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  1. Hi there I recently purchased six chickens hoping to be inundated with eggs.  Well it was not to be!!  I´m left with just one now due to a malfunction in the legs (not me the chickens!!).. Does anyone know where I can buy some good layers.  I´m living near Coulonges. Many thanks    
  2. Thank you Sunday Driver That web page is brill.  Didn´t come across it before.  Just what we need.....
  3. Hi L Luke We currently have a Kia Sportage.  Can you send details of your Scenic via email? Rgds Ian
  4. I recently purchased six chickens of which I have 3 and a bit left.  The bit being the latest poorly chicken we have.  I am mistified.  They eat and drink ok but their joints seem to swell up and therefore they are no longer able to move around.  Seems a bit like arthritis, yet the birds are only three months old.  Has anyone else come across this?  Is there a cure or am I doomed!!  
  5. Does anyone have or know of anyone with a Renault Espace or similar for sale?  We have three children and another on the way and our car is just too small!!! Many thanks Ian  
  6. Hi there I´m just down the road from you in Le Busseau. I´ll be happy to come and sort your garden out for you.  I look after a couple gardens here and am a general builder so can help you out there also if needs be.. Regards Ian  
  7. Hi everyone Are you enjoying the weather in Deux Sevres We have been working outside for the last few days and enjoying the sun How is it where you are??    
  8. Hi there I have been living in France for the last 12 years renovating properties.  I have loads of knowledge of the building trade, materials used etc.  If you need any advice or help with your project let me know.      
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