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Mussidan-Bergerac road

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Does anyone know anything about when the road between Mussidan and Bergerac will be open again. We were not best pleased to have to divert to St Foy le Grande at the end of  a long journey from Boulogne in April but I can't find out anything about it. Does anyone know of a French roads website giving this information?


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Thanks for that.The diversion  was certainly still in place a week ago so we avoided the area on Saturday. We will be travelling back down from Angouleme on the 23rd and it would be our preferred route to Castillonnes as it avoids Perigueux. Perhaps we should just try and risk it!

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Two thoughts : I am driving to Tremolat on Mondayand will find out if it is open

If you are using the A 89 then leaving at the normal exit, taking the Mussidan Road then taking second the chemin on the right puts you on the Mussidan to Pont St Marriet where you can join the Periguaux to Bergerac road  and come out on the ring road to the east of Bergerac.

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