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  1. Thing is, what if the mortgage does not materialise in October? Do you have any guarantees? I have no idea about the legal reality. Would you in fact prefer to be released from the sale, because you now feel you could get a better price, or have somebody else interested?  I would be interested to know if in fact the deposit paid is due to you, if they can't go ahead at the time agreed. Bonne chance.

  2. Gluestick, where on earth have I been vociferously encouraging mass immigration into Britain?

    Rose, of course I am not saying your French friends will desert you if you buy anything British. All I am saying is that if the trend to buy an ever increasing amount of food, clothes, white goods and other services on the internet and shipping over, and bring whole kitchens, bathrooms + artisans over - there is a great risk that some French people will begin to notice, and not like it very much, especially when feeling the pinch themselves. Since we moved here, we have tried to use the local shops regularly, and have use local artisans to help with renovations- and I am sure it has helped us fit in very easily. However, we are guilty as charged, and as we live right on the border, do make regular forays into France to our nearest supermarket.

    I am sure that if we did all our shopping t'other side, and used French goods and artisans - or if we kept returning from the UK with a big van, it would be noticed. Here we are very much on our own as Brits. I imagine that in areas where British people are in France in large numbers, it might be more noticeable. Until recently, it was the Dutch which were not liked very much as they imported everything and hardly bought anything locally.

    PaulT - it definitely was not a rant - but an observation- and from discussing this with locals and French friends in various areas of France.

  3. It just shows are desperate those animals are- and like ebaynut, it is hard not to feel that any humans hurt somehow deserve everything they get for supporting this kind of torture.

  4. At risk of being shot down,  or worse! There are areas of France where the locals are getting just a little bit fed up with their area being taken over by 'foriners' in droves. BUT they tried hard to be welcoming - partly because they realised these newcomers kept the local shops going, gave work to local artisans and bought goods and furniture in the area. Now it is being defo noticed that this is changing - and that many are now buying a large proportion of their shopping on the net from 'back home' and having it delivered - be it food, white goods, kitchens sinks, etc - and that often these come with artisans from 'back there' too (with all that entails re taxes, social costs, etc). Things are a-stirring - you do of course do what you like - but perhaps be aware that it may affect your own relationships with the locals- and relationships in general in France. I don't think the French have truly cottoned on to the extent of this phenomenon, which has of course vastly increased with the exchange rate- but when they do, as they are suffering from 'la crise' too - it will be interesting.

  5. As said before, there is lots of evidence on the Internet to show that serious research about this known problem has been going on for years- and confirmed as serious risk from 2007. I wish you all the very best Ugo - it seems they were waiting for a 'foriner' to come along, who would not have had any knowledge of this, and as such you should really be able to challenge it- either for a big reduction, or to withdraw and recoup all or part of the money. You really need to find a good solicitor quickly, though. Bonne chance.

  6. Not sure, really. If I ask my garage to sell on my car with a broken axel- would he do it- knowing the situation full well?

    To my mind, selling a house in such a risk situation without declaring, is just criminal.

    Any news Ugo?

  7. Sweet - depending on the size of the spoons - she used heaped dessert spoons.

  8. Jacqueline made them - and just followed her ... nose. She said one tablespoon flour per pancake, then 2 eggs and milk to slopping consistency. I do have a special non-stick crepe pan - and she just brushed it with kitchen paper dipped in sunflower oil. The key is to have the pan hot... and to LEAVE the pancake well alone for a couple of mins before any attempt to turn over. Bonne chance

  9. Made an apricot tart the other day - and used left-over crumble mixture on the top - it worked very well.

    I use thyme and rosemary from the garden for ratatouille- must say personally wouldn't use basilic. Last night a friend made crepes and we used left over ratatouille with Gruyère, and a fricassée of mushrooms (bolets and millers), picked during and afternoon foray, with lardons and a dash of cream. A feast.

  10. Yes Cendrillon, I agree.

    BTW when one of our daughters was in Ibiza, she and her friend turned up at the good hotel next to their cheap self-catering accommodation, day in day out for lunch (which was their breakfast) and just joined the Buffet. The waiters cottoned on very quickly, but would just wink or wave!

