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  1. We get ours from the local tourist office, also if we visit a place of interest then we pick some up from them as well
  2. Yes its safe to say it is , i have also received about 10 in the last 2 weeks  email address ending jumpy .it i think it was, all different names stays ranging from 2 weeks to 1 month
  3. I dont like paypal , but hey ho. In the height of season i always now take a deposit. Outside season then ok i am more relaxed , if its the uk i tend to take a sterling cheque and dont normally cash it, unless i have a no show and trust that the cheque has not been stopped, for others countries then i tend to let it ride. However that is only for my off peak period
  4. Well for us the season is short; you would think someone turned the lights out on August 31st. However we still have a few more bookings this month and next. Our Guests this year have been a dream, mainly french and first class, they have been the best we have had in the last five years? One french family even took the hover and hovered the room before leaving and cleaned the bathroom. Its been hard work but its been a real pleasure dealing with all our guests .  
  5. [quote user="liz"] That's interesting since it was a Clévacance accredited property.  If it happens again I will ask. Liz [/quote]   In that case you should complain , even for the 1 cle they have to supply at least one towel, not sure how often it has to be changed i know for 3 cle its every 3 days and you have to supply one bath and one hand towel person, for 4 cle you also have to supply face cloth and  you use to have to change the towels daily
  6. Alan

    Ice Crushers

    Lidli had them today 14.99 in our local store
  7. We are graded with clevacnces , the prices have to be in the room and also displayed outside either on the door or the gate.When we were inspected we were told that breakfast has to be included in the price and all our prices include breakfast. Having said that though we have a contract to send guests on this contract you have the option of stating if breakfast is included or not and if not the cost of the breakfast
  8. I like the idea of food trips maybe incorporated with a cookery class. I think people would view that differently as you are recieving something in exchange. If you see what i mean.( maybe a meal or tasting at the end of it) Our guests all seem to think that the places of interest should have information in English or German etc and i dont think they liked the idea of having a stranger going along with them. The person in our area did not take them she only met them for the visit
  9. Ok i know we are not in the same region. But we have had a problems where guests have come and do not speak french and do find its a pain going round a chateaux etc and not understanding anything about their visit. In some cases we have found that they do not bother to go in the end as they feel it is a waste of money. One poor family went into a local maze only to find that the clues where all in french and they needed to solve them to key in the numbers to get through the locked gates and ended up going round with a french family to get out. Having said all that a local French teacher did do as your teacher wishes to do and asked me to put her details in our chambre d hote but the feed back from the guests was that the cost was too expensive, she was also chargeing 40 euros for the afternoon and last summer none of our non french speaking guests took her up on her offer
  10. Luckly we have only had this happen once this year , a last minute booking and dinner was requested, guests did not show and the mobile number i had did not work, so was unable to bill them.   Last week had a party of 4 turn up with dog in toe, we dont accept dogs, i knew they had friends staying elsewhere and asked if the dog was staying with them. Oh no was the reply, to which the responce was that at no stage was a dog mentioned in the booking and we would not allow the dog into the house, ( we also have a dog and ours was going mad) So guests said in that case the dog would stay in the car , but it was just assumed that it would not be a problem   On the whole this has been a good year so far but still  3 more weeks to go
  11. Looking at you web site i would be a little bit disappointed if i was given that for breakfast. We have used it once for a very early departure but to be honest the bread was not eaten Not sure about the GDF, maybe for a 1 then it would not matter but i know for a 3 grading you have to offer pastries or home made cake or fruit loaf
  12. [quote user="Tresco"] Crumpets. If anyone sees Crumpets please tell me.[:)] [/quote] Carraffour in Toulouse sell them made by Hovis, Bought 4 packs last month and froze them.Going back to Toulouse next week so hopefully will still being selling them. The kids prefer muffins , which you can buy in most local supermarkets
  13. As a child my grandmother when using somebody else loo always use to line the seat with loo paper before letting us sit on the seat, and she would also put a couple of sheets in the bottom just in case of a splash
  14. [quote user="Forum Admin"] Perhaps I should offer say 5 forum users the opportunity to advertise on the site for a year for free....see how they get on.   [/quote] Admin never did offer 5 free places, they said perhaps they should , not that they would. If Quillan has been offered one free or at a reduced rate good luck to him , afraid its none of our business. With time if the site does not pull in business then i expect like all others they will then try to rope punters in with special offers. Like others though i would be reluctant to part with 85 pounds unless i see some results, coco you are correct in saying for  a gite 85 pounds is a drop in the ocean not so for B&B
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