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  1. I can understand why you have asked here, unfortunately you have had no replies. Why don't you ask them for references and previous contacts that would perhaps be willing to let you contact them and even have a look at some work they have done................
  2. A lost boomerang..........................
  3. Thanks to all who replied.........................[:(]
  4. Hi all, can anyone help me, i am going Angouleme to Lille on saturday and want to know if the trains will be running then, thanks in advance, Hugh.
  5. Tried to get a Caxton pre paid Euro card online but it says you still have to be resident in UK.........................???????????????????? Why would you want a Euro card when you are based in UK for buying Ryanair flights that originate in Euro zone when you have to fly from UK to get there.... Simple question needs a simple answer.................does anyone know where i can get online a pre paid Mastercard for people who are resident in France...
  6. Hi Richard51, have you used it successfully to book a ryanair flight ?? I seem to remember the Ryanair website stating that only Mastercard top up cards will be allowed.  Hugh.
  7. This may seem a bit strange, as well as out of sync with breeding season but i have seen young starlings with this colouration, pre moult. They seem to have a different shade of brown underside....any thoughts Chris ??
  8. Hi all, i'm sorted now..........just in case you were all ready to post LOL    [:P]
  9. I hope to buy some fishing tackle from ebay and so far have found the postage/courier costs to France ridiculous.  I was wondering if anyone is returning to Riberac/Dordogne area or close by that would be willing to bring an item over for me, said item is a tube 2 mts long and 70 mm diameter holding fishing rods. No inspection is necessary and item would be sent to an address that would suit direct from ebay sellers or to suit. Willing to contribute. A shot in the dark i know but if you don't ask.................... Thank you, hugh.
  10. [quote user="Bugsy"][quote user="sharkhunter"]You know what, perhaps i have grasped the wrong end of the stick here [/quote] Yes, I think you have. [quote user="sharkhunter"]Why not say 'copy and paste this into a translator and then read this ' cos the original text is in French ..............[/quote] Well, mainly because its newspaper copyright material and is protected from copy and paste. Try it. (link) Hi Bugsy, perhaps you can tell me what the right end of the stick is then, it is a forum, it is for the English speaking community ( not exclusively ) to give out help for those who do not understand French or the system ??? What am i missing, Sharkhunter . [/quote]
  11. You know what, perhaps i have grasped the wrong end of the stick here but i always thought that this was an English language based forum here to help people in their transition to France or help- with all things French. Why do people insist on posting links that are in French and therefore, to people who come on here for assistance cos they don't understand French, impossible to read. You may think that you are doing a service by posting a link and saying ' read this ' but it really winds me up when you go to ' read this ' and you can't ' read this ' cos its in FRENCH. Why not say 'copy and paste this into a translator and then read this ' cos the original text is in French ..............
  12. Hi Guys, in most uk houses they do not use purlins that protrude, only a timber 'ladder' that takes the weight of the tiles and timber battens that overhang the gable that is where my query about whether structural or not cane from. The ' ladder' i mention is partially supported by the block/brick skin on the outer wall but primarily by the battens and the structure of the ladder. So it is feasible to have the purlin ends as purely decoration although in this case they are part of the roof structure but not to the extent that if they were not there the roof would fall down or collapse. There would be sagging of the outer most timbers but this could be offset by using false/renovated ends and fixing/supporting by the battens and of course the method used for connecting to the old purlin ends to the new. There are also the bolts that are used to bolt together stair stringers to the posts, one end is a heavy screw and the other is a machined thread to take a nut/washer combination that sits in a pocket routered into the new/false ends and tightened by a spanner ( not you Mac ) a real spanner lol I'm sure there are several easy fix methods but if there is any anxiety at all then you will have to support the purlins and strip back the old wood and perhaps use a slip joint. This method would mean stripping out the tiles above and digging into the wall a bit, this usually means the slip joint cut is about three times the depth of your timber, 750 mm in your case. Either way you do it, good luck, Hugh.
  13. Hi Mac, there are no easy answers to this problem, i'm sure you are aware but i think it all falls onto whether its a structure problem or not. If i am reading it correctly then its purely superficial, then you only need to put back the purlin ends for appearances only. As these ends will be non load bearing would it be possible to cut them off squarely and drill and dowel/glue them back in situ, and then lift the tiles above and fix thru under timbers/battens with coach bolts/screws ?? If you are worried about compromising security of purlins inside by cutting away extra timber then you could bolt shoes in place inside thus providing some back up security. Hugh.
  14. Sorry theiere, i was really looking for a supplier here in France but had no option but look in UK for current supply, still need one here so if you know one............I'm waiting for you [:)]
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