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  1. Thank you for that. Please delete Theiere post also for the same reason.
  2. Hi all I am just about to open our outdoor pool for the season. Water is quite clean. What shock should i use to get it going? I have just installed a Bromine tablet feeder. Last year i was using Baquacil. I am hoping all traces of that will have gone over the winter. Cheers Nichthewood
  3. Might be a little to far but "oradour sur glane" is a must for teenagers. Very moving. less we forget.
  4. Hi John I would say it depends on the back up you have in place in France. You can organise the booking from the UK, but from experience, the day to day running needs someone close by. When you get that call!!! the electric gone off, the fridge is broken, i can't light the fire etc. Not to mention the up-keep of the grounds, the change overs and all the washing, ironing and cleaning, that's a day in it's self. There is also the damage to be put right when it happens, before the next client arrives. I would say its a full time job running a successful gite business, and if you run it from afar, then it will cost you to have it managed properly. So yes you can but at a price. cheers hope it helps nichthewood
  5. My wife goes back to the UK to work as a supply teacher. Although we live here in France and pay our gite Taxes here, she has to pay tax in England on her teaching money and just declare here,and show proof too, that the tax has been paid in the UK. No problem. Happy house hunting.
  6. ngh

    Cat poo

    sorry can't help but your not alone, our dog eats all sorts of poo. He chases the duck so he can get it fresh. yuk
  7. All the above about the base board is correct. But having worked with tiled tops, you main problem will be the grout. the only grout that should be used on worktops is a silicon based grout (sorry can't remember it technical name) This doesn't stain as other grouts including "waterproof" grouts do. Them main problems with tiled tops is not water penetration(although that is a problem) but grout discolouring. The down side is it is very expensive. nichthewood
  8. I have always found BF very flexible and have never been questioned about the overall height even when i have been a couple of cm over. Like with everything you pays your money and you take your chance. Customer care still holds up on BF. Good luck
  9. Hi Im thinking of buying Solar Sun Rings, has anyone used them and what do you think? Cheers nichthewood
  10. Well. When we moved into our 17th century home my better half was insisting we use all the right gear. We made the ceilings good with field mud. Then bought from the UK 40lts of Lime wash paint. At this time my wife had to return to the UK for a couple of weeks. Good job really as if she was here she'd have been wearing it! It was bloody awful to put on. There was more down my arm than on the ceiling. Well got it finished in a couple of days, look up........ and all the staining from the centuries past where coming through again. In the end while i was on my own i made the executive decision....mat paint to seal and 2 coats of brilliant white emulsion to finish. job done, better half cross at first but forgave me after she'd had a go. Never again...
  11. Perhaps this is where people power comes in . How about starting a boycott ? I for one will be there first. Never been Tom Toms best point, that is costumer satisfaction. Profit first.
  12. Just a quick follow up. I managed to register the car on Friday at Poitiers prefecture, without a certificate of conformity!!!!! Just told the lady that the relevant number was on the V5C and it was. This was on a Citroen Picasso 2003. Nichthewood
  13. Thats great. will get it sorted. Thanks Nich
  14. Can anyone give me a good traslation for "angles,ripage av ripage excessif" Its from my control technique. Thanks nich
  15. Sound great but again we are to far away. Vicq-sur-Gartempe. 86260 Maybe we end up with more localized ones? Good luck nich the wood
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