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  1. Here (just South of Niort) it's been lovely - 3rd day in a row with blue skies, lovely sun, and hot, hot, hot.  The kids were in the inflatable pool after school yesterday, through until after 6pm, and it looks like they'll be in it again today.  
  2. Afy, I'm not a frequent poster, but I recall reading of your problems over the past year - sorry to see you're leaving France, but I hope you find happiness wherever you're heading.
  3. It's not all doom and gloom.  We contacted a local builder to quote for a few odd jobs around the house, he came, tackled one there and then and prepared a quote for us.  It arrived a week later than planned, but all looked good, so we contacted him and asked how he wanted to proceed.   He simply said, I'll be round next week to start (no signature required, no deposit).  Ok, so he didn't turn up a few times, but he did fit us in here and there when he could.  Only waiting for one part to fix the roller shutter and he'll be back to install that and finish off a window sill.  No a cent has exchanged hands yet, and all in all he's completed all the jobs within 4 weeks, worked like a man posssessed and cleaned up after every job.  All that's left is the invoice and to see how much it may have drifted from the original quote as there were a few changes along the way.  
  4.   We've renewed two recently and have one more to go next month - for both applications we simply took a digital photo, then made sure it corresponded to the guidelines given and printed it on photographic paper.  No problems with either of them.
  5. You're not alone Benjamin - thanks suninfrance - I had no idea.  We've had two cars and a motorbike on the road in France for the past 2 years and have never signed any of the insurance certificates. [:$] Will take care of it this afternoon.
  6. Videfleur, so sorry to hear about the accident, it must be a terrible shock for you, hopefully this morning will give you the strength to carry out what needs to be done.   Tony - thanks for such an informative post, it's something I hope I never have to be involved in, but this is one to print off and keep, just in case, god forbid. [:(]
  7. I'm with you on that Tresco.  Although it has it's downside if you've an entire family staying with you and they are eating you out of house and home, and snacking on that very special pud you'd bought for after dinnner - or worse still, devouring your very special stash of expensive chocolate that you keep for REALLY bad moments! However, to all our guests we do the first drink, show them where everything is and expect them to get up and help themselves thereafter.  It may be their holiday, but I don't want to be waiting on people hand and foot all the time.
  8.   A great thread.  We don't have gites, CdH, or B&B, but do have a spare double room for visitors, and our kids bedrooms can be made up to twins to accommodate friends and family.  Consequently we have vistors for almost 50% of the summer. Last year we were in rental and there wasn't alot of work to do - but this year there'll be plenty of work to go round.... Chopping wood for next winter, cutting the grass, weeding the veggie patch, flower borders, tiling the new patio, installing the new kitchen, tiling, painting, wallpapering - the list goes on! [;-)]  Any visitors be warned [6]
  9. [blink]  just over 65,000 with my maiden name!  and, no - my father isn't french!
  10. I find the worst pelican crossings are at crossroads, where you think the traffic has stopped, just to be faced with traffic coming from the alterative directions attempting a left/right turn. [blink]
  11. [quote user="Dick Smith"] What is important is that the photographer is comfortable with the camera, and that has to be an intuitive reaction to holding and handling all the possible candidates. It can be pretty safely assumed that most cameras today take pictures which are technically acceptable - next step is to check reviews just in case. Then price levels, remembering that there are always secondhand Nikon and Canon lenses to be had in good condition. Then - it is down to the photographer and their eye, trained by looking at the work of good or great photographers and reading about composition and cropping. Always remember the Bert Hardy principle... [/quote]   Couldn't agree more, I learnt with a Canon EOS and hopefully will get back to using the more modern digital version very soon.
  12. Thank you all for the additional information, my heart says Canon EOS Digital and knowing that I just may be able to use a lens from my old Canon is an absolute bonus.  I think I'll take the old lens with me while I shop!
  13.     Ouch!  Just found one. I think it'll have to wait for a while. http://www.withandwithoutwires.com/portable-inflatable-spa.html  
  14.   Wow, I like the sound of that!  Where was it?  Any idea of the costs?
  15.     Thank you x 3! Lots of information to dig through now, look forward to choosing, buying and getting snapping.
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