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  1. Just as an update, we have come to the conclusion that a move to France at present would be foolhardy.

    We have called off the move until such time that the political landscape settles.
  2. Until yesterday I did not know the word 'Brexit' existed but I do now and appears, worryingly, very popular.
  3. Just found this from the think tank Centre for European Reform cer.org.uk/


    But in the event that the UK decided to leave, some settlement would

    have to be negotiated with other EU member-states, to ensure that

    British emigrants could continue to live there. The outcome of such

    a negotiation may not be as straightforward as one might assume.

    Retired immigrants are on average a net drain on the public finances

    because of their heavy use of healthcare. In any bilateral negotiations

    between Britain and these four countries, the fact that free migration

    is more costly for France, Germany, Spain and Ireland than it is for

    Britain would not go unnoticed, and Britons abroad may find that

    access to healthcare becomes more expensive: currently, the Spanish

    government pays for British migrants’ visits to GPs.


    Yes I know they are pro EU. but well respected by the Guardian and Financial Times
  4. My belief, before anyone jumps down my throat for my left leaning preference, is if a referendum was held tomorrow the result would be to leave.

    I say that because the overwhelming topic of contention is immigration.

    People of every political persuasion, for differing reasons, want immigration to be severely limited or stopped.

    They would vote to leave the EU.

    It is of course the raison d'etre for UKIP.

    As 'Idun' posted, I too was persuaded to vote no in 1975 but now I believe it would be madness to leave.

    As to CK 11 post, I quote,

    'My guess is that UKIP's primary appeal is to relatively unsophisticated voters whose voting behaviour is somewhat tribal.'

    that maybe but they will vote to leave.

    All this is actually getting away from my point or are you deliberately distracting the conversation because any expats may have a great deal to lose if there is a withdrawal?.

    The point being how withdrawal may affect the lives and finances of British citizens living in France relying on British pensions and reciprocal health cover. ie. not the 20% top up health insurance cover?
  5. My point is, the Tories won the election with a mandate to hold a referendum on membership of the EU.

    I'm of the opinion that, because the country has turned to the right, the result will be withdrawal of the EU.

  6. Certainly don't think they will advise an 'IN' vote for fear of the far right Tories. There was a majority of Tories happy to stay 'in' but the country has lurched to the right. Don't forget the UKIP voters.

    There will be a referendum, the right will see to that.
  7. Yes I know that but they are having a referendum next year and I believe the result will be 'OUT'.
  8. If the bloody Tories get their way and we exit the EU., I can see all sorts of problems for expats and people (like myself) hoping to make a move.

    Health cost, Pensions to mention a few plus actually living in a foreign country as an alien.

    I just cannot see it ending well.
  9. Fair enough, did not read the T & C s.

    Many thanks for your replies.
  10. Everytime I use Aferry.com for a crossing from say Portsmouth to St Malo I see a cheap £78 (2 hour stay) return with car.

    'Normal' fares appear in the £200+ range.

    What is to stop you using the £78 one way and booking another £78 to return at a later date?
  11. Anyone know the minimum depth to bury the armour cable ?


  12. [quote user="NickP"]"I do worry a lot" I think your problem is that you don't have the correct licence, as companies I deal with; transport specialist cars all over France in covered trailers. As for your storey about travellers well it beggars belief. So as they say on the tele; "sorry but I'm out" I can't invest any more time in this subject! [:D][:D]


    Full licence from 1971

    As I say, just looking at trailers. Came across a covered one, selling because of French law change. Looked into in and found story re: travellers/Romas. So the story has nothing to do with me.

    I think you watch too much tv
  13. [quote user="Chancer"]

    Just do it, no-one will bat an eyelid.

    If you worry a lot then you are coming to the right country [:D] You will never go short!


    Thanks, I'm looking forward to a long relax after
  14. [quote user="NickP"]I'd like to see proof of your statement about a trailer carrying a car

    towed by a truck being illegal? Also I would advise you to weigh the car

    before you stuff it into a Luton van. The majority of twin wheel Luton

    vans are 35CWT capacity, single wheel a lot less. I would think that a

    car in someone else's name could be tricky, have you got a bill of sale? Why not register it in your name and SORN it. .[/quote]

    I came across this 'ban' when looking for trailers.

    Apparently closed in car trailers when towed with all up weight over 3500 kgs are banned.

    The reason apparently is to stop Travellers hauling caravans about. True or not I do not know.

    As to the car, was told by DVLA, the car needs to be MOTed before they will re-register to UK mainland in my name.

    I've got a rough hand written £450 receipt but it's hardly convincing.

    I do worry a lot
  15. [quote user="chateaubriant"]It now appears the French towing law has changed outlawing a total towing chain of over 3500kg.

    My understanding is a trailer carrying a car towed by car/van/truck would be illegal.

    I'm now thinking of buying a cheapish lwb luton and loading my car (14ft long) in the back.[/quote]

    Anyone think that French customs might not let the car in?

    I only have a V5 in the previous owners name as the car was registered in NIreland.

    I could not register in my name until I get an MOT.

    Am I worried about nothing, will I get it in ok as another goods and chattel from the house move?

    Should I contact French Customs and open a can of worms????
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