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  1. scotty

    Health Spas

    Bonjour, does anyone know a good health spa in South West France for a pampering few days away.
  2. anybody know what it is? TIA Scotty
  3. Does anybody know the name of a French cheese to replace Stilton cheese? TIA Scotty Bonne fete
  4. Any opinions on this? When I dial a UK number I don't hear a ring at UK end. They can hear me but I cannot hear them and the SFR/Neuf box light goes to yellow, so I have to reset the box or disconnect it and reconnect it, then redial usually 4 or 5 times to get through. This procedure can last 15 minutes by the time I wait for the box to recycle back to green for go. TIA Scotty
  5. anybody know where to get these? Allspice Berries (Pimente de Jamaique). TIA Scotty
  6. I have used it before to find the information. It has a link to a huge list of translators.
  7. I tried the prefecture website but it is temporarily unavailable.
  8. Does anyone know a government approved translator in Agen area? TIA Scotty
  9. I have the same mysterious problem which started 2 or 3 weeks ago.
  10. Does anyone know the French for athlete's foot powder/spray? TIA Scotty
  11. Thanks. What is it called on their website?
  12. where can I buy a slime bag in Agen area? TIA Scotty
  13. No it is the 2 page list of health questions with a choice of tick boxes oui or non. merci Scotty
  14. Does anyone know if an English version exists of the form "Declaration Medical" for a French driving licence application? Merci Scotty
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