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Home wanted for ugly cat

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I'm probably not selling this very well, but we have been 'adopted' by a fairly ugly stray cat.  We already have here in France a six year old daughter,  a cat, a dog and three chickens and had considered our family complete when Wilma arrived on our doorstep.  Unfortunately, although she is very affectionate, house trained and has obviously been someones much pampered pet at some time, she isn't fitting in to our household very well as Fred (our woosy cat) is scared of her, although she is not in the slightest bit aggressive.  Fred has always been an only cat and is not used to sharing us (spoiled brat).  I don't know how old Wilma is, not very I don't think. She is somewhat facially challenged but in her defence, just wants to give and receive constant affection.  I can't vouch for her mousing skills and I suspect she has never had to find her own food as she arrived in a slightly emaciated state and has barely budged from our doormat for the past week.

If anyone would like a well behaved adult cat, please contact me before my own moggie decides to up sticks and find alternative accomodation.


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Top tip if it only goes 'woof' when on fire it is probably a cat.

Hen-pecked husband (especially after above statement), keeper of 2 sons. Owner of 2 GSDs, 1 cockerel, 5 chickens, 12 ducks plus one chicken that thinks it is a duck (just as well the paddling bowl is shallow)!!
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