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  1. Christchurch town council sit this evening to discuss the development of Bournemouth Airport and the building of a new large terminal and lots more parking spaces....when.... they give it the go ahead and the new terminal is up and access roads put in  .......watch Bournemouth grow fast...no BAA involvement there ...
  2. At £80 a year for a couple of free breakfasts and double the cost of LD lines even with their discounted fare .....is it now worth it ?....I get the impression BF think they are doing us all a big favour offering this ... and  we should be grateful ....they are not doing me one ...I will not renew .
  3. Yes there is another side to taking on rescue dogs ..........my sons.is a rescued ridge back cross they found had a "thing " about sheep ....ran one into a river and drowned it .......after my son had spoken to the farmer  he discovered  not only was this the finest sheep in the flock it was expecting quads and was a sure thing to win the champion of champion show that was pending....so a fat cheque was parted with .....The dog now has a pal ....a rescue lab that I am told cowers when sombody reaches into a kitchen cupboard  so appears she has suffered a beating in her past.......he is now hoping ths one hasnt got a "thing " about sheep as well ... he surrounded by them  and they are bound to be champion stock .....
  4. Brittany Ferries letter this morning ....".We hope you enjoyed the travel discounts of the past 12 months ....your membership is due ....£80 please and we dont take cash or cheques....renew with a debit or credit card on this 0870 number its the only form of payment accepted and we will no longer be sending acknowlegements after you renew "............   oh...thats all rignt then !
  5. Happy days ......my parents had a hotel in Owls Road opposite the Burlington so you may have delivered to us !!
  6. So Gastines ..........you remember getting a trolly bus from the square to Pokesdown Station then ?   Did you also go to the Saturday morning pictures in Boscombe and singing " We are the boys and girls well known as .....miners of the ABC " ...... I was in Boscombe yesturday ! 
  7. Both ....In the UK mostly  .. I live near a school and each day lots of mums drive up to the school using their mobiles and are no doubt telling their kids they are just arriving and to get themselves outside the gate ..........I noticed  its dads collecting or dropping off kids that are wearing the bluetooth headsets....  mums must have access to them.....but dont seem to like using them .....
  8. You just need a field under the watchful eye of an adjacent house holder with a  barbed wire fence round to deter people  and a trench   you cant  drive out  over so that  only access is via a metal 5 bar gate that is well security chained and padlocked ..You can even get contact alarms for the gates ............there must be hundreds of places close to the airports that fit the bill.......could be any easy retirement income for the right property owner who gets the permissons to use the ground as a car park .
  9. The store room / tool shed attached to my place has a corrugated sheet roof that looks like asbestos  but it is covered with tiles to match the rest of the house roof...Our Notaire told us we had NO asbestos so I assume its the type of sheet previously mentioned .....I am leaving well alone .....perhaps if you are worried about fibres there is some coating that can be painted over it ...if so ...I am sure we will find out here  what to use !
  10. The wearing of Bluetooth headsets.....is this just a bloke thing ? ..... I have yet to see a woman in her car wearing one ...they would rather risk a huge fine and points on the licence and continue using their mobiles while driving  it seems ......What have you got against them girls ?......... are you waiting for pink sparkling ones to come on the market  ?....At  less than £10 a time.... I would think looks mattered little.when you consider the cost of getting caught making a call .   
  11. They must be too smooth......I notice they still manage to slide off them into the Vendee ditches 
  12. Sounds like there is soon to be an "Off Airport Parking "  business opportunity for sombody with a field near the airport  that people could taxi themselves to and from .....or pay a charge to pick up and deliver their cars to and from the terminial  to meet flights .  I am 34 klm from La Rochelle Airport and Easyjet are now flying there from Bristol ....the thought of getting an old  car has crossed my mind  but not happy about just leaving it parked up for weeks at a time .I like the thought of some security .....I pay to leave a caravan in a compound .....I would pay to leave a car near the airport in a compound too .   
  13. Walk up the beach from Bournemouth round the head to Mudeford spit ...there  it will cost you over £100.000 for a beach hut ....you get a big shed for your money that a decent blow and  a good sized wave will have in Christchurch harbour for you in no time ....oh yes and if you want to go to the loo...you use the public block sand filled and stinking as your hut has no running water or power !
  14. Sid ..........Thank you for posting that AGF will cover you.........I am with Generali a big company and they did not want to know .....also a broker was not able to find anybody to cover my van  ....I got the impression they thought I was likely to stop at the road side to brew up and step out of the van into the passing traffic as they made an issue of the door .. as I posted earlier I think some companies just dont want look at UK made vans .... glad you have got it all sorted out... hope you enjoy your times out in the Clubman
  15. I looked at Auto Trader on line to check out the prices of left hand drive cars offered in the UK.....there are obviously loads with links to traders web pages who deal in such vehicles  all lined up on their  forecourts ...........I later looked on Ebay for left hand drive cars .....and up popped the same vehicles as offered by the dealers .....so they are not all cut and shuts and of dubious history on E .bay
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