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  1. I rang Eurotunnel's info line and it said the French side was running to schedule but there was a 90 minute delay at the terminal which I didn't understand. We're travelling up to Calais early in the morning and are hoping the roads will be okay.
  2. [quote user="pachapapa"]3 years, prolongation 2 months before expiry if necessary;[/quote]

    I thought it was 2 years?
  3. The child benefit we receive here is double what we received in the UK. Some of it is means-tested but most is not. It does explain why my cotisations are so high though.!
  4. One of the things our eldest said to us many times when we first came over was 'what's the point of moving here if we're going to be poor'. It took a few visits to her French friends to realise that she had no real idea of what poor was and the demands for a new mobile etc promptly stopped.
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