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Had our second Pfizer jabs today at CH Carcassonne. Arrived there at 1315 for our 1400 rdv's.

Many more people were there than 3 weeks ago, as they were also giving A-Z jabs.

Customers, mostly couples, were milling around without any noticeable distancing, more worried about getting to the front of the mob than anything else. They were comparing their rdv times, and I heard one announce "1530" - it was still not yet 1330.

We eventually noticed a pencilled note scrawled on a sheet of paper on one door - "Pfizer", so we went in there as soon as we saw the room was empty.

Another interview - no, we had had no reaction to the first jab, still had no allergies, hadn't contracted CV as far as we knew. Maybe my running nose for the last 5 weeks or so was a CV symptom, so I should have a test asap.

We were jabbed promptly, waited the mandatory 15 minutes for monitoring, and left.

They seemed to be vaccinating the A-Z people much faster, and most of  them didn't look as if they were younger than 75.

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Well, I've just had a rather successful day!  Not only did I snag the one cancellation that arrived just as I was once again checking through the list just after lunch, .. albeit in the one centre I didn't really want to go to, but I also managed to download and install the new OS Big Sur software, which any MAC devotees on here will know has been known to be a little contrary at times.  Even got the printer working again, which is the usual non starter.

Pretty sure the cancellation was because it was not a good time for people  .. 12.30 ... Wednesday next! 

Onwards and upwards to the next problem to be solved .. as they do say!

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Thanks Lori, such a great feeling .. I love ticking things off my to-do list!!

Must admit I was very tempted to opt for AZ in another centre, but then thought, no point in annoying the GP!  And today the huge tree in our neighbour's garden which shades our pool and terrace quite completely, has been pruned, drastically, maybe this year the pool will get warm enough to swim in earlier and later as it has never been since we arrived.  Wonders will never cease!

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[quote user="Lori"]
Congratulations Cajal ! 

Will you please come back to let us know what, if any, side effects you have?

Thank you.


Firstly, I must say, of all the injections I have had over the years and there have been many, the one I received yesterday was the most comfortable I have ever experienced. I felt absolutely nothing during the whole procedure.

Well, any side effects for myself I would say are negligible. I took a paracetamol last night, about 10pm for the hell of it, as that is what is recommended if there are reactions. Ironically, my sleep pattern was severely disrupted, now whether that was due to the paracetamol or side effects I guess I'll never know, although I do feel slightly lethargic today.

However, unfortunately, my wife has suffered some adverse reactions. Just before bedtime last night she was overcome with a bout of shivering coupled with chest pains. She said it was not cold shivers but seemed more neurological, and she suffered a worse night than myself, and today she feels pretty grim. I managed to persuade her to take a paracetamol earlier and right now she is resting.

Hope that helps

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Thank you both so much for coming back to tell us your reactions.

Cajal, I do hope you and especially your wife's side effects subside today.  Chest pains would be very worrying to me as I'm sure it is to the both of you.  Perhaps it was caused by anxiety, caused by the other side effects, caused by the vaccine....  Okay, I'm not really conveying that very well.  I think I know what she means when she says neurological more than flu shivering.  Hope she is feeling better and quick like.

I presume OH and I will likely get the AZ vaccine based on our age and lack of known health problems.  Not sure really as by the time we are invited the J&J one may have arrived.

Still, very interested to hear from all of you.

My Mother (in the U.S.) had the Pfizer shots (first and second).  She had minimal side effects with the first shot, much like Dept.71.  However, the second one had her poorly with various problems for about 4 days. 

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Husband and I are both in the 65-74 age band with no health concerns. If I try to book an appointment at our local vaccine centre by phone I get a message saying no appointments, call back in May. If I go online it asks if I want a fist or second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and then says there are no available appointments.

Yesterday I spoke to local English friends, same age group with no health concerns. They had seen their doctor, told him they wanted the AZ vaccine, he or his receptionist contacted the vaccine centre and within hours they received a text, followed by a phone call to go and get jabbed which they did ! Apparently no one wants the AZ vaccine so the available doses are not being used. As you can’t speak to the centre I asked at the reception desk of the practice which had organised their vaccinations and was told ‘ this doesn’t happen, it couldn’t have happened ‘. I rang our surgery and explained the situation am now waiting for a reply from our doctor as to how one can bypass the official booking system to access these unwanted vaccine doses !!!! The online booking process does not give the option to book the AZ vaccine.
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[quote user="Manon"]  ................ Apparently no one wants the AZ vaccine so the available doses are not being used. ........................... [/quote]

You don't disclose where you live, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

On Sunday, in the half hour or so we were at the hospital, we saw only one other couple besides ourselves with Pfizer appointments, and around twenty people with rdv's for the AZ jab.

I can't believe they had all found an alternative way of booking to the official ones.

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Our doctor phoned me back and said that the only local centre normally only has the Pfizer vaccine but last week, exceptionally, the hospital had left over AZ vaccine after vaccinating healthcare staff and gave it to the centre. Our friends were just in the right surgery at the right time !

I repeat, there is no AZ option on the centre booking site and the ‘fully booked’ message has not changed in the last 2-3 weeks - just ‘try again later ‘ however you try to book. We are in Auvergne Rhône Alpes.

The doctor said the pharmacies were our best bet.

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