  11. Ugo, I really feel for you and your family- what a situation to find yourself in. How good is your French? I have French Googled the issue, and it seems the glacier has been monitored from 1988 - and that the inhabitants of the town have knows about the dangers for quite some time. Look up  Etude scientifique du glacier de Bonnassay. If I were you I'd challenge them re vice caché - especially the report that the chalet is in zone low risk. Although the final report came out recently, the problem was definitely recorded in 207.

    Sweet's OH is right that you should in the circumstances exceptianlly get a substantial reduction - but the reports also say that the warning system would only give about 15 to 30  mins max to evacuate if the pouch burst - so not easy to accept - and of course I'd imagine insurance would be impossible.           My very warmest wishes   Odile

    Sweet is right - it is a beautiful area (but...)

  12. Sorry Velcorin, couldn't open the link - will Google it later. Even in rural areas, Switzerland also has its Taggers - but of course, more prevalent in larger cities.

    In some situations, and when well done - Graffiti can and does really add something great to the atmosphere. When I did a teacher exchange for s few months with a teacher in East Berlin, the graffiti along the concrete walls surrounding the train lines were brilliant - and the art really striking. I never ceased to admire them - in this grey concrete post-war jungle, it was wonderful. Sadly, the quality is rarely such, and the locations often very poorly chosen.

  13. A friend booked a B&B in the H. Savoie recently, and arranged for an evening meal to be provided, and a price agreed. She arrived and the next day found there was nobody there to serve breakfast- let alone prepare an evening meal. The owner was nowhere to be found, and other guests prepared breakfast the next day! It wasn't cheap either, and the place quite a shamble. So it goes both ways!

  14. Read the whole of this thread with a French friend staying over with us (and who lived in the UK for some time) - and we were really surprised about some of the generalisations made by some. We've had a good discussion about it and will report back at some time.

  15. The title is a bit confusing - even in the UK life-long prescriptions do not exist - as your GP should regularly check that your prescription is up-to-date and regularly monitored with whatever condition you have. But you can get a card which gives you free prescriptions for life is you suffer from certain conditions like diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc.

  16. I'll always remember the case in Carpentras, where bodies int he Jewish cemetary were exhumed by National Front members, impaled on pitch forks and paraded around town - some year back.

  17. My dad was driving home up the mountains after choir practice, and saw a white 'thing' moving all over the road. He stopped where safe and walked back - and found a hedgehog with a yogurt put stuck on its head. He picked it up and gently removed it and put the little animal carefully in the woods at the side. He was very pleased with his lifesaving exploits. Both bear and hedgiehog where lucky to be found by the right people.

  18. ARRGGHH - I so understand how you feel as our dog Gatsby is absolutely terrified of fireworks. Where we lived in the UK we had fireworks for months on end - as different ethnic groups all competed for the best (worst) fireworks. It was a true nightmare- here we just have them for Swiss National Day on 1st of August, and maybe day before and day after if very unlucky. We go to France for a few days to escape. As we live so near the border, we flee deeper into Switzerland for a few days around 14th July.

    Really it must be time to have a word with the Maire in the morning - do you know who the culprits are? Bonne chance, thinking of you, dog and Gemima. Maybe you could borrow Randy's woolie knickers to put on your dog's head?

  19. A bit far for me - but we have a big Celtic festival by the lake at La Tène (of the Celtic civilisation fame- lake dweller on stilts) next week-end- do wonder if some of the groups will be the same. We had a great Buskers festival this week in Neuchatel, sadly last night it rained so only a few groups could play in the street under the Arcades - and other inside venues had to be found. Great variety and so much talent. Week end after if the Jazz festival also by the Lake - all great fun. Enjoy.

  20. Swissie


    Personally, I really think it is not a good idea to plan a garden before living there for a while, looking around, getting a real feel for the place. Bonne chance.

  21. Hope it all works out - and would love to know how it all pans out. Bonne chance.

  22. Very happy for you, and thanks for sharing. Tous mes voeux de bonheur er prospérité.

  23. Pastis is for sissies - but Pernod was invented just down the road, in Switzerland. We drink the real stuff here.

  24. Ao, I'd just love to know how you'd get on with that one.[:P]   Wonder if it'd work?[I]

  25. This was made very clear by the surveyor who prepared the report made for my friend's apartment. It was clearly stated that he could not be responsible for areas he could not access.

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