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  1. Last time I posted a pic it was sooo huge I nearly got excommunicated.  She isn't really that ugly, but I couldn't in all honesty call her cute. We are just outside Verteuil, post code 16700.   Krin
  2. I'm probably not selling this very well, but we have been 'adopted' by a fairly ugly stray cat.  We already have here in France a six year old daughter,  a cat, a dog and three chickens and had considered our family complete when Wilma arrived on our doorstep.  Unfortunately, although she is very affectionate, house trained and has obviously been someones much pampered pet at some time, she isn't fitting in to our household very well as Fred (our woosy cat) is scared of her, although she is not in the slightest bit aggressive.  Fred has always been an only cat and is not used to sharing us (spoiled brat).  I don't know how old Wilma is, not very I don't think. She is somewhat facially challenged but in her defence, just wants to give and receive constant affection.  I can't vouch for her mousing skills and I suspect she has never had to find her own food as she arrived in a slightly emaciated state and has barely budged from our doormat for the past week. If anyone would like a well behaved adult cat, please contact me before my own moggie decides to up sticks and find alternative accomodation. Krin
  3. Thank you everyone.  I think .com will probably be best as we will be aiming at a fairly wide target audience. Thanks too to Tay and Buntina, I will have a look at your links. Krin 
  4. Hi Maureen There is a stray that I have been feeding, and my daughter has been calling Michael (don't ask) but we have just realised that she definitely isn't a Michael as I think her kittens are due any day.  She sometimes sleeps in the barn and I have made her a bed there and left food by it to try to encourage her to have them there but is she more likely to take to the fields do you think?  If she does have them on our land I will feel duty bound to find homes for them and I suppose that would be easier if they were neutered.  Any advice as to how I can achieve this without having to pay vast amounts of money? I live near Ruffec, dept 16.   On another note, we took our tom to the vets some time ago after he had been badly beaten up by another cat (he isn't Michaela's lover by the way) and the vet said that as he he needed to put him out to clean him up he might as well castrate him at the same time. I think he is dutch though so perhaps they have a more liberal attitude towards castrating. Krin    
  5. Hi I need to set up a web site for our new business here in France and I seem to remember reading something about the site address having to be a dot fr address. Am I deluded or does anyone else know anything about this?  Also, I will be looking for someone to design said website.  Anyone interested? Thanks Krin[8-)]
  6. Hi Great minds think alike!  It might appeal to the english speaking clients though.   krin
  7. If you don't get sorted out in the next four or five weeks, we can probably help as we should have a partly empty van coming back to dept 16 from the UK.  Let me know if we can help nearer the time. Krin  
  8. If the car is registered in your name in the UK you will not need to pay VAT in France when you import it. If it is not, get creative with your receipt so that it includes VAT, not a practice I would personally endorse or course!   Krin
  9. I went to my doctor and he gave me antibiotics and rang the dentist. He was able to get an appointment within a few days when I had been told I couldn't ahve one for 5 weeks. good luck!   Krin
  10. Only been here a year and a half so not quite time served, but not a newbie either. Not of independent means and working on being a fully paid up member of French society now that the holiday is over, but, would cut my right arm off before I returned to the UK.  I watched my daughter chasing butterflies round the garden today, in October, in shorts and T shirt.  I could go on but I would no doubt get shot down. A French friend or ours said last week that the revolution commeth.  We laughingly called him wolfie (citizen Smith) but I suspect that he may not have been joking. Krin
  11. Next time you need something urgently and can't get to see you doctor straight away, buy it from the pharmacie, if it is an over the counter item, keep receipt and sticky label off the box (forget what it's called),  get prescription from the doctor, go back to pharmacie with all of the above and they should refund you - our local pharmacie suggested this, and it worked. Krin
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies.  That gives me some idea. regards Krin
  13. Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but hopefully someone can help. We have been lucky enough to find a young girl (17) who is going to look after our 5 year old daughter here at home for a few hours, a couple of times a week, mainly to ensure that she is exposed to the French language regularly during the school holidays. I'm out of touch with babysitting rates so can anyone tell me what they pay? Thanks Krin
  14. It varies by commune.  We sold a house in one commune didn't need to have one done, but bought in another commune within the Charente and did.  The notaire will have a list of areas requiring termite reports, or your agent if you are using one should know.   regards Krin
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