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  1. I'd also be interested if anyone knows any good traditional places - up to a 10 mile radius of Millau? Sue
  2. Coco - good luck with a family with six children - very brave!! [:D] Sue
  3. I agree with the last few comments - that's what keeps us all going! I'd love to know if any of the hotels that Anton stays in could be bothered to telephone him TWICE during the course of the evening to see a) if he was still coming and b) if he still wanted to eat...?? As mentioned in the initial message this is what I did. It was only when they didnt bother to call back (despite being able to use their phone to call a taxi) and then arrived at 10.30pm with no apology and started to become aggressive that we took the stance we did. Having read everyone's level headed (and some not so..) comments we'd do it slightly differently next time - we'd throw 'em out at 10.30 for being so rude and aggressive towards us! If they're going to bad mouth /report you anyway let 'em start at 10.30pm rather than 10.30am after you've fed them breakfast and cleaned up after them! There are several hotels in our village (all typical (!) 2 star logis) probably a bit too posh for Anton [;-)]. Even so, without exception, they have chairs on tables by 9.30pm and doors closed, lights out before 10pm. There is no doorbell so you couldn't even ring the bell if you were late. They use VAD credit card machines so they'd take the money without even so much as an explanation and that is generally acceptable behaviour from a hotel! Its for exactly this reason that we excused these two for their rudeness as we thought it would be too mean to throw them out, knowing that they wouldn't find anywhere else open at that time of night........look at the 'thanks' we got!! We're not looking for thank just civilised behaviour. I think we all (French & British cdh owners) feel exactly the same way. In fact our local French colleagues are far less tolerant than we are! What keeps us going are the many many pleasant guests who are a joy to have in our homes. Those who are not will certainly NEVER be tolerated in our home again. These weren't the first to be rude and inconsiderate and previously we've taken the very British 'customer is always right' stance but where does it get you? Stressed, angry etc etc. Keep the comments coming it makes for really good reading - Anton seems to have gone very quiet. One question I have is that if he doesn't own a b&b (which Î preusme he doesn't)  then he can't have a very exciting life if he spends time reading this forum designated for 'owners'. [:)] Sue.      
  4. some people here really are missing the point and, I would presume,  don't let any rooms themselves?? Legally, you can let 5 rooms in your ''Private home'' (hence the name Chambres d'hotes) and remain legally classified as a 'private home'. Aside from that, are you really suggesting that every hotel / shop / restaurant / office block / commercial property in the land is not permitted a 'private' space.....you really are talking rubbish, what planet do you people live on? (sorry!)  Every hotel has private rooms for the owners and staff that guests would / should NEVER presume to be able to use. Why should a CDH be any different whether you let 1 room or 5??!!! Same applies to a shop - would you expect to visit the 'private' store rooms or staff canteen area? I presume not. I rest my case. [:)] Susie  
  5. Anton, Is it you or your cat staying in the cattery?! [;-)]  In my experience there may be little difference between " worst /cheapest / shoddiest french hotel" and a french cattery. Let me have the contact details of this cattery, I'll happily send them any future wasted salmon fillets!!!! Sue  (Now I'm going to tidy up the extensive buffet breakfast that my happy (french) clients have just enjoyed and then tidy up their bedrooms so that all is lovley and 'fluffy' for their return this afternoon).
  6. Well then you're obviously better at it than I am, maybe you deserve a medal?! [;-)] I am NOT prepared to feed people at10.30pm if they can't be bothered to contact me. Help those who help themselves,  and treat others as they treat you. Thats my motto and I'm sticking to it. Also, as a chef, I don't think microwaving previously sauted salmon fillets would be a good idea....not very tasty! They'd probably have eaten and gone away and criticised the standard of the food offered - you can never win! [:)] Sue 
  7. Hi arnold, I couldnt agree more! This year we've seen a huge increase in trade from Dutch and Belgians (flemish) and their attitude is so different. I'm pleased to say we haven't had more people turning up than agreed although we get the odd dog that they 'forgot' to mention. It appears that nothing has come of this incident and, as you say, only a few more weeks to go.....!! We offer breakfast between 8.30 and 9.30 and French guests think nthing of coming down at 8.00 or 10.00 expecting to bve fed. Same applies to dinner - 7.30 is presumed to be 7.50!!!  You can never win in this game. Our experience is that the more you 'flex' for guests the more they expect. We've decided to ecome a bit more rigid when its applicabe (for sanity)! Sue
  8. Beryl, Thanks for your support. They were french but, incredibly, the threats came not from them but from a man who has driven them somewhere today! He has left a message on our answer phone which is very very aggressive so I imagine that sat in his car giving their side of the story and he was so insensed that he felt the need to call us and threaten to report us and tell us how disgusting he thinks we are...! I really should 'move on' people like this aren't worth it but it is so upsetting when you try so hard to keep everyone happy and just for once decide not to be treated like a doormat! I'm off to watch a 'feel good' film! Sue
  9. Hi, We just had a horrid experience which I won't spell out in great detail as it is too upsetting.  To cut a long story short, where do you stand when guests book dinner, you cook dinner yet they fail to turn up (without notice) until 10.30pm? At which time dinner is in th bin and wasted! We did contact these guests twice over the course of the evening and they claimed on the first occasion not to be able to hear us so would call back - they didnt so our second contact was by text - no reply. At this point, I'm sure like most of you, we presumed they were a 'no show' and were heading to bed!  They stayed the night and were charged for the dinner that was cooked and we're now being threatened and, apparently, reported to the local hotelier association for our deplorable behaviour......not that we are a hotel but I still dont like the idea of a 'one sided story' being told to anyone! We try very hard to create a happy and welcoming atmosphere in our home and t only takes one bad penny to ruin everything.  I believe that it is correct to charge for a dinner that has been cooked, especially when people cant be bothered to contact you and explain that they will be late. Frankly, they were lucky they still had a room as I'd had  3 couples asking for their room that night but I 'd decided that I was too tired to do a 1 night room change over so was planning to leave it empty! I'd be grateful to hear what anyone else would do in this situation. Previously, (when people are less aggressive towards us) I've offered a sandwich or even a replacement picnic the next day. Thanks Sue 
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