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  1. These are the regulations however they are not to say that certain MOT testers may 'overlook' this aspect when testing a foreign vehicle with a KPH only speedo I think that you will find the speedo is not a testable item for the UK MOT.
  2. [quote user="cooperlola"]It has a UK MOT does it not so presumably had a UK registration until relatively recently or can UK MOT garages do French reg' cars?  And how would it have got an MOT with the lights pointing the French way?  All a bit odd unless Andre has registered the car in the o/p's name or organised the WW plates somehow.  All a bit rum without more info'.[/quote] The Uk MOT station could do the Mot using the cars VIN number, as for the lights, provided they used something to mask the dip beam kickup, then no problem it's Ok for the UK Mot.
  3. Also just to make the first point a little clearer. PNEUMATIQUE - Usure importante et/ou difference importante d'usure sur l'essieu. ARG. Left hand rear tyre worn to excess and/or the difference in tread between the two tyres on the same axle is too great.
  4. [quote user="ericd"][quote user="michelin79"].....but I think most experts on here would recommend converting, if possible. Mike[/quote] Hi Mike, not sure this is entirely correct. A faulty unit would automatically be picked up by your system and trip into safe mode. We were in the same case as you are at the moment, stay with a 3-phase or move (at additional costs) to a single phase as we were rewiring the whole house anyway. There are units that you can buy (the name escapes me) and get fitted to the consumer board that would cut power to chosen units in case one of the other in the system gets too hungry for power. ie. cuts the electric heater or anything else of your choice off if the oven wants more Kw in order to avoid tripping.We have a 9Kw contract with 3Kw on each phase. [/quote] Is it Un délesteur?
  5. Quillan, can you tell me why you deleted my post?[8-)]
  6. "Can I get round this by forming a SCI AFTER the purchase, so that my wife is sole inheritor, and only after her death, the 'pie being carved up' to my children?" I know a couple who did this successfully, a long time after the original purchase.
  7. [quote user="EuroTrash"]Might be worth adding that property taxes vary hugely from place to place, depending whether your house is in a hamlet or a large town and whether it is a prosperous area or a poor one. They are not income-related. [/quote] I think you should check on that.
  8. Maybe you should enter the code they want, using the telephone keypad.
  9. This is from wordreference.com. "vente de bienfaisance"
  10. Do a search for "Panneau Aggloméré hydrofuge"
  11. [quote user="powerdesal"]Anyone know what happens if the driver (me) of a hire car gets ''flashed'' and the credit card address for the hire is in UK?[/quote] If the hire company only have a UK address for you, they will probably debit your credit card with the amount of the fine.
  12. I have in the past seen it in Bricomarché or Mr. Bricolage.
  13. You can do it online if you wish. HERE
  14. I thought that. "The little old lady" gets a discount for living alone?
  15. Yes, they can do this for you, but you have to find a Notaire willing to do it, some just can't be bothered. Also if you own the property in joint names make sure you register with HIFX etc. with both names, otherwise the Notaire can not transfer the money.
  16. Have a look on this SITE for new address info on Drire.
  17. Thanks Clair As usual you have the answer.
  18. I seem to remember that for many years, we have and still have, grape/prune and fruit pickers working in France and for more than a share of the harvest and B&B. How did that work?
  19. Seems normal to me, I have submitted 2 building permits and after sending the work completed forms. I have had visits from the cadastral team checking measurements etc.
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