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Brive airport What is the latest news?

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[quote user="Cat"]

I've had a bit of a search, as I haven't read anything new about the airport for some time.  It seems that it should start flights to and from Paris sometime in 2008, but that the low cost carriers will not be using the airport until 2009 or 2010! 

(source http://www.aeroport-brive-souillac.com/mediatheque/Etude_Aeroport_Brive21_12_2006.pdf )




Oh, what a disappointment! [:(] The last I heard, they were meant to open the beginning of this year. Oh well, I was also looking forward to the bypass they have recently started in Sarlat, I read the other day that it will open sometime in 2013. [:-))]

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   passed by the construction site for what will become Brive airport and from what I can see nothing much has changed. work on the entry/exit roads seems to be stopped and there were just a few earth movers on the runway site. [:(]

best regards



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