current rules regarding length of time in the country.
  6. Having read the posts regarding brexit I have a question for NOW. We have a property in France that we class as a holiday home but we are spending more and more time here than the UK. We have never been challenged upon this but if we were what paperwork should we have? I am currently pleading ignorance! Will wait for more info regarding Brexit which will obviously be a different story!
  7. Just seen a video of trucks and cars being attacked on the autoroute coming into the Eurotunnel area . I am currently travelling that route on Sunday night. Who would I contact for a status report on the safety? I would guess Eurotunnel would say 'no problem'.Bearing in mind the original purposes of the forum and the current political situation would this be a good place to exchange current REAL experiences?
  8. Hi is it just me or does anyone else have the problems with the speed (or lack of) when in the forum - I wait to go from page to page for seconds at a time - I have checked my service which is running around 2.04 mbps?
  9. We have a house which is classed and taxed as a 'second residence' or holiday home. We are UK tax payers, I am told that if we sold the house even to buy another in France the taxes on the sale are quite high - can anyone confirm this? We had thought of divorcing - my wife becomes a French resident and I remain with my business affairs in the UK?
  10. Perhaps I should have been clearer in the o.p. There is no problem with the definition of the boundary but I don't know who is responsible for any maintenance of the boundary (In the uk I know which boundary is my responsibility) As we are in a rural area as opposed to a built up area maybe it is not defined?
  11. Hi - we have a simple post and wire fence which we erected purely to denote our boundary. The lovely young couple next door are moving and we realised that if we get a typical French family we may also get the yappy dogs as well! My question is are boundaries identified here as they are in the uk? Sorry but the deeds are in the uk so cannot check there.
  12. I have a Renault traffic lwb (LL) and I need to collect pool margelles . The plate on the van gives me the ‘all up weight’ at 2960 , total train weight 4960 I cannot find how heavy the van is therefore how much weight I can add to it – I think the margelles are about 1.5 tonnes so was hoping to load a 1 ton pallet to the van and the ½ ton onto a lightweight trailer (good for 750kg) Am I missing something is the 'unladen weight' plated somewhere? If i have to I will do 2 trips but it is a 100 mile round trip so hoping to do it in 1 Any advice appreciated  
  13. Hi Wendy I dont know about the pump freezing - I guess it will be pretty dry when it has last pumped out. The area that has caused me problems is the solenoid valve - unfortunately I have blown 2 of them in the last 3 years - it is not enough to disconnect the filling hose at the tap but take it off at the machine and try to blow any water out of the inlet - fortunately the last machine was still under a maintenance contract in the uk so we took it back and reported it faulty (admittedly this was in june) and when the engineer came he covered his ears when we mentioned frost as they had been told that these should not be repaired under contract as they had had so many with this problem. The part required in each case was the complete filling unit at about £85 which could not be sent to a French address so the first one was sent to my son to take it apart and then post the smallest item ( the valve ) on to me so Mrs Jacko was not best impressed with about 10 days without washer. We now have a French washer here covered by a warranty, and 2 washing machines in the UK which means that at least the kids have a spare nearby if they have any problems.
  14. Sorry - should have gone on line first - pretty well all I need to know on there.
  15. Hi all - we are contemplating the move from a secure cover to a fence - looking for advice on the standard required presumably it is only necessary to stop small children falling in a pool - are there any companies that manufacture fences specifically for this.
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