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  1. Agreed too. Horses often get gored in a terrible way - guts spilling out- no art, no sport - just sheer Neanderthal cruelty. Bravo Catalonia.

    Shame they haven't also banned this other terrible tradition of setting the bull's horns on fire and 'drawing' it to death with pulling on all legs with ropes. Is this a sport too- a tradition worth saving?

  2. No of course it is much better that the born rich continue to not care a hoot for others and continue to fleece them, like our dear bankers.  And then they can say, sorry, but we have no choice but to fleece you all over again and much worse - because there is no money. Hurray.

  3. I agree people should not be forced out of their community - but it does not make sense for a single elderly person to live in a 3 bed house with a garden they can't cope with. What is needed is to build warden assisted apartments, bungalows for each community to free-up much needed homes for families.

  4. All fingers crossed that she will be able to help you Mirambeaut. Bonne chance.

    Just wondering, is there anybody here who live in your dad's area and could visit from time to time - to read a short story or just for a chat?

  5. Glad things are working out well for you and for your son in the UK. I sincerely hope you will get a sale for your property in France soon. Bonne chance.

  6. Yes, agreed RH this can happen - but of course if one has little language in the first place- it's bound to be worse tight from the start. My mil, was bilingual English and Afrikaans, but in the last stages of Alzheimers she totally reverted to Afrikaans, her childhood language. My only British neighbour died recently - she lived here for most of ther life but never acquired a good command of French, and yet had become very hesitant in English.

  7. Please Woolie - do explain, we Jura people are obviously so inbred,  such nuances pass us by!

  8. Yes we are - OMG we are being invaded! We know a nice couple from Kent who have a holiday home in Metabief. lol.

    Will you be living there permanently? I am surprised Woollies sarcasm about our weather hasn't put you off! At your disposal for any help or info, and looking forward to meeting you. A bientot.  Odile

  9. My heart goes out to you Mirambeaut, as I just spent years looking after my parents from abroad- it is is hard enough to find solutions without having to worry about language. I sincerely hope you will find a nice place for him soon.

    Please, please, do not read this as a criticism of your dad- but I have heard of so many cases like this - and it is so upsetting. There are many on Forums like this one who say 'I'm too old to learn the language, grammar too difficult, was put off at school, etc, etc' - and I think what will happen one day when they are isolated in hospital or in an OAP home, or even in their own home, having lost their partner. When my dad was in hospital for a while, there was a very elderly English gentleman there, and he could not communicate with any of the other patients, and only 1 of the staff, a Croatian doctor.

  10. Tous nos voeux pour un prompt rétablissement et retour chez vous.

    Meilleures salutations     les (Brown, Smith, etc)

  11. Just hate the thought of no longer being a good Samaritan- horrible to think maybe once one of my daughters or grandchildren need help- and people will just leave them there in danger. And yet - times have changed I know and I am not stupid. We were flagged down one night in the South of France and didn't stop, but immediately phoned the police. Never knew the results. I hope I'd still use my instincts and carefully assess the situation and help out if at all possible. I needed to hitch hike in an emergency no very long ago, in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere, and I am very glad somebody trusted me and gave me a lift - I know my friends were quite please I was therefore able to rescue them.

  12. Unbelievable, bizarre and worrying! But as you say, how did the passenger not alert somebody??

  13. Looks good - but a big investment. How much did you pay for yours?

  14. Well it was a good day - incredible how popular this sport is with Finns, Swedes, Norwegians, but also Russians, Slovaks, Czechs. We also had many Brits, French and Germans today. 4500 competitors and their families to be fed and watered. Great weather helped.

  15. Windows, tiles, tiled floors, cookers, ovens, grouting - the great thing is that you do not use any chemicals.

  16. Old pagan rituals at the end of harvest, for good luck and all that. In the UK we also have corn dollies - similar customs.

  17. I had a Vaporetto for many years and loved it. But my overactive helper pulled on the lead and as it is a pressure system - it was too expensive to repair (grrrrrrr Georgia!). Considering buying a steam cleaner again, so looking forward to good advice here.

  18. Manouches next - where will they send them this time?? What will they do with the kids? Send them back? Back to where? Vichy is not that far away.

  19. Yep -haven't got a clue either - but with 4500 participants it is quite a big 'do'- been asked to help as the 'token Brits' here.

  20. Neuchatel region is hosting the World orienteering championships this week - Wednesday will be at Les Cernets just above us, and we will be hosting the Information desk. Anybody attending?

  21. Fresh veg should be used asap- sell by dates are silly as it depends whether the weather is hot, humid, etc - whether kept if the fridge or not , whether stored away from light, etc. One reason I can think for UK fruit to keep longer, is that it is usually sold way before it is ripe - still rock hard. Like apricots for instance. Here I buy apricots which are  full of sunshine and ready to eat - ad yes, if you don't eat them within a few days, they'll go. I gave up buying such fruit in UK because they were inedible when bought - and were still tasteless a week later. Fruit and veg need a little planning - and I try and cook them within a day or 2- and freeze if necessary. Much prefer buying tasty, ripe fruit- even if it means buying little and often.

    The meat minced in front of you can't be compared with the c*** in cheap ready prepared lasagna. When you watch them mince the meat, they can't throw all the rubbish in. A cup of lentils soaked overnight extends the meat hugely and actually tastes nice and full of good protein. To cut down calories and cost, I make the bechamel with cornflour and a few herbs. With a bit a planning - it needn't cost much more- and as said above a batch make cuts on time.

    Clair - many British people here have access to UK supermarket via the internet. They buy food, white goods and anything else on line and have it delivered to an 'agency' in the UK, which will then deliver to France. They swear it saves them lots of money - but to me, personally, does not make sense.

  22. What was that other saying 'if you sprinkle when you tinkle- be a Sweetie and lift the seatie'  I had a big sign up in the loo when I used to host teenage boys- ooooops sorry Sweet - didn't make it up! How many paracetamols did you say?

    Sorry to hear about toothache - its horrid. Hope you get it sorted soon (before September!) amitiés  Swissie

  23. But I thought your were unE théière -  un téière does not exist!

  24. Estate agents here don't advertise the price either! I asked them why and their reply is that prices are always negotiable so there is no point giving a price! Personally I think it is daft - I won't go and visit a house unless I know it is more or less within budget! One house we never went to see because we guessed it would be way out of our range - and yet the asking price was much less, and sold for 20% below- although it is a great property.

  25. M le Président give me the .... woolies!

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